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    I personally only play these days if I host. It's about the only way to guarantee a finished match.
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    Found 2 of at my local Wal-Mart yesterday. He's so amazing. One of NECA's best figures ever, no question!
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    Fuck them I will just watch them myself on Blu-ray along with the Halloween Franchise.
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    A lot of stores aren't stocking their shelves like they used to. How far along are those toy collections of yours?
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    You can have a game with multiple killers and zero celebrities. The more celebrities you have in the game, the bigger a budget you will need to compensate the celebrities. If they do it for free or close to free, that's a different story.
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    man, how they gunna do T-1000 like that! @Dragonfire82877 im from around them parts, thanks for the info. i'll have to go take a peek inside our dreaded walmart super store..
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    Congrats @Big Daddy J!! He’s an amazing figure. I had to have more than one, lol. This is hands down the best figure NECA has pulled off in my experience. Nebraska stock:
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    It's unfortunate to hear this, but not too surprising. Perhaps it won't be as bad as they are projecting. I started Christmas shopping early just in case.
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    Hopefully my pre-orders come in this week or next week! fingers crossed!
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    I am hitting all three Walmart’s again tomorrow!! I feel like I have a Jason Voorhees curse or something with how freakishly hard it’s been to find this guy in stores I even tried a couple of Books-a-millions because they have Neca figures now still no luck . not going to Lie @Dragonfire82877 I would have bought all 4 of those figures on that rack in a heart beat 😝 and then immediately canceled my online pre-order….. that still says shipping soon for 4 weeks now.
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    It is a simple redirect set up to guns site. Some people do stuff like that for kicks unfortunately. It was registered through 123cheapdomains.com and you can purchase a domain and set up forwarding for $14 for a year.
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    We still have people having some of the same arguments both in-game and on the forums.
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    I agree about Phil Hartman. He was great at his craft.
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    @Strigoi, here some information you might find interesting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pee-wee_Herman
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    How often do they go for the pardon approach?
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    In truth, all similar games in this genre could be looked at the same way. The teamers would be the equivalent of mind-controlled entities of sorts.
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    This topic has brought up a lot of interesting points to consider. It's similar to the locking of doors discussion a while back. I can see the logic on both sides of this issue.
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    I tend to share items, depending on who I encounter in a match, and if they aren't acting a fool. Watch my back and I'll watch yours.
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    We may not get the bug fixes you are looking for, but we'll get something fixed, hopefully...
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    While it is unfortunate that a lot of misinformation is posted in regards to how policing is done, please know that users are banned for breaking the rules. We remind users that for bans to occur; we need to have you send complete proof of what is occurring. Around 99% of the reports we receive are incomplete...some of them are basically just 'this guy cheated, here's his username, please ban him.' We will not ban without getting 100% proof in regards to rule-breaking. We also want to remind users that we do not ban for team killing...as it is not against the rules. We will not comment on our actions or policies outside of Gun Media and our partners at EAC. Bans from rule-breaking and bans from cheating are verified, processed and recorded from a variety of ways to ensure accuracy of bans. We ban permanently for rule-breaking or hacking. We gave an amnesty to those that were caught using the exploits that were prevalent from the launch of the game, namely those using the Packanack Roof Glitch and those using the glitches in the rocks on various maps. We believe that launch issues from our side should not result in the permanent ban of a user for something that was patched after discovery of the issue. We issued bans during the interval to dissuade people from abusing the exploit. Not a single user has had a ban overturned since that amnesty. Exploit spamming will result in a ban, as the game has been out for some time, and users should know better by now.
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    Good luck with that. People are too selfish to care about the experience of others. Host a session yourself or just get used to it.
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    YES But Kane Hodder already announced months ago that Gunmedia's next game will be a HUUUGE HORROR BIG FRANCHISE GAME. The only franchise i know of with multiple killers is Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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