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  1. Anyone could play as any counselor and still be good, I've seen Shellys and AJs do very well even though many people on here trash them. I kind of have to deal with that shit when it comes to Vanessa Vs Tiffany. Personally speaking I play better as Tiffany than Vanessa because 10 Stealth actually has advantages in the game. At the end of the day it all depends on skill.
  2. I would gladly read your guides because I'm always up to improve my playstyles with the counselors I main as.
  3. Hi I was wondering if you could do the same thing for Tiffany? I love the way you described Mitch's strengths and weaknesses and I feel like there is a lot of criticism as to what is Tiffany's purpose in the game.
  4. Usually that happens to games that are deemed "successful" in a couple of years. It hasn't even been a full year yet and the Player Base died down incredibly within 3 months. Once again, what other excuses are there.
  5. The playerbase is continuing to decline on nearly every platform. They are continuing to maintain multiple servers that not many people are playing on that costs money. Financially it was a major success at launch. Now some of us are struggling to even get a lobby 3/4ths of the way filled. For the first time in a long time I hosted a lobby yesterday and only 2 people joined. This update really is the make or break.
  6. So when are we going to stop with the excuses and realize that even if this was a game that was meant to not be as big as Dead By Daylight, it's still failing. Let's look at this from a realistic perspective and understand that this upcoming update is really this game's only chance to redeem itself.
  7. Oh shit I have those perks. . . Why didn't y'all tell this homo this before.
  8. So are we just going to ignore the fact that composure is a double edged sword. Once Jenny reaches full fear it nips her in the ass so much that it basically ruined the composure stat for me. This caused me to stop caring about it and starting focusing on maining as my good skinny legend Tiffany.
  9. OK... his character still had backstory as well as Debbie, Rick, Vera a bit. That was only the third movie.
  10. I know a lot of Tiffany mains that are gonna main as Victoria too. Both of them will be my mains as well as Deborah.
  11. I want her. This thread has my blessing and the gays shall help promote her skinny legend looking ass.
  12. It's my thread and I accidently double posted the whole thread basically
  13. That post cleared my pores and ended world hunger for shade. I feel fabulous yet snatched.
  14. I mean no one held you at gunpoint to become a backer. Let's be realistic this thread was made simply to bring up problems that we have been knowing from the start.
  15. I agree that he isn't a big reason, personally I think he is just contributing to the mess.
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