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  1. i've had the phone not spawn for me on a number of occasions. maybe it was in a building that wasn't showing up on the map, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't in a building that was on the map.
  2. The characters wore clothes in the first movie, so Miller owns the rights to clothes apparently.
  3. jason could try to dump the boat over like usual, and then jason and tommy would have a skill-check duel to see who lives and who dies.
  4. just saw a photo on Bloody Disgusting of a Friday the 13th Part 3 theater display. this would make a great alternate Jason skin.
  5. Jason should be able to throw counselors into the power boxes and electrocute them like Chuck in part 3. Part 6 Jason should do the kill from the movie where he stabbed the guy with the post and then flung him far, far away over his shoulder.
  6. It would probably be easier to just change Shelly's skin to a darker tone.
  7. I don't think Jason should be able to set fires, BUT i think that if a counselor fires the flare gun at jason inside a building and misses, the building should catch fire and burn down.
  8. Maybe we can't have marijuana or beer, but what if they included Resident Evil-style "green herb" or "soda" that comes in a bottle/can with a miller/bud/coors-esque label? They could play innocent, and we'd know what is really going on.
  9. The character models already have arms, legs, and heads that come off, which allows jason to perform a large number of gruesome kills. What if the character models could also be chopped in half at the waist like Freeburg in FvJ? This seems to me (with no software development skills) to be a relatively simple modification to make, and it would open up a whole bunch of new kill possibilities.
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