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    You just described my primary strategy for dealing with would be Jason Killers. Hardest thing for any kill squad to overcome is a clueless Tommy. At the very least, I'm not killing anyone early on whose obviously trying to demask me or draw Tommy. A good kill squad can find ways around trapping the shack or Tommy's cabin. This game is buggy as all hell, but last time I checked Tommy has never killed Jason with a battery or frying pan in his hand because he can't understand why the crazy bitch in the sweater keeps throwing her axe at his feet. This strategy can backfire on you on occasion, but's it extremely rare. It's also amazing how quickly mid-tier kill squads crumble into dust once the kill is taken off the table. Funny story, many moons ago I was playing keep-away with a four-person squad who must've thought I was hiding in the water or something because they decided to have a dance party in front of Packanack Lodge. I decided I probably wasn't going to get a better shot with their guards down, so I said fuck it, shifted right on their sweater girl and chock killed her right in the middle of their little drum circle before any of them could react. THEY.WERE.PISSED. I've never been called trash or garbage so much in my life, and I loved every second of it. Obviously I wouldn't recommend anyone try this unless your in 'fuck it' mode like I was, since I was one PK or attentive counselor away from being completely boned. In this one particular case though, it worked out and was more than worth the risk for the reaction I got after.
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    I play to enjoy myself, smurf or no smurf.
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    I'm with you on that one. I'd love to play as Laurie. Any franchise with a decent game at this point would be welcome. @Strigoi, any chance said conversation was documented?
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    At this point I'm almost hoping the next game isn't Halloween just to spite Strigoi.
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    We could have seen some promising things if not for the lawsuit. Too bad things turned out how they did. I would have liked that.
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    It was Very necessary. Was it the only option to fix the growing problem…..? No.…….. but necessary.……… and it did Fix a Huge problem the game developers created with all the buffs to Counselor Gameplay and Nerfs to Jason Gameplay.
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    Kill an inexperienced Jason once? They'll get over it. Kill that same Jason ten times in a row? That might frustrate them to the point of quitting. Not all rookie Jason players will take it personally if they lose.
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    Its entirely due to instant feedback of Jason's positioning. Really helpful since you can see Jason's Shift trajectory since you're not going to pull up the big map while Jason's in mid-shift. Being able to know where other counselors is also convenient and being able to react instantly rather than taking a brief moment to check could matter with split moment decisions.
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    Not the best ability, but I love Stalk all the same. Not the brightest Tiffany in the world (where did she think you went?) but that's hardly your fault. I will raise you this poor Tommy who thought he was home free.
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    Not really... It's not that hard to sniff out a Smurf, and I usually ignore level now and see how Jason plays. I don't care what level he is, if he's aware enough to trap his shack or Tommy's Cabin, he's worth trying to kill. He might learn something from it. If he's warped sped to level 60 due to double XP and is still too stupid to trap the phone box, and let's a Bugzy call the cops on him after fucking up five times, he's not worth my time even bothering trying to kill.... Or maybe at that level he deserves it, I don't know anymore. On the flip side, I don't worry about Smurfs much. I try not to underestimate any counselor to be perfectly honest. I try to avoid Noob lobbies in general, but if I do get stuck in one it just depends on my mood. If they're obnoxious I'm probably gona fuck with them a bit, and if they're actually trying I might take it easy on them... Maybe. I did have one match where I just decided fuck it, I was going to mess with everyone and then just let everyone escape.... Surprisingly, this was a lot harder to accomplish than it should've been.
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    I need a Halloween the Game tho...
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    I know a guy who knows a guy that knew someone. He suggests it will be a Halloween III: Season of the Witch game since someone else has the rights to a Michael Myers game.
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    A long while back, I was Jason on Higgens large with a lobby that would group up around the car or phone and begin repairing. When Jason showed up to stop them, they would commence the pinata party until the mask was off, then a couple of them would get killed, come back as Tommy, and kill that rounds Jason. Predictably, I found them working on the 4-seater (it spawned at the Southern location, very close to where most counselors begin swimming to the island). I killed a couple of them, then Tommy showed up and I lost my mask. As soon as I did, I turned around and walked into the lake and headed towards the island. A couple of minutes later, they pulled the old "Get Jason to drown someone and use the time window to get to the island". One problem... the shack wasn't ON the island, it was over on the West side of the map. Tommy and two Tiffany's made it to the island just fine, but then realized they were trapped and had just royally fucked themselves.
