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  1. Interesting! In all my experience of playing, I've never met a Jason who knew how to get on top of the roof, except for my friend. So it would always frustrate me to have to wait the entire 20 minutes. I've avoided the game ever since the new update, as it's somehow gotten even more buggy sadly.
  2. Remember those pesky Packanack rooftop glitchers? Well... Thought you guys would like this ❤️
  3. Okay, I haven't seen anyone else post this; but I here's how we can fix Jason getting knocked around like a doll. To prevent Jason from being put into an infinite loop of stuns, Jason should get the following buffs. 1. Combat stance will keep Jason from being stunned entirely. However, blocking will negate damage. If Jason is in combat stance, he's obviously ready for a fight. If he's ready to fight, he's obviously ready to take a hit. Currently, the only way to negate stuns is by blocking, but fighting a swarm of counselors and trying to time your blocks and strikes is incredibly difficult. After all, only one good hit is all it takes to knock you down and let everyone else get away. If Jason doesn't block, but is in combat stance, he should still take damage. This way, blocking is still useful, but avoiding being stunned to hell and back will be much easier for Jason. 2. When Jason enters rage mode, the chance to be stunned should be reduced. He's already busting through walls; why would some wrench stop this powerhouse? Some people have suggested that he takes less damage, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Suggestions are always great. Any other thoughts? After I beat Jason around for a while with extreme ease, I felt like it was kind of sad. Jason is a king of horror, yet some Chad with a wrench is making him look like a bitch? That doesn't sound right to me.
  4. Everyone has probably been in a lobby where Jason was about to die, but the Tommy player didn't know that to perform the kill, they needed to press a specific button. I've seen this way too many times, so I have a simple solution. Perhaps it could be possible to make it so the kill could also be initiated by pressing the basic attack button or the interaction button? I know this is kind of holding their hand, but if the kill is ready, it shouldn't be a matter of "can this guy press a button?" To be honest, I'm also just super butthurt that stupid level 2's get Tommy and don't press the interaction button to kill him. Instead they just mindlessly wack at him while he's on his knees. (Possible solution, check my other Tommy post out)
  5. Let's be for real, we'd all probably pick the best strengths (shift, destruction, weapon strength) and the lowest weaknesses (grip strength, sense, can't run). Also, Part 2 having a part 9 mask would probably just end up looking really weird. I'm totally down for the weapons though. I'm sure the weapons could theoretically be interchangeable throughout all the Jasons.
  6. So we've all been there; you fix up everything, call the police, get Jason's mask off, and get killed. You know you've done everything you possibly can to help your team, and thankfully someone calls Tommy! What happens next? The guy who died in the first two minutes gets Tommy and uses him as a second life to run with the cops. Tommy Jarvis is a huge game changer for the counselors and in the right hands can save an entire team, however, he is something that should be earned. This isn't a 100% guarantee to fix the cowardice in Tommy players, but it will definitely reward players who do deserve to play as him. When two players die/escape, the game should measure out who has the most score. The player who has the most score will return as Tommy; as that player has worked harder or done more. I personally am sick of AFK players coming back, or seeing Tommy be killed with no idea on how to play the game. Thoughts, suggestions? If two players have the same score, then it can just do it randomly like it does now. Can we please get Gun Media's attention on this, as this is a pretty simple way to vastly improve Tommy.
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