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  1. Cant find matches for ages, and when I do I keep being kicked. Update yet again fails to work properly 😕 (pc)
  2. Medic is fine as it is tbh. Its hard to find med sprays in a match these days, and if you get one then medic is a big help. I call medic a must have perk because of Jasons op knives and all the slashing thats going on
  3. I welcome the much needed changes to perks. Alot of the perks are still useless, and legendary perks shouldn't have any negatives as they're already hard enough to come by
  4. I feel your pain. I love the game, but it's a mess. I'm not gonna be sticking around with all these hackers and teamers.
  5. Good luck catching a no fear looping jenny. Me and my friend do it all the time. Now that's a challenge.
  6. I'm certain some of my first reports were dealt with, but my latest ones haven't even been reviewed, and it's been weeks. I sent in a video with all the evidence of a bunch of Jason X cheaters, and some cheaters/exploiters clearly exploiting areas on the map and the videos haven't been watched. It's disheartening to say the least cause I spent the time compiling the evidence and info.
  7. I was looking forward to these perks, but I'm sure the little percentage the legendary bonus will offer won't actually be noticeable. Comparing the pre-nerf heavy hitter to the bonus stat for swift attacker - which heavy hitter only gave a couple seconds difference at the high percentage it had, that means 1-3% will not make a difference at all. We need stats at least in the 10-20% range to see a difference. I'm disappointed. I think at this point I'm done with the game. This was the only thing in the update worth looking forward to. The game as it stands with Jason being ridiculously broken, full of bugs, cheaters and teamers. It's just not fun anymore.
  8. Teamers make me and my friends leave all the time. they're killing the game for everyone
  9. It needs to start the match when the majority of people have hit ready, not when everyone has, and it needs to not reset if someone else joins. This ontop of the mute function resetting every time someone joins is many of the issues needing to be fixed. The game has become a trolls playground because of these issues and bugs
  10. Nearly all the perks in the game need buffs, excluding meta perks as theyre in a good place. But if other perks are going to be buffed the game needs changing cause no matter what alot of the "useless" perks will always be useless until there's gameplay that makes them useful, and because jason is broken you literally need medic (for those silly amount of knives), swift attacker (to somewhat counter his stupid grab range), sucker punch (because half the time stuns don't work due to hit detection) and thick skin (because there's not enough med sprays to deal with jason and his traps) marathon (because he's too fast and any low stam slow counselor is as good as dead) aside from that the only other perks i see as useful are my dads a cop, and the epic fear perks for jennys no fear build. everything else can be removed and not have the gameplay impacted at all.
  11. I expected as much to be honest, but the game really does need it soon. I don't understand the engine change if it was for darker shadows and shinier rain looking textures. I'd of preferred to have bug fixes and content over this without waiting so long, but it's whatever. All I will say is that the update better fix and add alot to the game or I think you'll find many will be over it.
  12. I have a feeling the devs don't care, or they just don't get how their game is played. When they start buffing Quit Swimmer, it makes me think they haven't a clue.
  13. This is fair game. As Jason there are ways to not appear on their minimap, but if you don't know about this then you shouldn't be asking for unfair changes when it's perfectly balanced.
  14. True. I think the perks we call useless should be counselor perks that come with specific counselors and don't take a perk slot. It's kinda like the legendary perks they're doing. Each character has a bonus perk.
  15. Sneaky or Evasion won't help you survive with the current unbalanced mess the game is....actually they wont help at all. They're useless.
  16. After 150 You gain nothing. There's no incentive to play at all. This needs changing
  17. Posts like this shouldnt exist. 4 knives aint too much. It's too little for someone who can grab you and insta kill you.
  18. Please give her more speed and less stealth. Stealth is useless after the first few mins of the game
  19. Yeah, you're right it is hacking, but like I said he labeled me as bad as the other people when that's not the case. I have friends who have savini and the DLC legit and they find it upsetting that everyone's just hacking him for free, which is why I dont agree with anything beyond changing clothing to stuff that's already currently in game and accessible to everyone. So I'm not stealing, or gaining an advantage over anyone else by abusing exploits or hacking paid for DLC. That being said I will no longer use the texture swapping cause I think you're right, and me using it just promotes the use of hacking, which I want fixed. It's ruining the game.
  20. I'm all for fixing these cheats and exploits, but something also needs to be done about people like yourself who spews abuse at someone just because they changed their clothing texture. If you look back there was actually a way to do this in game and it isn't breaking rules, so to label me the same as people who are using Jason X, hacking savini and the DLC clothes is a joke. I do not, nor will I ever condone cheating. Oh, and hitting through the door is something everyone does. To continue with your abuse of me hacking pocket knives etc was you just being super salty. Good luck with that attitude. The salt mines are waiting for you.
  21. I see that happening alot too tbh, and I do think that it shouldn't happen, im just not sure that changing things the way they are doing is the right way to go about fixing it. I guess time will tell.
  22. I dunno, reasonable can be seen different depending on the person. All I know is I see the majority of people dying every game, and Deborah and AJ's are either first or escape cause they repair fast and are stealthy.
  23. That's true, they're supposed to die, but at the same time it's a game, and people play games to have fun and like to feel that they've achieved something in games. Dying repeatedly cause you have no chance against a killer that already cannot be injured, can teleport and move at super speed isn't fun for long.
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