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    I do feel bad for the guys that come on here to take bullets for the mistakes the head honcho makes. Whether it was Shifty or Matt, etc. They only relay the messages. I don't have anything personal against them. For instance, the guy who deserves the most blame is Wes. He cancelled Paranoia after having it hyped up on social media. He comes on here talking about revising the perks after the lawsuit fiasco and now it seems that's been cancelled as well. Those kinds of misfires are unacceptable and certainly wouldn't be accepted by communities with much larger playerbases, backed by bigger companies. While its absolutely true that bugfixes should take priority. This kind of mixed messaging has gotten them in trouble before and its frustrating that its basically been a constant since 2017.
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    Think about it. Just imagine in fairy tale land where there was no lawsuit and the devs actually put the effort into a separate mode. What if the enemies from the NES Game were actually involved in multiplayer as AI only? Pretend these devs could code properly for a second. What if the counselors had to deal with more than just Jason? What if the crows, wolves and zombies from the NES game were there as well to give counselors additional hazards? I was thinking about this while looking at that Resident Evil Project Resistance gameplay. Only instead of Jason controlling everything like the Mastermind does, the AI just does its own thing? What if every time the counselors went for the sweater, Pamela's head would go all Madusa on them and chase them and attack them until killed? Some might say well these sort of things might've been neat as standalone ideas to make an NES map stand out by itself, but I think as gameplay overall. It could've been neat as its own mode. Making things far more chaotic for counselor and the timer being on their side would actually be earned in such a mode. Maybe as a balance, Jason's rage mode would be like it was at launch. Only cooldowns and a door bursting mechanic. Each of the AI Enemies would have their own Pros and Cons. Zombies + Can Break Down Doors In Groups + Can Grab Counselors Out Of Cars - Slow As Hell - Can't Go In The Water Crows + Fast + Can Attack Counselors On The Boat - One Hit Kills From Any Weapon - Only Spawn In The Woods And Near The Shoreline Wolves + Fast + Every Bite Causes Limp Damage Immediately - Can't Break Down Doors - Can't Go In The Water Pamela Head (Madusa) + Fast + Can Only Be Killed By A Torch (New Counselor Weapon) - Doesn't Do Much Damage - Can't Go Over The Water In such a mode, maybe the sweater would offer more damage resistance like in the NES game. I would play the hell out of this mode, but I can definitely see purists steering clear of such a mode and if this were made as an NES map exclusive. People would just still spam Packacrap Small.
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    Well said. The Minority talk is really starting to irritate me.....because although we may be few most of us have been here from day one with every patch of the game..... so we have seen every buff/ nerf included purposely or indirectly to the game..... at it’s worst and at it’s best. But at this Juncture I think everyone can read between the lines with ...... “ this stage in the games life.” And “winding down.” Talk.... It’s obvious there will no longer be any gameplay mechanic changes or value changes........it will consist of “priority” bug fixes only to minimize any chance of more issues introduced into the game...that will require further development...... They are in the last stages of development period....... especially since Matt said they are now working to ensure we are able to play the game after the end of development/patches cycle. ( I am happy to hear this is a priority.)
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    I know you never specifically used the word microscopic and that's not what I said either. But when you're referring to a specific portion of ppl as "circle" or "small group" with remarks such as "you guys represent the minority at this point" like you did in the past, the proportion we're representing to you is obvious. Anyway like I said, I know the kill will not be changed since it's nowhere near a priority issue.
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    Maybe the team should put out a poll on all social media outlets asking how everyone feels about how easy it is to kill Jason.
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    I needed to say what I need to. Yeah it's my first time posting but I've been here on the forums since the games been out. I've seen all the beyond streams, this games got me through a lot of shit and I just hate to see if get burned to the ground. I get that ya'll don't wanna waste time on something that's not a priority given the manpower and the "brain power" these devs have. But at least agree with the facts that have been thrown at you. Non stuns do more damage. That literally leaves p9 unusable. You don't even need to fix it. Just admit yeah the mask is super easy and you don't have the manpower to fix it without breaking anything else. Why don't you ask the long term players instead of just saying there's a whole world out there? There's still new people getting into the game and there isn't a proper guide for them. The players that have stuck around that have over 2000+ hours, ask them. Ask anyone in a Xbox/PS4 league. They will all tell you how easy the mask health is especially after rage. Edit: and Matt I wasn't calling you stupid, I was referring to the fact that it takes two machete hits to demask any Jason. THAT is stupid. @mattshotcha
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    Very true. The car is my favorite place to get mask damage. Not as much of a problem in quick play though. Those Jason's just put the car through the map. And they've most likely already been demasked by two Nessas sporting machetes. I think they're worried about breaking something else that they don't have the manpower to fix tbh. But then again, were talking about the same group that doesn't know non stunning hits do more damage than hits that stun, so it could go either way...
