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  1. That's sort of counter productive though, if they don't ban the glitchers, everyone will just stop playing anyway.
  2. No problem, but i just wanted to know if the player will face consequences, or will just the bug get fixed?
  3. A player purposely exploiting gltiches, they've done it about 4 times now.
  4. Hi guys, i was recently on Reddit looking up the question "where to report cheating players", and i was guided to this guy GunMedia_Ben, but he seems to be inactive. Do you guys know of anyone i can speak too or email etc. I have plenty of screenshots and two recordings of the player in question. Tbh, i'm not even sure they ban anyone anymore, any help would be great, thanks.
  5. Have to be honest, at this point, with all they've broke. I'm starting to hate playing it. When you get in a game that functions, something else will break, and the cycle continues on and on.
  6. Just had five games that ended before they even started. Instant spectator mode has broken this game completely.....where is the hotfix!
  7. Yes, i am. I play games to enjoy myself. If i happen to be in a game with a Jason who isn't particularly up to the task of killing the counselors, i tend to get slightly bored. Thats when my emotes come in, they usually help to stimulate a reaction from the big guy. Apologies if i don't play "strategically" enough for you. Anyway, i will continue to play the way i want to, as the game just so happens to be in my Steam library.
  8. Perhaps i am. What can i say, when i hit jason, i like to dance in front of him until he gets up. Honeslty, what other use do you get from the emotes?
  9. My goal is to do whatever i want to do. If the guy playing Jason isn't good, i'm gonna fuck about, don't like it? That's your problem.
  10. Yeah, how would we tease and piss off Jason without them.
  11. It usually just checks through your files and installs any missing or corrupt ones, it could help. To do it; 1- go on to your Steam library and right click Friday the 13th, and then click on properties. 2- Then move along to Local Files and click on verify integrity of game files.... You should be ok from there, hope that helps. Worse comes to worse, you may have to reinstall it.
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