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    They have been hacked for a few months now. It's impossible for Jason/Jason's to "win" now.There are now at least 3-4 cars and 2-3 boats depending on the map.There are at least a dozen pocket knives,weapon durability is darn near indestructable,counselors have at least 20% thick skin without perks.The number of available objective items like fuse,gas,and battery are tripled or more.Almost every cabin has a Tommy tower. If you are a "Jason Main" it's totally not fun to play anymore and the rage buff is totally gone so it's pinata party central most matches. The devs in their infinite wisdom are refusing to mess with the code anymore so I don't see their "other methods" to fix the problem being successful.The game is dead on PC until IF or when the issue gets fixed. There is a work around but you have to be host and to me I don't like jumping through hoops just to play a normal match. Hackers are also abundant and JKB does nothing anymore.I've submitted 2-3 videos with undeniable evidence fairly recently and no bans issued. Nobody is getting banned it seems now as they can probably claim it's due to the way the lobbies are now.
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    STILL waiting too.. needs to show up soon, my house isnt going to terrify itself!
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    Feldman is a pathological liar. Nothing he says should be taken seriously. Also, he wants a "Tommy vs Jason" movie? Sure, it's called Jason Lives.
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    I will miss this game as well.
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    I remember when it came out. I was immediately addicted to it. Played for hours and hours, bought all the packs. Finished the virtual cabin. Reached 150. Spent a bunch of time on the forums. I loved the community. And then it all ends like that. Now don’t get me wrong I know Gun Media had no control… but why do people have to take good things away? Why would Victor Miller choose to take legal action instead of being proud that his idea was made into a video game even after all these years later. I’m sure they could have reached an agreement so that he gets a share. I just don’t get it. But I also haven’t read much into it. I still play from time to time but it will never feel the same again. God I had so much excitement for this game. I was so excited to play Jason X on the grendal map, the new packs, I was just excited for everything they had planned and now we will never get to experience it:( but it is what it is. Hopefully Gun can create a game that brings just as much fun and joy to me as f13 The Game did🖤
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    This is the only reason I play pubs 🤷‍♀️
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    cant wait. i dont watch trailers for horror movies becausr they always ALWAYS put the best scares on them. so no thanks.
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    Thick, medic, nerves, and hypo. In that order. All other perks are situational or useless.
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    I am hoping on all of existence its released August!!! like come on!!!
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    I know a guy who knows a guy that knew someone. He suggests it will be a Halloween III: Season of the Witch game since someone else has the rights to a Michael Myers game.
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    The team is working on it and we'll have more news as soon as it's confirmed. I will say this though, considering where we are (outside active development) this will take some time. But we are working on a solution for the PC community.
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    They'll get better. At least some will. Sounds like a different kind of match.
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    At least you are honest about it...
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    Anything is possible. Tommy does that at times as well. I smash cabinets at times to reduce the likelihood of bots hiding.
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    The bots will always be easy experience, but could do with an improvement to their behavior. If the developers would do something to improve them before time is up, I'd be okay with it.
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    Bots can also get stuck under beds or in outhouses. Rather than removing these, maybe adjusting the bot AI a bit so they don't just stay hidden would be better. Of course, this can wait until the major bugs get fixed first.
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    ^^ This ^^ ^^ And this ^^
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    While they don't ban teamers, players can avoid them after an initial encounter. It makes for more trouble in a way, but it also potentially keeps the peace. It's a jungle out there for some.
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    Don't be surprised if a topic about holes pops up in Off Topic... 😎 @undrtkr that's how I interpret the meaning of "No New Content" as well. Nothing from the F13 universe or custom, ever.
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    That's always possible.
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    A well written article or social media post can just as easily draw attention just before an update. Word of mouth can do the same. As far as bug fixes, they seem to be able to fix something, although something else seems to break in the process. I am curious as to what will happen once the environmental kills are "fixed"...
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    A lot of people are hoping the next update will fix that. We'll have to wait and see.
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    The more the merrier @OCT 31 1978. @Strigoi, the graphics are what they are at this point. As much as many people would like them to improve, it's very unlikely.
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    It's better not to give recognition to known hackers.
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    Spelling a name backwards, and then acknowledging such is still naming and shaming.
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