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  1. Thanks you to all that I laughed and bickered with here. It was a trip
  2. I want to first make it clear that I'm not being critical for the sake of being a Jerk, but just like many players like me here, is very passionate about this game. At this game's timeline, trying to tackle bugs like sliding is moot, and this upcoming "final FINAL" patch is proof that trying may cause consequence to game, intended and unintended. Sliding is hard to do, so outside of macros or 3rd party adapters, most players won't have to deal with it. At the cost of breaking or making it less usable for players, so it's questionable about trying to do something about it, when it's the final patch, Besides, on PC, sliding exploiters are the least of our problem lol I know you said "minimized as possible without dramatic changes to how the game will feel for players", but who's experience are you drawing from when you say "minimized as possible"? I have over 4000 hours in this game, some players have even more from me; I highly doubt anybody working on updates has anything close in gameplay or even testing hours. They may spend some time testing to make sure "that it works", but testing is not the same as playing. That's why the CS lag wasn't thought of as a problem when Nov's Patch went public, that is until we started to bitch about it. Likely the devs did not understand how this would effect play, for seasoned players. CS may "work" but the lag breaks many of its utility and tactics which is especially frustrating for players when It has always worked fine before (also like off-host Instant Block before the Engine update), making the gameplay experience clunker and less responsive (for a game where 1 wrong move will get you killed). Here is an example of using Combat Stance as a "faint" prior to Nov's patch. This is no longer possible since you can not exit CS quickly thanks to the added lag, and it's an important technique to counselor play since it can dull the Jason player's reactions or bait him into a wiffed attack. CS lag also affects Jason play as well. I really hope that when the patch drops, there is no lag at all.
  3. @Tommy86 Thank you for the detailed information regarding CS as a mechanic. Its still upsetting for me, since the "depth" of the combat of this game relies on it. It's was the motivating drive for me to keep playing at mastering it for all situations (not counting the really broken stuff). Both sides using it bring more complexity that would be otherwise just "slings" at each other. They should have never touched Combat Stance
  4. Swift Attacker was my favorite perk. The problem was that I played NFJenny. Thickskinned is necessary against how Jason is played now. Vanessa though, I used Thickskinned , Swift Attacker, and Nerves of Steel most of the time, since I played her Aggressive. But if I was to play her lame, I'd sub Swift with Medic.
  5. This is the most objective perspective we can have at this point. The game is done, we are lucky that we are getting one more update that's fixes (hopefully) what broke last patch (CS LOL). As a PC player, it's disheartening to see it over ran by hackers, I'm glad I got out before dealing with that frustration. At this point, organize with friends to play together to have a smooth experience. I'm sure not many will like what I'm about to say, nor will the Devs, but the fact that is been proven that hackers can customize game gives it some hope. Perhaps in the future, this develops into a grassroot effort to unofficially support the game, balance, and content on this forgotten gem.
  6. Fucking up combat stance. I haven't played since that last patch 🤣
  7. Pretty much. Even with Jason's offensive deficiencies, he can still work around and effectively kill counselors. The problem has been Jason is afforded very few mistakes or suffer easy demask especially with Tommy or Buggy involved. The slight changes to the mask does help a little, but it's not going to stop a squad that has little trouble killing Jason before the buff. I've made my plea here to the devs to consider delaying demask until after rage, but they were against it for some reason. I guess giving Jason unrestricted grace from being killed early was somehow too OP by the Dev's account. I suspect that they really did wanted the game to tilt in favor counselors since making a groups of players happy keeps them playing than giving more wins to Big J.
  8. Because it's too easy to "scam" Jason. There has always been the Stigma of being killed as Jason, but over time, players realize that it's the easier win condition. Sweater is always at a known location and, despite several buffs to Jason, dev's never changed the fact that his mask can be removed at the start of the game. So long as a competent player is given Tommy, it's very easy to pull a fast one on even a skilled Jason. My method has been always to guard against the kill, mainly knocking Tommy's Radio out, even at the cost of cars or police call. My rationality is you lose more kills allowing them to take control of the map (sweater + Tommy) early and kill Jason than you would unchallenging car escape or police which give you, usually, 5 mins still to kill counselors.
  9. Well obviously the counselors is going to juke if the Jason shifts right where they can see him. But let see.... hmm Jason can shift exit slash and knife to keep pressure or instant cripple, use the entire shift to stamina stress, Strafe shift in place and grab when the counselor stumbles as they are juking, or just move out of sight (to remove himself from counselor's map, stalk and morph somewhere close by, Jason's next shift will not give the static warning.
  10. Is looping, Fair?! LOL Is this even a question? Jason, Learn to shift! Problem solved.
  11. Did someone here really question @Somethin Cool about game knowledge???
  12. I didn't say you were, but people tend to complain about any glitch that work against them, so I'm just saying it's better to accept it and work around
  13. "Sweater Canceling" has always existed since the beginning. There has been few attempts to remove it, (the original method you only had to enter Combat Stance and cancel out). It's a glitch, but it's pointless complaining about something player have been using for this long.
  14. To be honest, 80% of all Jason players isn't all that good, and within the remaining 20% is large gap between decent to the very best. A good Jason player can wipe the typical Quick Play Lobby easily before getting rage, leaving plenty of time to look for an cheeky counselor loaded with avoidance perks. Most of these Players I find are couching in some remote location on the map, easy to ambush shift before the counselor even realize I've found them. Right. I usually notice a counselor w/ avoidance perks when I'm hunting down someone else. Because it's not guarantee to avoid sense, I'll let the counselor have an false "sense", , of security and nab them when they thought they were unnoticed.
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