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    Part 3 is strong, but not OP. A well-coordinated group of counselors is the only OP thing in this game.
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    I really feel like NES Jason was the original Ghost Jason before Never Hike Alone came along..... I voted Zombie because he has supernatural abilities in the NES game. The cover of the Nintendo game even features Jason from The New Blood and I always thought that that should have been his base look but purple and teal.........I think it would have stood out more than using part 3 as the base.
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    99% of twitch streamers are ass at the game anyway. What the hell do they know?
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    You got this result because the game itself is so poorly coded it is very inconsistent from round to round... nothing else. All Jason’s have been nerfed though the years to a point where the whole original dynamic of the game has changed, instead of it being a challenge for counselors to survive, it’s now a game of Jason being challenged to kill and not be killed unless you are playing a bunch of noobs.
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    That’s because the idiots on twitch are the same ones who think all we post about on here is “Jason is weak he needs a buff....” Funny I haven’t seen one of those posts in a long while too. Fuck all those assholes it was their constant complaining about the game being too hard for Counselors in the beginning that brought many many many Buffs to counselors gameplay that required any Buffs to Jason........they don’t know SHIT....all they want is the game to go back to the Stun lock /teabaging /dance parties of old....they blame us for the Rage buff and not one person on the forums asked for the Rage buff we got.
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    That's a forum update for the forum backend. The icons are still clickable, but the image is missing. I'll look into it.
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    Hey man , do me a solid , i come hear for an escape from the F13th Facebook pages where people post this crap complaint all day . please go back !
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    **Unless Jason triggers stalk on or already has stalk on when Jarvis arrives.
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    To this day, I still picture what a camp map for him would have been like...
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    Yeah, I wiped a lobby of Vanessa's and Buggzy's in just over 4 minutes earlier tonight. There was one Mitch but he didn't put up much of a fight. It's all subject to the skill of the lobby. I've been run around by a beast Lachappa for longer than I'd ever care to admit... 😂 I just teabag the quitter and move on to the next if I don't get the kill off fast enough.
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    ....A streamer who doesn't save his streams that you just so happened to be watching right at that one incriminating moment..... yeah. As I said, full of shit. Thanks for the laughs though.
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    So, we've gone from accusing forum members of teaming with no evidence, wanting to nerf the game's most basic Jason, and now we're complaining about tryhards... Which judging from your previous posts probably includes anybody that doesn't jump directly into your hand. You know, me and my friends ran our LaChappa squad the other night, ran Jason around the map for 10 minutes and made him rage quit. It's not just the character, it's more often the person playing the consolers. This is also the first time I'm hearing of the fence-post being a try-hard weapon. (It's not a spear. Not a fan of the movies?) I'll give you credit for this though, your presence on this forum so far has been entertaining.
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    People won't always go with the same choices forever. Have patience and give them time. Keep in mind there are new players out there.
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    The game is 3+ years old. Rebalancing any Jason is unlikely to happen at this point. He's fine as he is.
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    Jason is a revenant, not a zombie. Zombies cant think and plan like jason does.
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    posts like this make me continue to come back and check the forums. absolutely hilarious 👀🍿
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    Apparently there are only 10 games that won’t be playable on the PS5, F13 is not one of them.
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    I hear that excuse from a squeaker teamer. When you re jason noone gets special treatment if you re buddy is in a car you stop him and kill his ass and if you re buddy is just driving around obviously he's keeping his teammates from escaping as well thats a total bullshit excuse and a kill squad kill duo whatever you want to call it doesn't matter
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    That's not teaming. I save my friends for last all the time. Teaming would be if his friend mows down the entire lobby with the car. Or they open doors so Jason can shift in. Or they run around the map the whole match with the car keys and phone fuse while wearing the sweater and refuse to go for the kill. Define kill squad. Two players that outplay Jason is one thing. Half the lobby teabagging and chain stunning the mask off is completely different. Besides that, he mains part 6 Jason. Chase him down in the car if he shifts away. He can only morph every 40 seconds. The sweater stun will cancel a shift. And if you survive the night in the process it's just as good as the kill. Better actually. Because you're stopping Jason from being the hunter and making him the prey.
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    Agreed we all had to pay our dues, it makes it that much more rewarding when you finally reach it.
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    There could be a lot of fun had, if only the option was available.
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    @Dragonfire82877, I agree with the GTA comparison. After a few rounds of F13, it's fun to play a bit of that, and "accidentally" run down a few people riding through town. @Slasher_Clone, I picture Mitch cruising with one car, and Fox with the other. @Jason Lover, AI has come a long way from the NES days of old. I know an AI Jason of a phenomenal scale is possible, but perhaps in a new game made from scratch. I hope to see it happen, as others do as well.
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    There are other counselors other then Vanessa There are other Jasons other then part 3 There are other weapons then the spear There are other kills then the choke
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    We know that Gun medias next game will not be a crowd funding or kickstarter project. @mattshotcha has all ready said so. My question is Sony PS5 going to release a better console later on like a PS5 PRO. XBOX AND MICROSOFT are better because they put more money into providing games and backwards compatabillity. I Hope very strongly that Gun media hints a new title soon. The first new consoles for sony and microsoft will be out later this year.
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