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    This comment is unnecessary. You have never had a problem with me before. What seems to be the problem that has turned you sour against me. I Cant understand why so many forum members here choose to ignore me or call me names or try to avoid having conversations with me in threads. I Really wish someone could stand up and not be silent and tell me the truth of what the freaking problem is with me.
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    I've come to believe that the Rage buff can seriously down your chances of getting the kill if the counselors decide to go full pinata party. If you beat Jason into Rage three minutes into the round, you're going to have a serious problem if he manages to cripple Tommy or SG. If you're on the way to the shack and either of them are hit with a Stalk-Shift-Slash and begin limping, your Jason-kill is over unless someone has a shotgun (especially if it's a pt 3 or 4). The easiest way to avoid this is by giving a couple of high-strength counselors machetes and then completely ceasing to attack Jason once the mask is off. Do this and he'll be dead before he ever gets to Rage.
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    Yes, the rage buff was necessary. Casual/average Jason's needed something and the endless piñata teabag parties needed to stop. The buff did exactly what it was supposed to do. It forced counselors to focus on escaping instead of trolling Jason for twenty minutes because you knew you could stun him through every door and behind any corner. The last person in the lobby should always have been thinking, oh Shit here we go. I like the Rage Buff and that's both from a Jason and Counselor perspective. The only things I would've tweaked were taking away Jason's ability to spam-grab, and maybe have given Tommy and only Tommy a very slight chance to stun Jason post-rage to incentivize him to actually try to help the other counselors... Instead of running straight for he cops or the car like half of them do now. I go back and forth whether I actually feel like that's a good idea or not though. The Rage Buff did make P4 virtually worthless, but that's a small price to pay to give Jason one of his balls back.
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    The best and safer option for Counselors should be ALWAYS to run away. The rage buff made so hitting Jason for nothing is completly stupid, as it should be. This is a horror gamea and that means monster chase victims run, not the other way around.
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    Pretty Necessary as Jason didn't have much going for him until then. Many newer or casual players complained as it effected them the most, but pretty much all strong or league players all figured how to play around it, and Jason needed this the most against these players. While I'd prefer something along the lines of giving him more options, attacks, or improve game mechanics for off host players, with the lag, Jason couldn't block quick enough on reaction if ping was above 50-60 ms, which was my case, so I'll take it. Also, because Jason could be stun though out the game, it was far easier to surround him and lame him out with medic+TS as Jason couldn't play aggressive as any commitment = stun (and follow up damage if they are going for the kill). Post Rage Buff Jason still was vulnerable to damage (more vulnerable infact) and that was the trade off for it, and I still say to this day that devs should have delayed ANY damage until Rage as that would have taken care of Early Jason Hunting and been more fair for J.
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    I get what you're saying, but it feels a little nitpicky. There's a lot of things you can criticize Gun for. All the bugs, some of the wonkier game mechanics, the way the pending lawsuit was handled etc... One thing I'll never question though was their dedication to making the game look and feel as much like Friday the 13th as they possibly could. I'll always appreciate the accuracy of many of the set pieces to the movies, and the numerous little Easter eggs scattered about. The prom idea doesn't do anything for me, but it wouldn't have offended me either. Personally, I'd rather have seen them get as much movie related content into the game as possible before they started thinking outside the box like that. (They were going to run out of material to use from the movies eventually) Like I told a kid who once tried to 'shame me' for wearing a base set of clothing instead the DLC wear, I don't give a fuck about what the characters are wearing. I never bought either of the costume packs because I didn't care. All a counselor wearing a custom ever tells me is that player is 50% more likely to be a douche. 99% if it's Chad in a Speedo. I always looked at the costume packs for what they were, a way for Gun to cash in on DLC since they were giving us all the new Maps, Jason's, and Counselors for free. They had to give us the Maps, but any other game would've locked the rest behind a paywall. Yeah, there's a lot you can criticize, but the effort to make the game look as authentic as possible isn't one of them. You can debate the execution if it's not to your liking, but the effort no.
