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    In my experience the biggest rage quitters are the Vanessas. They think they are invincible with their endless stamina, and when they get outplayed they rage quit.
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    If you have a good Host then it is in your best interests to wait it out after you die/escape. Sure, you may be able to get back into a match faster if you quit but there is a good chance your next host will be shitty. With the current state of the game, if you have a good lobby with a good host you are best to stay where you are. If you do decide to lobby-hop because you are short on patience then don't come here complaining about how hard it is to finish a match without the host or Jason quitting. Lobby-hoppers are part of the problem, not the solution.
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    Played this guy so many times, rage quits as Vanessa as well and often teams up with Jason.
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    Trust me, I don't want to wait any longer either.
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    So long as you wait until the kill animation has played that's fine. Too many people try to rage quit before that happens and just don't do it quick enough and leave after the kill has counted.
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    Modding in this game can be seen as hurtful. Redirecting players to matches with multiple instances of Jason and Tommy is hurting the PC portion of the player base. Perhaps all PC players may not feel that way, but some do. If the lawsuit wasn't a thing and if Gun was ok with modding, it would have been nice seeing what the community could have come up with. Despite the official word being "no" to modding, people will still do it, regardless of the consequences.
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    I said it was possible. I never said under what conditions or that it was a large number of players.
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    We all knew this was gonna happen more often since the last patch was dropped. How have your experiences been as of late?
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    If you're upset and frustrated when you leave during a match because of hacking and such, then it is rage quitting. I do get why people would do it in that instance, and I would not hold it against them. Nobody should have to endure such nonsense. It's a wonder they don't just give you a million EXP. Gotta love the impatient crowd. It doesn't take long getting to 150 the traditional way with double EXP in play.
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    Out of curiosity, do they pop into private matches and do the same stuff. Or is it just quick play? Also, do you ever rage quit when you see hacking going on?
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    On the bright side, the login server is still a thing. Once that's gone, then they've walked away from the game. I'd say it's more like the bags are packed, and one hand is on the doorknob. You look around in the empty room and reflect on the memories (good and bad), before you open the door and walk away. As far as the "silence", I doubt there is much to say to that any of us still coming here want to hear. The final patch has come along, and outside of fixing any issues that came from said patch, I don't see much else coming. The offline profile access is the only thing left to hope for, and we've been told that won't potentially happen until the login server is ready for shutdown. Will we get offline profile access? Only time will tell.
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