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    I imagine all the people playing VR that might end up running into a wall.
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    Looking forward to that movie.
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    No one doubts your love for the game. Turn your intensity down a couple notches, and continue to have discussions, in the time we all have left on the forum. "Maps that should have been in the game" would have been a good enough title. Take some time to read some of our more active threads of the past. Look at what kinds of things sparked good conversations. While you may not feel there is anything more to talk about with this game, others feel differently. We don't know what Gun is doing next. I personally hope that whatever they put out next doesn't have any of the problems this game had. A forum exists to spark discussion. Complaints are part of the discussion process. I do too.
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    It has been said that any future announcements will be made on their social media accounts. Follow them on social media, and you'll get the announcement when they are ready to share. The Beyond streams may or may not come back. If they don't, there are those who will miss them. I doubt any "big" announcement will be made once the forum is archived.
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    Trolling Jason is a thing. What constitutes "trolling" varies from player to player. The classic pinata parties of the past are one example. Running counselors over with the car to deny Jason a kill is another. (Jason teamers troll counselors in a similar manner.) Suicide to deny Jason a kill is another way. Spamming emotes is one that could go either way. The same could be said about looping. Let's not forget about teabagging.
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    Hard to believe it's been four years.
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    Happy Slash-A-versary!! Hopefully the good times will keep on rolling for quite a while longer! I looked forward to all the amazing Kane Hodder motion captured kills we were teased with prior to launch..... and the killer sound track by Harry Manfredini..... Nothing felt better than getting that first Environmental kill on a counselor..... Skewered by the camp fire.....😍
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    I ho!d no one accountable. If you quit, I make note of the name, and avoid playing in a lobby with you ever again.
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    We are investigating issues on PlayStation platforms where players experience crashes. We will update here as we have more information. EDIT: Late Sunday evening, a backend fix was made in an attempt to stop the recent attack. Please let us know in thread if you continue to have any issues with crashes.
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    We need something like that, after a standard Halloween game is made. It's possible that it's a standard vacation, with some rest and relaxation, without any plans of an announcement. I think many of us could do with a vacation right about now. If anyone has any formal announcement to give, we'll know when it's time.
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    Were these well known streamers, or ones with ten or less followers? You run into some very "interesting" players.
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    Such a shame. It's too bad we never got an official sandbox mode. Truer words were never spoken.
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    It's good to hear that players are still out there trying to make nice chill lobbies a thing.
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    The player isn't hacking, it's fair game. The player can do anything he wants, and if Jason can do nothing to stop him, that's on him.
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    There’s still the hidden kill that can only be done on an actual Friday the 13th during a full moon at night (your timezone) by The Chad solo with the Sacred Branch near an in game radio blaring Crazy Lixx’s XIII. You will know if the kill is in play if when Jason gets close to you the radio changes the song to Killer by Crazy Lixx. A car can be used in the place of the radio for the music.
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    Exact same situation for me. Though I will admit it's kind of fun trying to kill Jason solo, since it's one of the few ways to actually make the process harder, since you never really know if anyone else in the lobby is going to cooperate. It's funny because before the mask buff, I used to have someone trying to kill me almost every time I played Jason. I never minded much, but I would always ask myself were the hell are these fuckers when I'm trying to kill Jason?
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    I remember the first Private Match I played which was also the first time i used my mic. I had Jason on my ass right from the start on HH and went running aimlessly through the woods and onto the cliffs somehow. When i finally find a walkie the host berates me for the rest of the match and then boots me for "glitching". Sigh. No dude. I just suck that bad.
