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    Gave you guys a way out, we need an official response to this mess, please, I’m sick of watching people leave.
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    In case you hadn't already seen it:
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    Thanks bro , for the awesome time.. You were awesome.
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    Just found this on deviant art, a really cool piece of art imo.
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    That was fun, even if it didn’t work out. ?
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    Wow I just realized your avatar is a black cat with a hockey mask...cute. :3
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    I like your new profile pic.
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    I'm from South Carolina, too. 🍻
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    Part 7 should be looked at by the devs as the clearest example of how to make jasons unique. Since his balance fix, he has played PERFECTLY. I almost ALWAYS get 8/8 when playing skillfully, even against jason bully groups. @mattshotcha
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    hi thankyou for making this great game
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    Speak Up! we don't bite on here.The more the merrier!
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    Don't let the state of the forum get to you, just keep working on those patches. Most of it is just venting. Although, If we had a little more communication, it wouldn't crumble quite so quick when a patch doesn't land well. (PS. I'd still like to know what you think of Muffin, you could distract us all by weighing in, just a thought.)
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    I want Reggie the reckless or his brother Demon. Maybe extra sexy Pam from pt5. The only two counselors I want to see from pt7 is Tina the psychic, or Nick. Who cares about Melissa
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    Hello, I’m new here just wanted say hi and share my YouTube channel with some videos I made hope you enjoy em ?
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    Testing to see if status replies and attachments count as content.
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    Very interesting my win for the day on October 6th was removed and given to you. Good thing I took a picture.
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    I would like to point out a problem, I played many matches but no one at the end of the xp I did not get there
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    You're forever my property. Don't forget that.
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    *WE* *LOVE* *TRISH* @neotheater
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    I came to the forums to offer feedback on how to improve the game and since no new content can be added it's pointless for me to be here. The devs should be aware of bugs and shouldnt rely on us to inform them. I was so excited when this game was announced as I'm a diehard F13 fan and I'm sorely disappointed in the final product. Thank you to everyone I've communicated with these past few months, but I'm out. #SaveCrystalLake
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    Wow one serious post with nothing but laugh reacts gave me the most liked comment of June 10th.
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