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    I think fun trumps graphics in most cases.
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    I always though a bigger boat would be a good idea... particularly when some psychopath is trying to tip it... or when fishing for giant sharks... or that damned white whale... The white whale tasks me... @FridayThe31st I have not seen giant weapons in a very long time... and only ever had a giant weapon in hand once.... I always wondered if there was a possibility of a giant shotgun... and whether or not it would just obliterate Jason... or would the recoil throw you across the map?... Both would still have been amusing.
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    It was a whole lot easier to see if you played for a good length of time before the engine upgrade. If it was possible to have less than no sympathy for someone, then people who drive other players away would receive less than no sympathy from me.
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    @FridayThe31st Good luck with a boat escape 🚤
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    I don't expect this to change anything, but have at it people.
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    Actually, I just ripped files from the game earlier, I wanted to use some sound files for a video, and I can confirm, they were for paranoia. Theres a whole section for different items and stuff, and one of them (more like the same thing but with 8 different version titles), was Roy’s mask and jumpsuit, and it was labeled that it was meant for it, so we can confirm that I guess, either way there’s alot of different stuff in the files leftover that’s cool to see
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    The graphics perfectly capture the look and feel of The Friday the 13th franchise and 80’s Horror films which is what the developers were going for.
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    check this out.. dont know if it matters what difficulty but switch it to hard and go limp out a bot who is holding a weapon. they will chase you until they get a swing off, hit or miss, then they run away.. its so funny... i had 3 bots chasing me around limped out trying to hit me! dont know if anybody pointed this out yet but go check it out heehee..
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    I keep forgetting to come back to this thread. You always seemed to have an interest in the zombie movies... But "White Zombie" I think was really the first zombie movie... Voodoo zombies though... no zombie plague here, that came later... "The Last Man on Earth" with Vincent price was the first movie made from the book "I am Legend" and featured "vampires" caused by a virus... both the virus and the vampires it created decimated humanity... but in this movie, which came before "Night of the Living Dead", you can see where George Romero took much of his inspiration from... The book was a bit more like the Will Smith movie, but it could not have been made in that way at the time. While "Night of the Living Dead" was a great movie for something with such a low budget, this was not an original concept... It is just the one that kicked off the "zombie" genre really. The black and white film helped the effects look more realistic than they were... and gave it the feeling of a classic movie at the time it was made. Its story also had the same type of feel as a Twilight Zone episode... Which is another reason it was a great movie... The 1996 remake was pretty good too... Tom Savini directed that one... But the twist on the ending was not quite as effective in my opinion... Never change a great story, even if people know the ending... Romeo and Juliet tells you the end right at the beginning of the story... and for some reason, it has endured for centuries. Not many lead roles went to black actor back then, and this movie pulled it off very well... making it look like it was normal for a black man to take charge over white people in a time that it wasn't. I cannot remember the actor's name, but he did an awesome job. Black... White... or whatever... who cares. The person in charge should always be the most qualified, in this movie, he was black... but at the time, people did not like this... Those people were stupid... very, very stupid. Dawn of the dead took things to another level with the special effects... Tom Savini is a genius with practical effects. When I first saw this movie... I knew that the guy who did the effects had seen people torn apart before... No one who hadn't seen such violence could reproduce it so accurately... Then I found out he was a photographer in the Vietnam war... and everything made sense. The way he did his effects inspired many others to do it in a similar fashion. Ripley was awesome... Sigourney is a great actress in my opinion. She is probably the first female hero in the movies... and was the first "final girl" that I can think of right now. But she was not the first strong female protagonist... Red Sonja may actually hold that title, but she did not get a movie until the 80's and it was kind of a dud. Several other character from the old Conan books like Valeria may have come before her though, and were strong female characters in their own rights... But Sonja was the first female who could handle herself in a fight that took the spotlight in her own stories that I know of. Without these early characters to inspire later writers... our beloved slasher movies may have ended VERY differently... Movies are not the only thing that can give inspiration to movie makers... There is a massive pool of literature to pull from too. But before these female characters in literature, the only definition of a strong female was a woman that could speak back to her husband. Modern movies lost why these pioneers made it work so well because they are using their medium to push their own political views... This ruins everything about these movies. Politics need to remain in the background if it is present in a story at all... unless it is specifically about politics. It worked in the older movies because differing views were not forced in our face. Ripley for instance did not consider herself better than any of her crewmates... and neither was she portrayed that way, or viewed in that way by her crewmates. Our final girls in the slasher movies were just "the girl next door", not some all powerful... I am better than you just because... fucktards like in todays movies. And when the Alien showed up in the very first viewing of "Alien"... who would have thought Ripley would be the last one alive?... It surprised me as I did not know the ending on my first viewing and it was VERY unexpected... and a welcome change from the norm.... Same thing with Friday the 13th.... The first time I saw it, I had no idea how it would end... Alice being the "final girl" was a surprise... and a welcome surprise at that... Adrienne King rocks. Just a bit more to add to that... Ripley... and our beloved final girls were relatable characters... They were no different that the women you have known through your life and I have known through my life... Just normal people... that happened to be female... and put into a dangerous situation... yet still managing to be the sole survivor against all odds. They had flaws, they were not perfect... nor stronger than the average woman or the men that hung around them... Just normal human females... Relatable characters that were no better than anyone around them placed in bad situations. When we can relate to them, we "feel" for them... If you cannot relate to a character, or feel anything for them... then you do not care what happens to them. Women are capable of the same stuff as men... some men are bigger and strong than most women... but I have known some pretty strong women too that would give many tough guys a run for their money... One redhead in particular that I have known for most of my life, can throw a harder punch than a man more than twice her size... I know this through first hand experience... and we are still friends. Today, the whole... "white men are toxic" crap is just making the world less fun to be in. I have news for the rest of the world, there is a lot more than white men who are toxic... and not even close to all white men are toxic... That is a racist statement if I ever heard one... change the "white" to anything but white... and see what that group has to say... These things DO work both ways... But this has led to female characters that are "superior" to everyone around them that is not female... This takes the relatable part away, let alone any believability... Lose these two things and the character is complete garbage, and the movie can go in the trash with it. Sorry... started to ramble a bit there.... I will come back to this thread again as soon as I can. There is always more to say about this topic... when I remember to get back to it anyway.
