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    Welcome to the F13 Tower Guide. Included below is a link to the full PDF, with all maps broken down to give you the best chance of choosing the correct generator on first morph. Screenshots of all towers that can be observed in the cutscenes are also included for your conveniance. Given the amount of pages, I recommend using bookmarks in your mobile or desktop reader for ease of use. Additionally, a bonus video of the cutscenes can be viewed below for the purpose of seeing the tower locations in motion, to best familiarise yourself with them. While some are obviously hard to catch, using slower playback on the video will help. F13 Tower Guide PDF - Download F13 Cutscene Towers Video If you wish to make use of the guide right away, you can do so without reading anything more. Otherwise, I encourage you to read on below for a complete understanding of the topic. Radio Tower Guide - Wordpress
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    This was my personal best. I have had a couple escape on me quicker than this when I was Jason. Fastest I’ve seen was about 1 minute 20 seconds.
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    That sounds a lot like your idea to give counselors occult powers.
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    If Gun media and Wes Keltner decide to do another Crowd funding campaign kickstarter,backer kit for a horror video game would you pay to be a character in the game using your real name and facial features and personal traits. I Would want a character based on me that looks exactly like me.
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    (This video is for educational purposes and is not intended as shaming) Have you ever been playing as Jason and come upon a situation where someone is clearly attempting to kill other counselors just to be a douchebag? If so, have you ever intervened and stopped them? Had a lobby earlier that contained one 150, with everyone else being lv 10 or lower. I'm not really into shooting fish in a barrel, so I msged some of them and told them to take off (I figured they'd appreciate the free xp from escaping. I'm walking around killing time, but noticed somebody just got betrayed. Since it could have been an honest accident, I watch them for a minute but then see someone else getting run over. I'm not having that shit, so I destroy the car and hunt down the driver.
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    I think that would be a bit restrictive We'll sort out the spam if it gets to be too much.
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    @Strigoi seems you are again the only one here expecting and interpreting some HUGE thing. Why not just keep a low profile, be patient and let yrself be surprised if anything will happen at all?
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    Looks like the quickest escape I've done is 2 minutes, 42 seconds.
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    Now all that's needed is a guide for the morph grid in order to navigate the maps with the worst possible morph locations.
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    You have got to be Kidding me. I Dont have that kind of money. they need to make it cheaper so that forum members can be characters in the game. I Clearly understand from Matt Shotcha's posts that Gun Media is not ready to drop hints or share anything that they are doing next at this time. But i Hope later this year the Wes Keltner and company drop a HUGE HINT. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FLIPPING NUTS NOT TO WANT TO BE A PLAYABLE CHARACTER IN AN OFFICIAL HALLOWEEN GAME OR TEXAS CHAINSAW. Maybe we can negotiate a lower price for people who want to be in the game really,really bad. I Guess your characters clothing and style would have to fit 1974 or 1978 time periods.
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    Nice, It's finally Here!!!!! Thank you. From every Jason player. ❤️
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    The resemblance is uncanny, lol.
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    in my opinion, the rage update is not overpowered. i do think the problems which brought about the rage update could be handled in a more fleshed out way, but i dont blame them for this easy apporch. however, even if they fixed the problems jason has, such as combat mode, i still think the no stun rage is necessary. i think beating on jason the whole match deserves a penilty. aside from spoting hard to find campers toward the end of the match, rage was basicly pointless before the patch. the rage update incourages players to complete objectives early on while they can still protect each other with a fine placed stun on jason. it makes the end of a match more intense, & it requires more than a cheap shot to have a last minute escape starting the car or whatever. you have to save the guns, or pick your spot when to make your move. to me, the rage update was a welcome challenge to the game. it makes it more fun for the jason player as well. you do not have to stun jason even once in a match to gain a victory, ive done this many times. i try not to hit jason unless i really have to, in most cases. i like the strategy aspects of this game & the rage update keeps it closer to that style. its not a side scrolling beat em up, but having the option to fight & defend is a great part of the game, & i like how the update makes it so you must play it smart. the down side is some players dont understand this & end up throwing their team under the bus five minutes into the match. i can see how some players would exploit this to help cheat too, but again, the beauty of this game is you can choose to play however you want. as in a real situation, youll have good team players, and dumb dumbs.. above all else, i believe the more threatening jason is, the more fun the game will be.
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    And this ^^^ is pretty much how I feel about it. If you do not attack Jason, he won't enter Rage until 15 minutes have passed. Yes, 75% of the round is over and you only have to deal with an enraged Jason for 5 minutes. Now, I am aware that you will probably need to attack Jason at least a little during the course of trying to escape (I'm not counting killing him, as obviously that's going to require more than a little). This is where the situation gets iffy. If you're trying to (for arguments sake) install a battery, theres two ways you can accomplish this: The first is to give the battery to someone with high repair who can install it fast enough that they need little to no protecting. Or, secondly, you can give it to a 1/10 repair counselor who is going to take a long fucking time completing the repair, and thus will need you to fight off/keep Jason stunned until they're finished. If you are not trying to kill Jason, let the repair counselors do the repairs while the non-repairs kite Jason around until they're finished. Beating Jason like you're an alcoholic step-father and he's the illegitimate son you fathered with a fat hooker named Bertha means you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to whine and bitch about him being unstunnable in Rage. He wouldn't BE in Rage if you hadn't decided to throw another Pinata Party.
