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  1. As part 1 "jason". She could have seperate stats and a diffrent intro and spawning shack.
  2. A couple of my games today i've had afk jasons. Why was therea sudden increase of afkers. Is it cause of double exp? It sucks when you're doing really good, about tp escape, and jason get disconnected and you don't get nearly the ammount of xp you deserved.
  3. I know, but i'm talking about the level 50- 80s that just spam ' asphyxiate' one everyone. I want to see him swirl someone damnit!
  4. It's boring as hell to watch jason choke all 7/8 counselors. STOP BEING BORING!!
  5. Lachappa should get an emote where he pulls a "GIBBAAAAY" and swings his shirt around in the air.
  6. Poor guy. He was playing part 6, so i easily outran him. (was Vanessa) keps house hopping and finding weapons. He finally caught me when i stepped in a beartrap a friendly placed by the door.
  7. I only suicide if the jason only does the asphyxiation kill to EVERYONE
  8. Yeah..i hade a police game where 4 pocket knives were left at the exit...its abysmal!
  9. Oh ok. I thought it ment he was teaming with jason or something
  10. When i entered a quickplay lobby, and the round started, in the summary menu, the host had a red hocky mask by his 'alive' tag (he was a counsler) what does this mean?
  11. If some dipshit runs over another with a car, Jason should get +10xp for their stupidity.
  12. Im talking 1 v 1, no one else helping, no guns, no firecrackers, no pocketknives (maybe 1 health spray) combat stance, blocking, (and its raining for extra drama), and (optional) playing Eric just to make jason feel broken when you knock him down (also only using a machete or pan or pot)? Just me? (Also jason doesn't grab, and also blocks and swings)
  13. Who the bigger mama's boy...the one who kills under his mothers command, or the "preppy guy"?
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