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  1. I guess it could be for counselor too, but I specifically would like an option for Jason. I always have my Jason and counselor on random, but I was wondering if there can be an option to have it so random will never pick a specific character(s). Basically....part 7 Jason is bad. Yes it's possible to still get all counselors and I'm not really a competitive player, but I just don't like this Jason, (looks cool though). And unfortunately, random loves to give me this Jason. I have been this version no less than 5 times where as I have only been others 1 time, (like part 9, part 2, etc.). Personally I don't like part 4 either, (looks) so I'd exclude him also. I just thought it would be a good option.
  2. Hi everyone. Love the game, made me an actual fan of Friday the 13th since my favorite is actually another person as reflected by my username, (sorry guys!). This is one of my favorite online games of all time, so great job to the developers. I just hope it lasts a long time since usually my favs die off...no pun intended.
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