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    If an announcement is coming, they'll let us know if and when they are ready for us to know. In the meantime, wait patiently like the rest of us.
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    New content is not permitted. This includes new modes. If any toggles are added, they should be in Private matches.
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    Avoid bullying other users folks. Remember the rules, even if someone does post too many threads.
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    How do you know that they are struggling to get a new project? Has anyone from Gun Media contacted you and said that they cant find work?
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    Any youtube video that has a clickbait title with a question mark is a joke. No new content. Not ever. Gun Media has spoken. "BuTT i REaDs oN ThE iNtERNuTZ LaWsUiT iS EnDInG. wE GeTZ nEw DLC Ja(SOON)." 😂.....no. Gun Media has spoken. "CaN I HaZ SaVini JaSOON? i PaYZ aLL tHE MoNIEz.' No... Gun Media has spoken. "JaSOON X Doe. He aLReDAY hALF in Da gAmE. ReLeASE hIM or shElDoN DiEs!'' No.... Gun media has spoken. "I wAnt SeXy TiMe cLoThiNG dLC pAcK. FrEe pLeAsE!'' No....Gun Media has spoken. "GiVe Us UnReLeAsED mApS aNd JaSOON KiLLz'' No...Gun Media has spoken. "INSERT ANY RESPONSE A FEW PARAGRAPHS LONG HERE'' No...Gun Media has spoken.
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    Leave Jesus out of this. It's not His fault Strigoi is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
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    @gtdjlocker311, know a number of online gamers who focus more on having fun than obsessing over winning all the time or being the best.
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    That could have been our Paranoia mode. Custom maps would have been fun. Jason chasing you with a pitchfork through a cornfield would have been priceless. I think asymmetrical can work, if the right minds are behind it. Someday, someone will will hopefully put out a product that is well received from day one as it is five or six years later. I agree balance will always be an issue with any game. Sometimes the issue is equal parts the learning curve of the player and the actual balance in the game itself. Hopefully the next big asymmetrical game on the market improves on that.
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    I know what you mean. In the event that I can't play it, my children and their children will. Gaming is a family affair.
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    I'd like to think if we could have gotten a sequel, a great many things could have been added/changed. New counselors would have been a given, and perhaps a new hero or two. New maps that we didn't get the first time, and perhaps even a new game mode or two. It's too bad we couldn't get such nice things. One day, I know someone will try a game like this again, perhaps once the lawsuit is sorted out down the road. In the meantime, one can dream.
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    Hey Campers! Since we are not allowed to add new content, we are focusing our attention on what we already have, and how we can make it better. With that in mind, let’s talk about our Perk system. It’s too grindy. You know it. We know it. It should be smarter and follow a player’s progression in the game. What we are proposing is that when you spend your hard earned CP to roll a perk, the system checks your current level, and then rolls perks that reflect your level. This way, higher level players should see a significantly higher percentage of rolling Epic and Legendary perks compared to the current system. This should reduce the chances of higher level players rolling perks that aren’t indicative of their level. That makes sense, right? To help wrap your head around this change, here’s a theoretical example. This is only to help explain our current thoughts, and will NOT be the exact change. When a player first starts out in the game, they’ll see perks around the Poor or Common tiers. As they progress into the 20s, they’ll see more Common and Uncommon perks. As players get to higher and higher levels, they’ll see the perk tiers that they roll becoming better and better, culminating with players typically rolling perks no worse than Rare, and with a better chance at Epic and Legendaries. So when can we expect this? We’ve got to finish designing it so it makes sense, then we’ve got to implement it. After that we’ll have a lot of testing that we need to do to ensure the new system is running smoothly and can’t be exploited. And then we need to get it through QA, and then through console certification. All of this takes time, so we ask for your patience. In the meantime, we’ll be continuing to roll out bug fixes and other Quality of Life improvements. But wait, there’s more. We’re aren’t happy with Legendary perks. We like that there’s a pro/con to Legendary perks, but we feel like some of the pros (on certain perks) don’t really feel like a “pro”. Or at least they don’t move the needle enough. So here’s where we open up the discussion to you: should all perks (Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) have a pro/con or just the Legendary perks? What perks do you think need a slight buff? What perks are overpowered? We’re here, and we’re listening. -W
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    I do think Man At Arms could do with a slight buff, right now it only really benefits certain characters and that's really low Luck ones, on my perfect one I only get 1 hit with certain weapons as Adam which kinda makes it seem...really stupid to use as a perk.
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    Id like to ask Matt Shotcha what exactly do Gunmedia employees do since they are mot working on games or releasing any new content for friday the 13th the game. Why is Illfonic able to score and get The PREDATOR Titled video game but Gun media cant even create a generic titled horror game.
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    @Strigoi you really got to stop using these different accounts.....it’s really freaking me out. This one is even more Blatantly you, it even has the same un-capitalized “i” like all your other posts.
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