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  1. Best: Ocarina of Time Worst: The Crow City of Angels
  2. I quit playing a year and a half ago, I started playing again a week ago. And nothing has changed since. I love the game itself, but i hate most of the players. Russian trolls and cheaters. Idiots playing loud annoying music and memes. The only map anyone wants to play it's fucking packanack small. So most of the time i just quit during the game. I don't care about those assholes. If I'm Jason and someone's running around me playing russian music and dancing I just quit the game. Last time some idiot trapped me In the corner of the cabin and wouldnt move so I had to quit. Also when I was Jason some asshole was warping. I know he was doing this on purpose, because he was dancing around and laughing loud.
  3. Game over for me. I'll never achieve The Final Chapter, The Sequel and Killer Francise now. PS If the game's dead, maybe give everyone Savini Jason now?
  4. I can't select these emots: Cry, Wave, Apologize, Flirt, Getting Silly. Also sound not always works when Jason's pulling a knife out of the wall.
  5. I really like the offline challenges, they are much more fun that playing online.... But these challenges are TOO EASY. I completed all of them in 3 days after the update. So now i quit plaing again until the next update.. Please make the new challenges harder and longer. Maybe a speciial DLC challenge pack would be a good idea.
  6. i need to format my disk, but im not sure if the game progess is saved on my hard drive, or online? if i reinsall the game will i have to unlock everyting over again?
  7. A wrestling topic and nobody even mentioned Hulk Hogan, Sgt Slaughter, Ultimate Warrior or Mr T ...........? What the fuck ?!
  8. That's a great idea.......... for The Sims. Not for a horror game (!!!!!!!!)
  9. I need only 4 things: The Sequel (268 / 500) The Final Chapter (268 / 1000) - i don't think i'll EVER get this one Gotta Kill Em All (1182 / 1313) I'm missing a lot of epic perks, but i don't really care about them. Level 150, all gold badges for jason and councelor, all tommy and pamela tapes, all DLC's.
  10. Its really stupid that you step in a trap, your leg is injured and bloody, but the councelor is holidng his shoulder.
  11. It was shit. Some fucker had 4 med sprays and 3 pocket knives, so i disconnected. i quit right away if someone is cheating/hacking. Next someone called me a hacker because i killed him as jason. And fot the past 2 days i didnt play even once because its ALWAYS fucking packanack small. I fucking hate it so much that i wish they would remove this dumb shit map from the game. So i just connect, i see its packanack small and i leave the lobby, when i join a different lobby its packanack small AGAIN. And it's the same for one fucking hour. Next time it's Pinehurst, but no.... some assholes scream on their mics that they want packanack small. I swear that packack small is worse than rage quitting, tea bagging, cheating, hacking, trolling, russians. It makes me want to quit playing this game forever. how can you people play just on one fucking stupid map?!?!
  12. Anybody played it? It's finally available today.
  13. Here's the deal: you're the councelor, you fix the boat, i (Jason) flip over the boat, and you get back in and escape. I need to do it 12 times to get my last badge. I'm trying for months now, but nobody ever wants to play on big maps with a boat... and even if they do they don't go for the boat. So... if anybody want's to do this, let me know. You can do whatever you need to get points/badges (fix anything, call tommy/cops, search drawers for tapes or whatever).
  14. The first F13 films i saw were Parts 1, 2 and 3. I rented them on VHS as a kid. When i read people posting here that the first saw the remake or jason x.... i dont know what to think... fuck... it's like watching The Force Awakens, or Attack of the Clones, and never seeing before Return of the Jedi or The Empire Strikes Back.... that's weird and fucked up.
  15. I play ONLY to get one more badge (I need to flip over the boat 13 times). If it's not a boat map, than i quit right away, and I don't give a shit about other players (most of them are trolls, kids, russians, anyway). So before I play a game it usually takes me about 30-40 minutes of quitting to get a map that is not fucking Packanack Small.
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