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    One Bunny-Girl is all you need. Get yourself a small map with a good spawn (such as the barn on Higgens Small) and tell that Jason to go fuck himself.
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    Modding in this game can be seen as hurtful. Redirecting players to matches with multiple instances of Jason and Tommy is hurting the PC portion of the player base. Perhaps all PC players may not feel that way, but some do. If the lawsuit wasn't a thing and if Gun was ok with modding, it would have been nice seeing what the community could have come up with. Despite the official word being "no" to modding, people will still do it, regardless of the consequences.
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    It's been an honor.
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    I said it was possible. I never said under what conditions or that it was a large number of players.
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    If one puts in the work on either side, their success rate can be higher than 50%. I agree that no one should expect a win, especially if they don't put forth the effort.
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    All good things come to an end, sadly. There will be players playing for a time, though the login server will be shut down eventually.
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