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  1. Good article. I played again last night after a short break and the game performance seems worse than ever. I thought the new engine was supposed to do the opposite, especially for lower end PCs.. I haven't seen anyone else reporting the graphics settings defaulting to very high every time you start the game. Maybe it's just me then but I constantly have to remember to check those before starting a game. Hasn't happened before. Anyway, last night ended in frustration as I got stuck holding Jenny in my grasp indefinately. Couldn't kill, she couldn't escape.. And this was preceded by a prolonged episode of otherwise choppy/glitchy action and a pinata dance party. Playing as a counselor wasn't much more of a rewarding experience either. I still want to love this game but it just doesn't love me back anymore. ?
  2. I generally trap the phone and batteries of both cars when playing with a -traps Jason. Otherwise I like to trap atleast one entry at the phone house along with the fuse box. Putting a trap at the Packanack Lodge main door usually catches someone especially with an objective near. Trashing a random unvisited cabin and placing a trap at the door is another favorite. Also going after a camper in a cabin, it's worked well placing a trap at the door before busting through. Provided windows have been smashed of course.
  3. Nothing better than having a Chad screaming "Help me!" run after you with Jason in tow as you're lugging a gas can to the boat as a repair character.. You can guess what happened next.
  4. Nice work with the stats. Would be interesting to see how many games actually start with all 7 counselors in play as well. I find that's the most common gripe in the end - leavers. Maybe they could implement some kind of timer that prevents you from joining a new online game for a period of time (5-15min?) if you quit at the start. Obviously this shouldn't be a big deal if you really have to go - chances are the time would expire before you get back.
  5. I had the exact same idea. It would make picking up the walkie more appealing even if you have no intention of communicating.
  6. Well.. Here we are. "This week" came and went. Now it's Thursday "next week".. Not even patch notes released. Nothing. People seem to have accepted their fate at this point. The horse is dead alright.
  7. Love this idea. Not only would it discourage that kind of behaviour but it would also be keeping true to the source material. The a-holes always get the shaft. And if it was a f*ck up.. Well you REALLY f*cked up. Also the rage increase is a great idea as well.
  8. *sigh* That's the game I want to play.. I'm not saying all changes to this are bad but I actually got excited for this game again. Last time I played was a week ago. No chance getting the beta released.
  9. I don't think Tina would be a bad hero character but I do like the idea of having more of them. Just as you listed, a pick your hero choice to go along with counselor and Jason choices. I have no idea what Creighton Duke's speciality would be or anyone else's for that matter but it's a cool idea. First I"d like them to fix the basic gameplay though..
  10. I support this. Honestly I can't believe it wasn't like that to begin with. We've seen people in slasher movies get fried on electrical boxes resulting in the power going out. Wasted opportunity here.
  11. Another vote for Vanessa. She's the only reason I check who's playing which counselor in the lobby before I pick a Jason. High level players and just outright c***s/trolls who main Vanessa don't need an inch of give. She's difficult to deal with when controlled by an inexperienced player just as well.
  12. I got kicked for inactivity once while staying crouched in the forest waiting for the cops. I don't know if it's different depending on the platform but I'm on Steam. I certainly learned my lesson -> gotta stay active, at the very least move the camera around.
  13. Double negative - so you DO think there's enough of a fear penalty from darkness?
  14. It's not "unplayable" but yes, lots of knee highs out there. On the plus side, you don't get trolled as Jason nearly as much.
  15. The red morph icon covers a lot of ground. I don't think it's meant to be pinpoint accurate or has there been a discrepancy since the original release? Whenever I click the middle of a road I usually spawn somewhere around there. I get the feeling they didn't want to make stopping cars too easy for Jason by morphing right in front of them. You need to be a bit more calculated with it. Of course "not wanting something to be too easy for Jason" sounds ironic right now. Regardless I have no problem with the morph accuracy. It's always got me around there - not ridiculously far off, inside buildings, stuck or whatever.
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