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    If only there was a time machine to bring us all back to 2017, I never appreciated the game as much as I do now. I really had the best summer ever because of this stupid broken game and I miss it all so much
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    If you're bored, then GO AWAY. Nobody's forcing you to be here, and some of us are still trying to enjoy the forum before it gets archived. What's boring and ridiculous are the dozens of posts you've created saying the same damn thing. This is still the official forum for FRIDAY THE 13th THE GAME. We'll talk about Gun's next project when they actually announce it, and there's been PLENTY of discussions about maps and other things we would've loved to see from this game. I've tried taking it easy on you in the past since you have obvious issues, but you can't just shit-post on everyone else for talking about what they want to, and then basically whine at everybody else to talk about what you want them too. If you want to discuss something, how about creating a non-bitchy thread, and if people want to comment on it THEY WILL. Funny how that works... If someone wants to make a stupid post about Chad's fucking speedo they have just as much right too as you going on about Gun's Next HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Big Franchised Titled Horror Game! And don't go playing the victim or sympathy card like you always do when someone calls you out on your bullshit. You're the one who started this by basically shitting on everyone else here for not making the type of threads you want to see. Your right to your opinion doesn't supersede anyone else's, so stop trying to have everything both ways.
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    I'm looking forward to the salty messages and rage-quits I'm going to get when I figure out how to counter this and stick my machete up their assess.
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    That happened way too often.
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    Still is a great game, if you find the right group of hardcore F13 fans and level 150 vets. Never a dull moment, play from beginning to end, no team ups or rage quitters, just pure unadulterated mayhem and chaos for hours on end.....and a few good laughs along the way!!! One of the best games I’ve played in 40 years, with some of the finest gamers (who are now good friends despite living thousands of miles apart?). Always accepting newbies too, while giving some a break to learn the mechanics and teamwork concept. Helping low level councillors is sometimes just as enjoyable as killing Jason or escaping? Thanks GM and everyone involved in keeping this community alive......much like Jason, despite this never ending legal battle! God knows we need the little things in life (like this 4 year old game), which brings people together, more than ever!
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    This applies to so many scenarios.
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    No. Surviving the night is a legitimate victory. There are times when a counselor is the only one left (everyone else has escaped or died). Now if the cops are called, or a car is running and either option has a good chance of success, I would rather choose one of those instead of running out the clock. Surviving the night in the same lobby more than once gets old very fast for some players. I suspect the "toxic" perception comes from counselors running less experienced Jason players around furniture, with or without trash talking.
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    The time when Camp Crystal Lake was known as Fort Crystal Lake with all those extra knives back then stands out. The braindead bots on the Jarvis House map bring back memories as well.
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    Telling someone to get good is stupid, especially if one doesn't offer advice to make the player better.
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    Stupid and lazy. It might hold more weight with me, except that 99% of the time I hear it, I've just destroyed or embarrassed somebody.
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    I don't tunnel, but I get why some people do. Kill how you want, in whatever order you want, if it works for you.
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    I don't disagree with anything you said. I voted for Counselor just because honestly... i really don't mind when Jason is a potato. Not sure why anyone would. If Jason is a potato and talks trash or whines and complains it just makes me laugh and to some extent, makes it even more fun tagging him with frying pans and sacred branches when he thinks he has finally run you out of stamina. For the most part, shitty counselors only really bother me if the Jason player IS good. It does get frustrating that you don't have much of a chance to escape because you are the only one actually trying to push objectives. But at the same time, the gameplay in QP is usually quite easy. So being handicapped with shitty counselors just makes the game challenging, which it should be and was meant to be.
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    At least they are continuing to look for solutions..... Gun didn’t create the issue PC players are dealing with.....other PC players did.... if people played the game like it was intended we wouldn’t be in this situation. Thanks @mattshotcha and Gun for the continued support.....even after active development has reached its end. I am hoping for the best out come for PC players with this situation.
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    So in other words maybe in 3-5 months same as a regular patch 🙄
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    Lol, I stopped letting this bother me a long time ago. Rage quit or suicide all you want, I still win. Pretend all you want, you've accomplished nothing but looking like a bitch. Some players on Xbox really take that 'times killed' stat way too seriously. We're talking about a game where the hardcore base has died hundreds and even thousands of times, and if your a Jason hunter like me, half of those are probably on purpose so who the hell cares? These players who are just too good to ever legitimately get grabbed or killed tickle me, and it's gotten to a point you can usually tell whose gonna quit just by the way they act during the match. If I know or suspect somebody's gona quit, they're getting choke killed. It's usually 50/50 I can get choke off quicker then they can leave.
