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  1. I'm always hosting so I only leave/kill the match when I see Jason-teaming. If Jason is playing a clean game and manages to snatch me early, I'm totally fine to let the match continue while I'm off doing things around the house.
  2. It's always been my interpretation that Jason sees a reflection of his own innocence prior to drowning when he sees a child. In the original lore (first eight Paramount movies) there wasn't a backstory of bullying with other kids being cruel to him because of his deformities. It was simply "he drowned due to camp counselors not watching him". So, it could be believed Jason has zero rage against children and possibly sees some variant of his own life, happy with his mother, when he encounters a kid. In Part 4 I don't see a killer about to strike young Tommy Jarvis. If you watch Jason throughout the Final Chapter, he's fast and very aggressive (Ted White salute) when in kill mode. In the Tommy sequence, he is entranced and approaching with curiosity. He's reaching out to his past self in a calm and passive demeanor. When he busts through the kids door in Part 6 I believe he's baiting Meagan, who he'd just lost sight of due to being blindsided by Sheriff Garris. He was poised to bust right back out of the cabin as soon as she showed up.
  3. Obviously anyone affiliated with Gun won't publicly endorse the mods, more specifically a certain one currently making the rounds. But, you guys know you'll be playing it. 😄
  4. Wasn't. Highly unlikely, at least per that string of supposed logic. If a game the caliber of Halloween is being made, no way it gets dropped out of nowhere with zero hype. Not as to say the game isn't being made, as I have no idea. But, I wouldn't place any stock in a guy claiming it's already getting packaged.
  5. Just making sure I understand this right; a guy... who knows a guy.... is claiming a game that hasn't been announced is already in the packaging phase?
  6. I've seen it (I periodically do the same thing in the situation you describe). I couldn't swear to it (or prove it), but it seems like this kind of thing started happening around the time the update went in to fix the Jarvis House bots a little over a year ago. That's when I began noticing it anyway. Doesn't seem to happen too often though. And you're probably correct in your thinking that the bot set a trap, stupidly walked into it, and rinsed/repeated until unintended death.
  7. Of all the perks I've ran with and eventually replaced, Swift Attacker is the one I miss the most. I begrudgingly gave it up in favor of Medic some time ago and made myself adjust my playstyle so I could live without it and still be effective when I need to hit Jason with a melee attack. It definitely took some time to get used to not having it. In the end I concluded Medic was just a smidge more vital to the way I and my usual running mate play the game. But, I still miss it.
  8. I played DBD for about 30 mins and put the controller down. I played Friday the 13th in December 2016 (beta) and I'm still playing it.
  9. UPDATE: Things seem fine tonight. Played for about 90 mins and not one instance of the trouble from last night.
  10. Thank you, Sir. Haven't been on yet today, but will report back later tonight with an update from our end.
  11. My buddy and I have been playing for an hour or so tonight, and there's weird timing out issues happening for both of us. They'll get disconnected from the room and a couple mins later the match ends for me as well, and vice versa. Last time-out occurred while in the lobby waiting for a match to start. Whole lobby just went kaput. Anyone else on PS4 having problems? 'Noteworthy that we are not partied up (as sometimes if one person in a party gets disconnected, everyone does). Both of us have ran speed tests on our internet and PS4's. No issues otherwise. Have also seen Jason players glitch out and freeze up before the round suddenly ends. @mattshotcha
  12. Shame, indeed. I know giving my $0.02 on this is pretty moot at this point, as the forums are on their way to limbo. But, for what it's worth I've been annoyed at this recently. Each time one of these old threads are resurrected it's by a new poster who found their way here through Google and are legit looking for info. The whole reason they took the time to sign up for an account was to post in said thread and get some answers/perspective. Instead, what they get is a response or two, then see the door slammed in their face because the thread was started over a year ago/i.e. sometime in the past that's considered "too old". Standard etiquette on just about every forum I've ever participated on is to search for an existing topic on the issue before creating a new thread, which is exactly what these new users are doing. It's how they're finding this forum in the first place. A year from now every thread on this board is gonna be "old" and dated. What's the harm in letting a topic continue to be discussed in the meantime, regardless of when the conversation was started?
