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  1. I had a few games where we had the opprotunity to kill jason. All we needed is for the pamela impersonator to hit jason after the use of the sweater. However they act like they need 4 seconds to know their ABC's. One pamela player dropped firecrackers at jason and ran away after using the sweater. Another pamela impersonator later in the day used the sweater and took forever to land the hit and ended up being too late. Are they failing on purpose or is it the lag?? I dont hit during the sweater phase because im afraid my weapon will break as tommy because it happened twice before sometime ago.
  2. It was getting suspicious the way it worked yesterday so I tried an observation today. Me and my friend played with a lobby of randoms, we both had Jason for spawn preference. Game 1 I get jason Game 2 He gets jason Game 3 A random gets jason. Game 4 my friend gets jason again I was like HOW... Game 5 A random gets jason Game 6 my friend gets jason the third time. I felt real jelly. What are the bloody odds that every random in the lobby would have couselor spawn preference or None? And yes it stayed as a full lobby for most of the part. How the hell does this ticket system works? Or am I just misreading something in the patch notes...?
  3. I been playing for a few hours and suddenly my matchmaking status is twitching between "Searching for sessions" and "Search cooldown" then I get in a lobby by myself. Tried again and again and it keeps happening. Swapped accounts and I was able to find matches again. I only quit once today when i was last standing and sometimes i back out of a pre-game lobby as host. How do i figure out if i been put on some type of probation?
  4. Why are you crying about a killer using a basic attack?
  5. This jason player said he was not teaming. He said he already killed him a few minutes ago. So...im a bit confused. In the end i survived luckily.
  6. Yea give me a few hours, Im dunking on a few games ATM This is exactly what i was doing. But i did it fast enough that i was pointed at for cheating because i had a friend in the lobby spectating the chase and he never saw the animation of jasons arms pulling
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