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  1. Im on ps4. I own both the digital copy and physical. I have deleted the digital and only use my physical disc copy. That being said, I havent played anything yet to check gameplay only because after the patch, all my councelors and jasons are stripped of everything and i have to tediously re-equip everything AGAIN after doing it once already for a different issue. That and also some of my bloody skins I have unlocked and use are stripped and no longer selectable as if i dont have them. (My savini jason doesnt even have a bloody skin to equip anymore and i alllways rock a bloody skin on him)
  2. What she said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ He is already Balanced so it really depends on your strengths and weaknesses. Equip whatever is going to help you in regards to where you are struggling in the game.
  3. Its over bro, I didnt know it was a timed event either because i thought that info would be displayed in game upon hitting start (like MGS V or even Battlefront) I know its over because i just rolled 4 blue in a row
  4. Yes i feel like that too, BUUUT! I also feel like there will be a ROY at some point and he has no space On another note, I hope they add Alice from part 6 to the counselor list. I have ideas how she would be balanced and integrated properly to work.
  5. That's a myth. You're blood is always red. even in your veins. Just looks blue because of concentration and your skin tint
  6. HAHAHAHAAHAH!! "They're gonna accidentally shoot ROB in the intro soon" baahaha Love it
  7. I agree with you completely! I Heart'd your response because it was pretty crappy to see people assuming he was lying. I do however think the language and what not is fair game. This IS an adult game which adults are intended to play it. If little Timmy jumps on his dads game then that is not our problem to hold back cussing. I mean the movies are chock full of swearing annnd nudity. Definitely not suited for children so the game shouldn't have to cater to them either. There is also a mute button that any Jason or counselor that doesn't like hearing that stuff can use to mute them.
  8. To me, pocket knives and shotguns should be as rare as Pamela tapes. The point of the game is to struggle to survive!!! We are just trying somewhat not to die. Seems like somewhere in all the balancing and bug repairs, they forgot that in a Jason movie only one person usually makes it out, not THE WHOLE CAMP!!! This game should try to go back to its roots and be more difficult to survive as a counselor. I miss the days when the ultimate reward was surviving the night and that rush of adrenaline with your heart beating as you escape. Now the fuse spawns no further than a house or two away and the cops are usually called within 3 minutes even when trapped. Why? because every counselor has 2+ knives to instantly dismantle a trap and call.
  9. I honestly didn't know it was a timed event. I thought it was a bug that epics weren't rolling at a fair rate and they fixed it. It would be AMAZING if they would put a note informing us of these events after clicking start on the title screen. Things like this or double xp so we know that we have a limited time to do this stuff. I mean, not everyone is on these forums to be savvy about it.
  10. Saaaame! When i got the game I rolled a marathon perk and it was a bad common so i scrapped it for cp. I had been rolling for another marathon perk ever since and never even got one. I only just got another marathon perk a month ago! It happened to be an epic too I don't think it matters but, I was on Vanessa trying to roll for it, but then again I had been trying for it on Vanessa since I scrapped it so I really don't think rolling on a specific counselor, for a specific perk works like that.
  11. I found Tommy tape #13 about a month and a half ago. All I can say is.... it's BADASS! Gave me goosebumps <3 Can't say anymore lol XD
  12. I did notice a drag from the car, but with everyone's ping so varied, It's hard to say if its in game, or the host's connection. Ahh makes sense, @Jawbone I'm glad because that car was hard to catch sometimes!!
  13. Well if you would just leave instead of polluting it literally 50 mins after i made it, maybe some people would like to comment and add others in here. Why are you still here if all you want to do is bash me? Please leave me and this thread alone! How many times do i have to ask you?
  14. Thats awesome, you seem to have gone back and fixed it after making a mistake. Also its an xbox exclusive thread with ps4 ppl commenting on it. This is a HUB FOR PS4 PLAYERS!!!!!! My thread is better in the sense of what i created it for. It's better for PS4 players and more easily accessible.. which iss the point of this thread. Have a nice day, BYE
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