  13. I feel like it's fine the way it is. IMO, what needs to change are the number of do-nothing randos in public matches who literally stand around and wait to die versus hitting objectives and getting things done. When my buddy can't play and I'm solo there are multiple matches where I'm the only one doing anything. Jason catches on and tunnels me half the round, buying all kinds of time for other players to be productive. Five minutes into being chased I check the map and Tommy hasn't even been called. Ten minutes I check it again, nothing. The player base overall right now is about as rotten as I've ever seen it.
  14. Personally, I think the whole idea comes from the old Friday the 13th game on the Commodore 64 where you play as one of several counselors who are stalked by Jason, who often times masquerades as a counselor himself, leading you to suspect everyone you see as the possible culprit. That was the first thing that came to mind back when I read what Paranoia was purported to be.
  15. Just a sidenote, and I have no numbers to back it up, but it seems the PS4 player base has dwindled substantially since hackers broke the online servers for a month. I'm seeing the same player names in public lobbies way more frequently than I ever did before.
  16. Last we heard from our man Larry Zerner is that the parties have not settled yet. That June court date everyone was looking forward to in hopes of a settlement reportedly hasn't happened yet due to Covid. But, as @TimDuke 01 alluded to, an eventual settlement isn't going to change anything in regards to the game unfortunately.
  17. This, and usually the Jason player is beating their chest thinking they're that damn good. 😄
  18. If I see it again I'll snag a video and upload it. It doesn't seem to be occurring frequently (as far as I can see at this point). I have noticed this as well.
  19. I've noticed lately (on PS4), possibly since the latest patch, that the phone fuse has been spawning in the same cabin as the phone box again. This used to happen way back when before it was adjusted in an update many moons ago, but I've started seeing it again recently. The first time was a couple nights ago, and I convinced myself I was mistaken. But tonight, for sure, it happened on Packanack Small. I found the fuse in the main cabin and the phone was there as well. Anyone else seeing this? @mattshotcha
  20. That, and I also love it when someone else in the lobby feels challenged to out-spam the spammer and they join in, and both proceed to cripple the ready button till the final countdown. Those moments I've actually taken the time to connect my headset, switch party chat over to prioritize game chat just long enough to say "You pussies done?", ala this video; https://youtu.be/XmQ9hdvpO4g?t=717
  21. I'm usually fine either way. There's plenty of times when a round ends that I'm happy to have a couple mins to run to the restroom, pour some coffee, throw laundry in the dryer, or whatever. If I've got nothing that needs doing I'll ready up immediately. Just depends on the day really. The only time I defiantly stay unready is when some jerkoff starts spamming within two seconds of entering the lobby. I'll make those goofs wait every time.
  22. - Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) : Adam, (experimenting with No Fear Jenny) Favorite weapon : Bat Favorite perks : Marathon, Thick Skin, Medic, Swift Attacker Play style : Lonewolf; hitting objectives and helping people get away from Jason. Likes : Clean players/sportsmanship. Knife-happy Jasons; they think they're sooooo good, yet one of the easiest to out-play. Dislikes : Trolls/exploiters/glitchers/griefers Goal : If Jason is playing clean; fill inventory, call Tommy/cops, fix car (sometimes boat). If Jason is cheating; being his personal nightmare the entire round until he either rage quits or gets killed. Mic : Almost never unless I feel compelled to point out how awful a Jason player is if they're getting help from counselors and still can't kill me. I verbally encourage them to stop being a douche and play a clean game. - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : Part 4, Savini Favorite weapon (s) : Pig Splitter, Machete Favorite kills : The Jarvis, Up and Under, Fish Gutter, The Pamela Favorite environmental kills : Wall Headcrusher, Impaled, Boiled Play style : Put the pressure on and make them work, drain their stamina, then checkmate. Likes : Clean players/sportsmanship Dislikes : Trolls/exploiters/glitchers/griefers Mic : Never. Jason doesn't talk. Why should I?
  23. I'd honestly love to figure this out for use against Jason cheaters. Can someone provide a more thorough breakdown (PM me)?
  24. If you mean toxic as in little bedroom warriors who run their mouths over the mic, I voted 0% since I play the game in party chat and never hear them. Typical trolls who either cheat as counselors by helping Jason or Jason players who rely on exploits (some call them advanced Jason tactics 🙄) aka cheating, I'd say about 50-65% of the time. If I play ten matches in one night at least half have shady crap going on.
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