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    I know the title may be throwing some people off, but what I'm trying to ask is, what is the most far-fetched "We're never gonna pull this off" Jason-kill you've ever gotten? This is mine, recorded with a couple of friends last night (skip to 9:00 for the good shit) Quick backstory: A long while back, I mentioned a JK I had gotten where the sweater-girl used the sweater with the mask still on, and I hit him once to demask, and then hit him again to drop him to his knees. An individual who posts on here (whose name I'm not going to mention) replied and told me such a thing was "simply not possible", so I posted the video. This same individual replies and says something to the effect of "that was before... etc.... there's no way you could do that now". Sorry Mr. Unnamed Individual, looks like I was right... again
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    I wonder what he'll do for the big 100?
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    Telling someone to get good is stupid, especially if one doesn't offer advice to make the player better.
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    Ok so going back to the earliest design of the counselors, they were not assigned ages and birthdays, but were all assumed to be in their late teens. So 18-19 years old. One exception being Kenny, who is in his mid 20's. Added characters do not have ages either, but can be assumed to be in the same relative range, with another exception being Mitch.
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    just dont let young tommy cut the cake... die! die! die! die!
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    I don't tunnel, but I get why some people do. Kill how you want, in whatever order you want, if it works for you.
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    HACKED LOBBIES on PC needs to be top priority!
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    Hard to tell from my phone because the gamma is low and looks very dark. However my guess is that Jenny was mashing out of the trap and just as she was about to free herself, the gage transferred to kicking out of the grab. Happened to me once or twice in the past
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    honking at jason is a must. i mean... that MF tried to kill me!
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    This used to be the case for me, scaring new players away from the game, but at this stage of the game it's a moot point. With me, it's always been a challenge issue. What are you proving by killing a Jason in his first or second match, someone who probably doesn't even realize he can be killed yet? I'm going after the 150 Savini every time, but that's just me. This, for the most part. I'm still not going to bother to kill a Jason when there's no challenge involved, (there's always exceptions) but I have far bigger issues with the verbal harassment that severely crosses the line of your standard competitive trash talk. It is funny as hell though to watch someone trying to troll a noob Jason only to fuck up and get themselves killed.
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    Okay, I've decided what my most unlikely kill was. Sadly, I no longer appear to have footage of the kill, but the story is good enough on it's own. My apologies if I've told parts of this story before, I can't recall. Anyway, my two friends and I were in one of those rare lobbies where everybody was 150, so we thought things might get interesting... They definitely did, but not for the reasons we thought. Turns out that Jason/Roy had two little fuck buddies with him who he let get one of the cars put together, so we all had Jason and a moving car to dodge. Jason never made one attempt to go after that car, and even ran right by it twice when he easily could've stopped it, so there was not doubt what was going on. Thankfully, they sucked balls at teaming. Or maybe it was the fact that everyone else in the lobby was 150 and competent, so we just didn't make it easy for them. Jason wasn't all that great... But it was possible he was purposely trying not to kill anyone so his buddies could run us over instead. At one point during the match, we wound up knocking his mask off, and decided fuck it... We're going to try and kill this son of a bitch. Neither Jason nor the car had managed to kill anyone yet, so while one of our crew took the mask and went to get the sweater, my other friend and I said fuck it, and we both basically threw ourselves in front of the car. I could only imagine how proud of themselves they were that they finally got somebody. I wound up drawing Tommy, and unfortunately I spawned near the road on Crystal Lake Small near where the car was. He of course, veered off the road and tried to come after me, so I just climbed up on a rock and got the idiot to get the car stuck on the hill trying to get up to me. This bought me some time to take off and find my friend with the sweater. We tracked down Roy a few moments later, and he was done. A 150 Part 5 with two helpers, 0/8 kills, and dead as a doornail. A lot of pieces had to fall into place perfectly to pull this kill off, and thankfully they did. Definitely in my Top 5 favorite kills.