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    I am not trying to break the hearts of anyone, I am trying to warn people thinking about playing this game, that they shouldn't buy a broken product. The state of this game on PC is completely unacceptable.
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    I'll attempt to pick up a passenger with either car, if possible. I won't take a running car unless no one else is remotely close to it. I don't run people over, unless you team with Jason, or accidentally run in front of the car. If you save my ass during the match, you get a seat. If I have the fuse, I'll leave the car for someone else.
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    Nope Internet connections suck sometimes. I feel ya on that. I thought it was, though I wouldn't expect too much at this point.
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    I would have liked to see how their original project would have turned out as well. I've spoken to a lot of people about the game as of late. The responses varied, but many enjoyed the game at some point. A number of them have moved on. I do feel bad for the PC players. The lot of you got crapped on as far as the hacking is concerned. I believe in showing support for anyone (individual or group) that aspires to contribute to any community they are passionate about.
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    Where do you stand on this topic?
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    That 3% is based on all the players on XB1 who ever acquired the game. Some of those players have given up on the game. That is a good question.
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    Getting back on topic, the majority responding to the poll feel a 1-10% chance is fitting. If adjustments were made for this, then I think Jason would be a bit more feared for a time. On the other hand, familiarity with the maps and game mechanics would eventually make that meaningless, and we would be right back where we started with this conversation. The next highest value of 11-25%, which would be equally ideal for this game. A one in four kill wouldn't be so bad. If the right adjustments were made, killing Jason would feel more like an accomplishment to those who feel like it's a joke right now. We know the development team has little time left, and both hands tied behind their backs due to the lawsuit, but hopefully some promising adjustments can come before the bitter end.
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    While they don't ban teamers, players can avoid them after an initial encounter. It makes for more trouble in a way, but it also potentially keeps the peace. It's a jungle out there for some.
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    It's nice to hear a number of perspectives on this subject.
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    I'm just doing my part to try to help the developers gather the information needed to make the game better. You, me and quite a few others feel that the Jason kill should be challenging, and not just a casual stroll in the park.
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    @OCT 31 1978, I've seen a great any suggestions on making the Jason kill harder to achieve. I think a number of people are on the right track. @Dragonfire82877, it sounds like the player hasn't been in enough lobbies with Jason hunters. @TheHansonGoons, I agree on the skill gap having to do with the issues certain people are having with the game. Put a launch day Jason against seven counselors playing for their first day, and there's no contest. Put seven launch day players against a first time Jason, and the same thing. There may be the occasional exception to the rule. @Strigoi, no one is stopping the Jason kill. People just want it to be a bit more challenging. There's a difference. Slow down on insulting the people here. You can make your point without talking down to people. Don't bring Facebook drama to the forum. As far as people being satisfied, you cannot satisfy everybody, but you should try to satisfy the majority. Right now the majority (based on this poll alone) seem to want the Jason kill to be a bit more challenging. @OCT 31 1978, I see where you are coming from. There are those who want a bigger challenge, as that makes them better gamers over time. @SirMang, it sounds like you've done quite a bit of research on the matter. Three to seven minutes sounds about right for those who want to get the job done. @mattshotcha, I'm tagging you so you may see more insight into what the players are seeking in this game.
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    I swear when I want to get just one Jason match before I go to bed I never get him. I once watched someone be Jason 3 times in 4 matches. If your preference is on Jason you should never see that happen
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    I want Rob Zombie to have absolutely NOTHING to do with a Halloween game. He already damaged the franchise enough.
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    Zombie Pamela from part 3 could have happened. Also Ghost Jason and Kyle from Never Hike alone.
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    It's looking great! If we could just get a release date... I'm too lazy to look up the GIF, so just pretend I inserted the Futurama 'Shut Up and Take My Money' meme below.
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    @tyrant666 i just wanna say, its not like friday the 13th was the most serious movie series in the first place. even in the first movie, you had a guy fooling around dressed as a native american doing a rain dance. kinda like a dancing debra in a bunny suit. i get what ya mean, tho. id rather have seen DLC that was less silly. like paranoia would have been much better than a prom gimmick. thanks for pointing this interveiw out. i'll have to take a look some time.