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    One of the most mind blowing thing for me about all of what he said on the subject is the way he systematically implies how microscopic is the group that think the kill is easy when you put it next to the entirety of the player base. We all know the difficulty of the kill is not seen the same way by everyone but since there's no real way to ask the opinion of every single person playing the game it's impossible to make an accurate statistic about it. I understand that they won't change anything about the kill since it's not even bottom of the barrel category in term of priority but the divided community argument is really thin. I'm pretty sure the player base was never 100% all on the same page with any of the changes they made to the game before but it never stopped those from happening either.
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    I thought about them remaking the nes disaster and would be so down.
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    oh yeaaah id love that mode. id like it if the zombies were controlled by dead players. i think a real 8-bit blocky version of jason would be really scary loooking too. it would go over incredibly well.
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    Ya, It makes no sense to leave because of Savini. Now the NES Jason, I can understand. The Music and Color drives me bonkers.
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    Can we just get the option to toggle Jason kills off in lobbies??? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    As Somethin Cool said, +Stun Resist is actually a negative in the context of demasking as stun dmg is a fraction of the Dmg a Jason takes in comparison to a non-stun. So actually it is fortunate that it doesn’t actually work (particularly on a -Def 85 health), but quite pathetic that these stats were not only left in the game as non-functional to begin with, but portrayed as a “strength” in place of actual strengths. It actually defies logic how it could possibly be described as a strength when it simply means you could be demasked and subsequently killed faster (if it actually worked). Logic 😃
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    2 heavy attacks will demask any Jason. Fortunately they're hard to land on a competent Jason. The point is they don't seem to have any plans to adjust damage values...
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    Would it be possible to simply turn damage down, by 10% or so, on sharp weapons? Axe, machete, fire poker--not a big adjustment, just enough to make that one hit demask so it's not a thing. At least on base defense Jasons. I understand that -defense/-hitpoints Jasons should be weaker. Honestly it's not a huge deal and nobody ever runs that build anyway, but don't you find it a bit ridiculous that it's even possible? I mean I don't know what that kind of an adjustment would take on your end but it seems like a pretty easy fix to me... This I have to agree with. For the most part anyway. So many Jason's in quick play that don't even try to use block or that try to grab kill in groups of counselors armed with sharp weapons. Also so many that don't even attempt taking out power boxes because math and drawing logical conclusions based on observations are so hard...(e.g. if you can't see the radio tower in the cutscene and the phone house is on the same grid as that missing cutscene tower, then logic should tell you to choose a different box)... But on the other hand I've also been demasked and killed in a match by taking 3 shotgun blasts that there was no counter to, and one single light attack from a machete which popped the mask. So I do believe there's room for improvement. But like you said, it's not every match that the lobby gets that creative...
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    I'm not capable of removing anything if that was directed towards me.
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    @mattshotcha Please tell us that something is being done regarding the ease of Jason killing. There are several threads in Suggestions forum, and many of us feels Jason need some extra protection.
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    I'm not sure about all of the techniques they use but I know double tap works with keyboard and mouse. Tie breakers are decided on who did it faster, but I get what you're saying.
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    It's not for everyone I guess You can have fun and still be a "tryhard". And we don't blame "everyone else" when we don't win. Like I said it's not for everyone, I guess. It's more about speed than how pretty the kills are... They probably would if they could get enough players 😎
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    Leaderboards can be fixed. Kills can be farmed. Skill wise, they're the best. Any PS4 player that cares to put their Jason skills to the test should sign up for this: https://challonge.com/events/BlackXMas2 All skill levels are accepted. It'd be a great time to test your Jason skills against some of the best coordinated lobbies. Also all the players are highly respectful so there won't be any trash talking to worry about, win or lose.
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    But those other leaderboards consist of everyone that's ever played the game. And I'm ranking these two above everyone that's ever played. Not just the ones that still play...
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    Ahhhhh. “Soon”. Glad to see things haven’t changed around here. Lol
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    What's the difference between the best in the game and the best in the world? Btw I can think of probably 5 Jason's off the top of my head that are way above the rest in terms of skill. And I'm not exaggerating either. I would say the best in the world because we play euro Jasons as well. Private matches are an amazing thing. Here's a few short matches from the best two Jason's I've ever faced: We've all had matches where we've wiped the lobby in under 8 minutes. But these are well coordinated teams that practice regularly getting wiped in under 8 minutes. Not lobbies full of noobs because Friday was free that month.
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    Was that reply really Necessary 4months later?
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    Can't trust this team when their "patches" seem to create new issues with every release. So from what a person I believe said earlier this team is milking the franchise name for all its worth while saying they are supporting the game with its "patches".
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