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    There's too many bugs for a leaderboard to be accurate anyway. I have a few accounts that have well over 1313 kills after only 10 hours worth of glitching my way to level 150. Probably closer to 4000 kills tbh.
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    Those are still a thing currently on PC.Rage mode is basically back to original in the modded/hacked lobbies. It is impossible for Jason to "win" a match now on PC. If a counselor dies they can just rejoin the same lobby,almost every cabin has a Tommy Tower,there are 3-4 cars or boats or both on certain maps. Just a all out sandbox mode now and it doesn't look like it will be fixed.
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    Yes but the article and interview are older in 2018. But Malek Akkad says there are plans for A Halloween game besides Dead by Daylight in this interview. Maybe Gun media has been negotiating to get A Halloween game since 2018. http://cwc.cyf.mybluehost.me/series-producer-malek-akkad-talks-the-past-present-future-of-halloween/
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    Whenever Jason gets that perfect morph right on top of you, and you end up in his hand before you even have time to react... Or getting killed because some asshole locked a one-hit door... Or when you think you're safe, so you take a quick look at your map, only for a ninja Jason to stalk-shift your ass out of nowhere. Basically any time I get killed due to things outside my control. If I die because I screwed up or Jason outplayed me, I can live with whatever way Jason choses to kill me. I don't mind getting chocked killed... I use it a lot and hate having to use it, but there's too many situations when you need to get that quick kill off. I don't mind getting slashed killed, since 90% of the time, if you're getting slashed to death then it's the counselors fault for getting themselves trapped in a position to get slashed to death in the first place. If I trip into Jason's hand because I'm goofing around too much, or using a low composure counselor, that's on me too.
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    Just my own opinion here but when you start deliberately trying to be a toxic little shit, that's my definition of trolling. As to what constitutes being a toxic little shit, ask yourself this: Does what I'm doing have a legitimate, reasonable basis? If you're trying to kill Jason, constantly attacking him is kinda par for the course, so it's not trolling. If all you're doing is chain-stunning him so you can keep dancing on him, YES... you're being a toxic little shit. If you're driving around to pick up counselors or to draw Jason's attention, that's not trolling, but it BECOMES trolling if you're doing it just to see if you can make him rage-quit. This is when it goes from legitimate and reasonable, to toxic. However, some things are so blatantly toxic there's no room for debate or legitimacy. If you're manipulating the situation into one in which Jason has no feasible way of countering (such as infinite stamina/PKs or using exploits and glitches to get to areas Jason can't reach you (I.E. the old Packanack roof glitch), you are not just a troll, you're a piece of shit.
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    I know I’m the leader for most total time holding the Sacred Branch and having the most attacks with it. Probably demasks with it too.
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    I miss those glitches, i've seen it happen to a speedo chad and shelly haha, too bad I never got the chance to see the mighty LaChappa fly like an eagle
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    I love your map ideas to be totally honest, amazing potential. I don’t think anything is wrong with the forums though lol this is the best you’re gonna get before there’s nothing left of the dead game
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    Well this thread is conversations about exciting things like Gun medias next game or Maps that should have been in the game. Im not going to argue with you and get my thread closed. I Simply wish that other people would not ignore threads about Gun medias next game or ignore anything that is sour or controversial. Alot of times i feel left out and my threads ignored. I Feel Ghosted sometimes as people rather chat about gameplay strategies and other topics that are old and boring that are compltely ridiculous. Why make threads about a an old game when you can chat about a new game.
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    I was playing offline bots the other day and Tommy killed a counselor with a shotgun for no apparent reason and it reminded me of the not-so-good ole days days when friendly fire was active in QP. Made me laugh that even Bot-Tommy has become a troll.
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    It's been a pretty fun experience here at camp.
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    Cheats on the roof of Packanack.
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