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    i did all challenges way too long ago to remember the specific awards but from what you’re saying, i do believe the emote is awarded for going undetected on challenge 6 like you said... nothing should’ve been removed or changed, are you sure you played the right challenge?
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    honestly, i don’t see anything wrong with it. if anything, i believe it’ll help that player learn from their mistakes and only make em come back stronger, practice makes perfect, yeah? it’s all part of the game... what are we supposed to do, let them kill us? whole point of the game is to not die, and that goes for both sides but like somebody else said, there’s no need for harassment... it’s all for fun
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    I'll attempt to pick up a passenger with either car, if possible. I won't take a running car unless no one else is remotely close to it. I don't run people over, unless you team with Jason, or accidentally run in front of the car. If you save my ass during the match, you get a seat. If I have the fuse, I'll leave the car for someone else.
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    Kill an inexperienced Jason once? They'll get over it. Kill that same Jason ten times in a row? That might frustrate them to the point of quitting. Not all rookie Jason players will take it personally if they lose.
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    If you are Tommy, and there is another female counselor running around, please exit the vehicle, and man up.
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    @Jason Todd Voorhees, you are our resident forum celebrity.
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