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    There's a difference between Pinata Parties and groups trying to kill Jason. When my group plays together, yes, there is usually a beatdown involved, but that's pretty much a requirement if you're trying to kill Jason. What separates the two lies in the motivation. Are you beating on Jason because you want to remove the mask, or are you doing it without any intention of killing him? If you're not planning on killing him, but you're still grouping up, dancing, and chain-stunning him, you are a TROLL. Ganging up on a lv 3 Jason and taking turns tea-bagging him doesn't make you a badass. That's like if Mike Tyson KO'ed an 8 year old and then bragged about it as though he just defeated God Himself. This is the entire reason Rage was reworked; to stop the 20 minute pinata parties. If you've never seen any, check YouTube for videos of them. When Jason entered OG rage, you could literally get a guaranteed stun every time he broke through a door. All you had to do was stand in front of it with a baseball bat and wait. To summarize, the Rage buff wouldn't have been necessary if there weren't pinata parties, and pinatas parties wouldn't exist if Jason hadn't been nerfed to oblivion.
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    Does getting stunned and tea-bagged or danced on for twenty minutes by four Chads with sucker punch and swift-attacker equipped sound fun to you? Maybe if your one of the Douchebags participating, but it isn't fun for Jason or the other Counselors who want to play the game like its supposed to be played. Jason should've never been that big of a pussy that this could even be possible. It's the main reason the Rage buff was implemented. TBH, I've only ever encountered one stun party as Jason, but I saw a lot more while playing counselor. Usually a lover-level Jason being taken advantage of by more experienced players, and I don't remember those matches ever being fun. Quite frankly, I never understood why doing this made so many trolls hard.
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    If I'm not mistaken, Crotch Grab and How Rude are actually the same emote. Only difference is if you are playing as a male or female counselor. Crotch Grab doesn't even appear in the list of emotes from the topic List of All Unlockables Levels 1-150/Skull Challenges Emote Unlockables.
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    This used to be the case for me, scaring new players away from the game, but at this stage of the game it's a moot point. With me, it's always been a challenge issue. What are you proving by killing a Jason in his first or second match, someone who probably doesn't even realize he can be killed yet? I'm going after the 150 Savini every time, but that's just me. This, for the most part. I'm still not going to bother to kill a Jason when there's no challenge involved, (there's always exceptions) but I have far bigger issues with the verbal harassment that severely crosses the line of your standard competitive trash talk. It is funny as hell though to watch someone trying to troll a noob Jason only to fuck up and get themselves killed.
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    Laugh at their sorry ass, count it as an 8/8 and move on. Why people still think suiciding is getting one over on Jason I have no idea, I think it just makes them look like pussies. At least 1/3 of the max levels I go up against 1 on 1 will immediately try to kill themselves through a broken window the moment they realize they're cornered. It's just something you have to get used too. Don't get too hung up on getting 8/8 all the time, especially with the frequency in which players leave a match in this game. Getting someone to rage quite or suicide because you were too much for them is just as good as getting the kill. You still win. XP flows like a raging river in this game now, you'll make it up.
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    They'll get better. At least some will. Sounds like a different kind of match.
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    Welcome to the forum @JoyceJBoomer. Would you mind not posting spam while you are here?
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    I recall hearing something to that effect. One's mind could change though.
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    Hopefully you have better luck there.
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    Welcome to camp. One suggestion would be to round up those players you know that feel like you do, and play matches with them.
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    The games I had time to squeeze in with my current busy schedule: Daily Games: Batman: Arkham Knight, Final Fantasy 11, Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil 6 Casual Games: Dragon Quest IV, Final Fantasy 6 (20th time), Left 4 Dead, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Star Ocean: First Departure, Tales of Symphonia Games for old times sake: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Legend of Zelda, Streets of Rage 2, Suikoden II, Super Mario Bros. 3 Games for when I have more time: Drakengard, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zombies Ate My Neighbors My library is bigger than the time I have available to enjoy it.
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