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  1. So i don’t know how long it’s been there exactly but ever since the Roy update I cannot hear what other people are saying. The mic icon lights up but I can’t actually hear what other players are saying.
  2. Honestly all I want is a fix to the interaction lock. That’s the only thing making the game unplayable for me
  3. I knew it! That much stamina looked unnatural. We need to expose Buggzy as well! He’s not what he seems
  4. So obviously everyone knows that when you hide and hold your breath, Jason can hear it right? But the the thing is, the counselor makes that breathe-holding noise both before AND after you hold your breath. In previous patches the sound was only made after you ran out of breath. I think it should’ve stayed like that. Hiding is kind of pointless now that you make noise before and after.
  5. I think team killing should return to Friday the 13th as a host option. It made the game more realistic and risky. Just think,” I could save my teammate, but it could also kill him.” It adds more risk and gives the one shooting much more pressure, and I think that’s why Friday the 13th felt better when friendly fire was enabled. It would also help against people who gang up on Jason. When Jason holds a counselor, other counselors risk killing or harming the counselor being held. It also gives tommy more respect. “Oh he has a shotgun, it’s better not to troll/hurt him.” All in all I think it should be a host option because then people would know whether it’s enabled or disabled, and gives them a chance to leave.
  6. I’m thinking maybe 2 crashes could limp? Also I don’t know if this is good but I’m thinking, what if when you’re low on health, and you crash, it would break the glass and the counselor would fall through the windshield?
  7. Wouldn’t it be cool and more realistic if crashing a car would hurt the counselor? Many people have said that Jason needs a buff but what if there was the feature that crashing a car at a certain speed or certain obstacle made you get hurt? It could benefit Jason and make the game seem a bit more realistic. What do you guys think?
  8. So, I’ve completed virtual cabin 2.0. Spoilers if you haven’t completed it. Seriously stop reading if you don’t want it spoiled..........and I saw that at the end of virtual cabin was Jason X. Now I noticed that in one of the puzzles, you have to remove the part v mask. Roy’s mask. Since you have to remove the mask does that mean that Roy won’t be added to the game? I hope he does get added cause he would be a really cool killer to have in the game. What do you guys think?
  9. So I’ve been playing since about a week after Friday the 13th game came out. My favorite Jason is part 8. However I’ve had a bit of trouble playing the stealth game. Is there any tips for playing a stealthy Jason? When I play as Jason i really want to scare people. I don’t want them to say “great. He found me.” I want them to say “holy crap! where did he come from ?” Any tips would be appreciated!
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