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  1. I haven't been experiencing these issues personally. I find matches pretty quickly and don't experience lagging out anymore.
  2. This surprisingly makes sense to me. Gonna give this a try and see if I can implement this into my gameplay later on tonight. Its been months since I have touched F13 and I am getting back into it since I dont experience lag anymore.
  3. Ever since this recent patch, the only bugs im experiencing is just floating bodies and glitchy controls, the game itself runs A LOT better, I used to get 400-600 pings regularly, 200 on a good day, now I can run it playing 80 ping, 120 with rain.
  4. You guys are number 1 when it comes to having the lowest amount of players actively playing this game daily as well. You guys are iconic at this point.
  5. To be honest I rarely see Jenny mains survive the night. People can argue that her composure helps her a lot when it comes to stamina regain but in dire situations that low speed she has can really kill her. A simple shift is enough
  6. Lol to be honest, with how fast they are jogging, you shouldn't burn stamina at all. Literally only going 1 mile an hour. Edit: Can one of the forum leaders delete the two posts below, for some reason it loaded three times.
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