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  1. My art book arrived yesterday(waited a bit longer as I’m in the UK) pretty disappointed though as one of the pages is torn. Guessing this has happened prior to packing as the book was packaged very well. Does anybody know which email address is best to contact them?
  2. I sent them a private message on Facebook and all they did was refer me to a 30 day old post on reddit! Not helpful at all.
  3. I wonder which Jason is underneath the covered cabinet considering the Savini Jason is in the far right hand side display?
  4. So still nothing my end,with Christmas fast approaching I’ve pretty much given up on receiving my physical copy this year now. I’m pretty annoyed we haven’t heard anything else,is it really that difficult to give an update even if isn’t good news.
  5. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything,I’m also in the UK.
  6. So the last update we had regarding physical copies of the game being sent to us was around 2 weeks ago. I’m just reaching out to see if anybody has received any shipping notifications yet? I’m kinda hoping it will be before Christmas as wanted to gift my copy to my brother(not a cheapskate,i’m just not willing to shell out anymore money for this game)
  7. I’ve asked them several times on twitter about the Kickstarter exclusive cover and I never get a response.
  8. Yeah I feel a bit of a mug for spending the money I did on backing the game on the Kickstarter now.
  9. I don’t think they monitor that Kickstarter page anymore,although I could be wrong. Communication is pretty poor and it always has been.
  10. I’ve asked them several times now on twitter etc and not one reply(although they seem to reply to the Youtube/Twitch streamers) I give up asking now.
  11. I’ve asked them on their twitter what this will look like but not had any response,asked about 3 days ago now so doubt I’m going to get a reply.
  12. I wonder why they haven’t shown that off to us yet then,will be pretty annoyed if they have ditched the “kickerstarter exclusive cover art”.
  13. Do we know if that bottom image is going to be the “Kickstarter exclusive cover art”? As the update we got last night wasn’t very clear.
  14. Been having issues with it all evening,only managed to play 2 or 3 matches in a 2hr time frame,any other match I did get into the game would just crash half way through.
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