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  1. They don't have to create a whole new game mode for Grendel. Just because you say it's impossible doesn't mean it is. You could morph only in hallways the ship is quite large. Then have to break down the door yes no windows that doesn't completely change game play it could actually make it scarier. Cause you can't just run and jump away from Jason into a lock room you have to run and get behind a door and lock it. Bringing a whole new element of fear that if your not fast enough or smart enough your dead.
  2. It's easy to implement Grendel you would just have less ways to escape. Witch could make it scarier. You could have the second ship that needs to be fueled before it can go and support team that comes at the end of the film like police. When it comes to how Jason will play that could be tricky but hey if Roy can break down a door with hedge trimmers and it's fine we can allow any of them to break down metal doors
  3. I got the name from black sheep with Chris Farley one of my favorite comedy's
  4. Now to end the whole thing I've changed it. If you would want to continue a conversation please do about what I have posted about. Let all stay civil
  5. How do I delete my post? Cause I don't want people arguing over facts already stated to me.
  6. I've been playing since launch pre-ordered it I didn't care if it was buggy just had to play it. I pre ordered the Xbox one digital version even with its launch flaws I found it to be a amazing experience. I had alot of fun even when the game had glitches and crashes and alot of other problems at launch I still enjoyed it. Thank you all for the hospitality. to all my counselors out there, I hope your pants stay dry and your dreams stay wet. Also THERES SOMEONE IN THIS FUCKING ROOM!
  7. I'm happy to hear it's still coming and your taking time with it and going to be giving other great things first.
  8. I'm a huge fan of Friday the 13th it's my favorite slasher series to me the best. I fell in love with the idea of a game never thought it would or could happen but I'm surprised and so happy to be wrong. I didnt know there were discussions else where I just tried to post one get my own answers lol got em.
  9. *Edit* This is a edit did not know I posted here. I'm a huge fan of the films seen and own everyone. A huge fan of the game have it on Xbox one add me if you want. Post your gamertag. if you want feel free to tell me your favorite moments from the series are your favorites what movie made you a fan.
  10. Dude it's is that sure this update was very Kool don't get me wrong offline bots and the virtual cabin is bad ass. The thing is there is still a problems with the multiplayer. counselor are over powered now.
  11. Cause it's true the game is being ruined Jason has been nerfed from being perfect. To being shitty to please people who couldn't play as a counselor before. I had survived every other game as a counselor and it was hard had to run from Jason alot and barely made it out before the update that brought fox in. After that every game as a counselor I would escape from someone calling the cops the car and Jason no where near me and when. He did get close I had everything to get away easliy found in my first spawn spot it shouldn't be that easy I miss a real challenge
  12. That doesn't make sense in all Friday films the plot armor really shows in the final act cause the final act is down to one to 2 people. In the game it's more then one person. like the second act of X or 8 when they know Jason is there but he is still picking off the people one by one who can't get away with the group or just by themselves and don't try to defend themselves and rage is the final act when he can't get them so he is pissed just breaking threw doors and walls and what have you. I know the developers said it's like the final act but it's not the final act of the normal movies with the normal story of one or two people it's a larger group who knows he is there. And your right man the game is very unbalanced in the counselors favor Jason is supposed to be the dangerous one not the counselors the game is being ruined by it.
  13. Do you realize the movies and game have a complete different setup right? In the movies normally no one knows he is there till the end. Then the last 2 character or characters are protected by plot armor. In Jason x and takes Manhattan he is known to be there killing threw almost the whole movie. Picking off the people one by one even as they take precautions and the only reason people get away again plot armor. Now bring that into a video game you can't you have to give Jason his stregth and put it up against players and what they would have actually had in the movies. How often did Jason get stabbed by pocket knifes in any of them? He is only stabbed at the end of 3 and it hurt him for a second and he kept on going after her. it became slap stick in 3. in 4 Trish is lucky she had plot armor tommy too.. Cause they both would have been dead without it. it's not till the very end she is able to cut his hand in half and even then he was going to strangle her with his good one. Till Tommy came down again plot armor. He stops and looks at this bald kid that looks nothing like him instead of just continuing to actually trying to strangle his sister. In part 6 he could have killed tommys love interest but again plot armor saves her and Tommy that mvoie could have ended with Tommy drowning by jason then Jason killing all the kids but plot armor saves thier little souls I can go on and on. Plot amor doesn't work in video games especially when it's supposed to be competitive so please take the knowledge you laid before me some place else I've seen all the movie from beginning to end millions of times I know what happens plot amor saves most the final people the game is different set up then most of the movies and the movies its set up is based around has most the people picked off one by one till it's the final 2 who are protected by plot armor
  14. I hope the game gets fixed I loved it at launch and up till the update that added fox. After that it went to hell in a laundry basket. before killing Jason was rare. Now it's litterly posted on my feed on Xbox like every 20 seconds. Now its the go to way of ending a game. When I first started a Jason that knew how to play it would never happen now it doesn't matter. Jason's a sissy now because the devs listen to people who can't play and be a real surviver. Jason is made weak going against everything in the movies and making him a joke not a threat. He should always be a threat I don't care how experienced of a player you are.
  15. They definitely need to fix the game. I know I'm gonna be pissed if they release ├╝ber jason and he is a little bitch. Cause he should litterly be unstoppable but I know he will suck the way the game is now. He is in that movie a brick shit house. Litterly punches a hole threw metal, takes bullets like they were marshmallows being lightly tossed at him, and is only stopped by being burned up by earth atmosphere but is hinted at that he may actually not be dead. So if they don't. Honor that and the rest of them I'm done with the online and will only play Jason as intended I guess in offline mode where I can just slaughter dumb ass AI
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