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    That... Was Awesome. I have so many of these stories I'm going to have to dig through my DVR to try and decide what the most improbable kill actually was. One of my personal favorites I don't have footage of though was a Jason Kill I had absolutely no part of. The lobby consisted of one other 150 playing P2, and the rest of the squad was a bunch of noobs... One of those large squads of kids you'll run into from time to time. I don't think anyone else was over Level 30, and no, they were not Smurfs. Every one of these boneheads played exactly like you'd expect a low-level counselor to play. Like a chicken with their head lobbed off, not doing much of anything. Jason turned out to be the other 150 of course, and I think I was playing Vanessa, so I decided I'd have to bunker down and survive the night since I was expecting traps everywhere and absolutely no help from my team. Little did I know, that this plucky squad of goobers had balls the size of watermelons, because they decided they were going to try and kill a 150 Jason. I decided not to participate since I had zero faith they were going to succeed, so why risk myself, but I had a lot fun watching them try. Exactly what I expected at first... Running around confused, missing swings wildly, Tommy wasted his Shotgun and lost his knife almost immediately, sweater girl got grabbed a couple of times, and was nearly slashed to death at one point... Then something amazing happen. A couple of those hits finally landed, the sack went flying off, and before I could blink Jason was down on his knees. Tommy almost fucked it up, you could tell he was confused and wasn't quite sure what to do, but then he finally found the 'X" button and magic was made. A 150 Jason just got his ass murdered by the Goonies. It was like watching the Three Stooges earn a degree from Harvard.
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    Is there any background for such information? @mattshotcha
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    I am pretty sure there is, but would have to do some digging.
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    i don't really see how somebody can figure that out unless they've played on all platforms
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    I see new players on both sides making mistakes. Some will get better. For those that don't, easy prey.
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    I don't have a map preference. I mix it up and play all maps.
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    At least they are continuing to look for solutions..... Gun didn’t create the issue PC players are dealing with.....other PC players did.... if people played the game like it was intended we wouldn’t be in this situation. Thanks @mattshotcha and Gun for the continued support.....even after active development has reached its end. I am hoping for the best out come for PC players with this situation.
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    Anything's possible... Hopefully a new game is on the horizon.
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    If they have something on the horizon, they'll tell us sooner or later.
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    Most Jenny players I've come across seem to be good drivers in Quick Play.
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    A logical Jason will seldom get tunnel vision. I personally don't waste excessive time on a single counselor, especially if it might cost me multiple kills.
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    Killing for mother at any cost is rule one. Trapping objectives does help with the effort. @VLK, coordinated counselors can fix stuff and get out of camp fast if allowed to. Use your traps wisely.
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    Locking any perk you want to keep would have been a nice option. Being extra careful when deleting is still the best course of action. Many players wish more achievements in Offline would count towards progression. Pain or no pain, if one is big with enough force, they should fall. Planting your feet firmly in certain stances would reduce the chances of falling.
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    @Laoch1979, you get cool points for quoting Gomer Pyle.
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    1. Rob Dier 2. Chad comes from money. 3. Jason couldn't create as exciting an atmosphere if killing at the first second was a thing.
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    People fail at killing Jason sometimes. They should swallow that bitter pill and move on. Some teaming accusations are valid, while others are not. If you are accused of teaming (and you aren't), just change lobbies, or run those jerks over.
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    From the complaints here on the forum alone, one would think otherwise. I wouldn't doubt there are more honest players than not honest.
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    It's good to hear that all PC players aren't cheaters. Keep up the good work.
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    I feel for the honest PC players. The EAC is not 100% guaranteed to stop certain activity, but it is better than nothing for the honest crowd on that platform.
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    What this gentleman said. 😎 Some new players are still fascinated with Savini Jason from what I've noticed.
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    My only concern about crossplay would be the hacker crowd in the pc portion of the player base. At this point I doubt we would see it with the game so late into the development cycle.
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    A lot of people are hoping the next update will fix that. We'll have to wait and see.
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    You use stalk the same way that I do! I honestly haven't seen many people using stalk the right way, it's actually quite cool to see someone else making proper use of it. Gotta love hiding in cabins when you know people are heading towards them
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    I should change my name apparently. Does have a nice ring to it... Cosby (stun, demask, drop, kill) comes and goes. Just like any other glitch in this game... I hear big weapons are making yet another comeback too. Edit: I killed a J on Pack roof once. Re-edit: I killed a 150 Savini J by myself playing on both of my Ps4s at the same time. That was pretty intense too. This list could get pretty long...
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    Honestly, who cares? Evil Dead the game will be out then.
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    A while ago I was thinking about getting predator hunting grounds. But my experience with the way this game has been handled has made me think twice about buying it.
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