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    That would be pretty hilarious. 😂 Imagine when you aim it… it would probably be really easy to miss your shot because of how the gun might block your view, plus the target circle might also be screwed up. Would be funny though. I saw one time somebody had a huge pot and they were able to stand inside it.
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    I thought they did a damned good job on the graphics... and the attention to detail is pretty damned good too. It is not photo realistic and could have been done better... but I think even photorealistic CGI effects can always be done better. It never takes me long to find the flaws in even the best CGI in movies... which is not hard when you know what to look for. No CGI effects yet produced have aged well... But certain games do age well... and almost two years of playing, I still think the graphics are VERY well done in this game.
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    Biggest problem with combat stance when fighting more than one counselor is the lock on... It literally never lock onto the counselor I want to hit. Getting rid of that alone would make combat stance far more Jason friendly. I never thought to use it for finding a counselor in a hiding spot though. This is a bit over powered in certain instances... such as detecting someone using sense avoidance perks nearby when they are out of line of sight and smart enough to avoid emitting sound pings. I would be happy if the target lock was simply removed from combat stance... and happier if quick block worked like it used to.
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    Beyond doubt Kane defined how Jason moved and breathed, like when he turns his head first then follows through with his body. So he will always define Jason Vorhees on any level. Having said that, CJ did an outstanding job with his posture, fast walk, and quick turns of his head to spot a new target. I will also give props to Richard Brooker in that his size and menace broke new ground with Jason and began the trend of the super strength Jason, followed by Ted White. Warrington Gillette brought an adult Jason to the big screen and did an amazing job with his sinister stalking. And the rest of the Jason actors did well in their own rights. But Kane is the iconic and essentialJason and deserves his niche in fandom appreciation
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    Equality is what everyone should strive for... anyone against equality for everyone is the enemy of freedom.... #ALL Lives Matter Pushing political view in movies is bad... political crap just divides everyone as the views of all people are different and it just kills the stories.... Disney's shit job at continuing the story proves this beyond doubt. I could not even make it through "Solo"... but Rogue One was alright. We can talk about other stuff without completely derailing it.... @thrawn3054 Many of them were good books... and some were great, or at least close to great. Admiral Dallaa was also a good villain... that suncrusher was the best superweapon in the books... or movies for that matter. Why destroy one planet when you can just wipe out the entire solar system?... A much scarier weapon than a death star... and it also changes the gravitational constant in the "local" area... which would greatly affect many things over time... including their hyperspace routes. Just slashing away does not always work out well... particularly not against you. Although they are probably going to add the flare gun and firecracker stuns back at some point, I don't think the rate of damage towards rage needs adjusting at all. Most of the people I play with barely take a swing at me and I often do not even see rage mode unless I am playing against someone who wants to fight Jason. If players want to bash him around, there is a price now... as it should be. Matt did say in the stream on Tuesday that adjustments to rage will probably be made... but damage building towards rage needs to stay. The battle for the car never worked well against a Jason that knows how to do it... even before the rage buff. The ONLY way they were getting away from me in this situation is if the driver was running the grease monkey perk... and everyone that wants to escape gets back into the car before it gets started. As a counselor, I never hang around for the battle for the car... I leave and try to draw Jason away so someone else can circle back and get it started again. My death is irrelevant if it leads to even one escape. If Jason follows someone else, then I go back and get it started again... and pick up as many players as I can get away with. The counselors have all the chances they need here if they can work as a team and use their heads... and if they cannot work as a team, then Jason barely needs to work for his kills and will wipe the lobby pretty quickly... This is as it should be... Teamwork is what gives counselors an advantage over Jason in these situations... and this DOES NOT mean ganging up on him for a piñata party beside the car or fuse box... There are many other tactics that are far more effective. His biggest weakness against a team that wants to escape is that he can only be in one place at a time. Most of my friends have learned this, but there are a few hold outs that continue to try... I don't see so many battles over the car unless I am playing randoms that do not know any better... which almost uniformly leads to four easy kills while they try and use me as a piñata beside the driver's window... This can lead to early rage... but that is on the players... They ALL know that this brings rage on quicker, but they don't care as they think they will be escaping soon and someone else will have to deal with a raging Jason... Too many players think only of themselves, and ANY team will suffer for having team members like this... As the game stands now, team work put Jason in his place... no teamwork puts counselors in their graves... A really good Jason player can often do well against a good team, but he will never do well against a good team 100% of the time... Also as it should be.
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    That sounded like an interesting match.
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    The game we all wanted but nobody got. All the good content none of the bugs!
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    Im not sure exactly. I played with it awhile back in offline match. I know you can hold shift in place by holding back on the left joystick and holding down RB. also can shift back and forth instead of just straight by holding RB and directing left joystick left or right. Can also shift turn on a dime by using left and right joysticks at same time while holding RB. Shift length is still the same though so it doesnt help with getting someone that is far away. Just gives more precision getting around objects/in and out of doors etc. There is also a weird shift that happens if you activate shift right after aiming a throwing knife..
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    I play with xbox360 controller on PC. If I hold down RB after activating shift you can have full control on which every way you shift. People that use this are really really good at shifting inside cabins/houses and getting you where ever you may be hiding out. I have never mastered it or use it in QP as i think it gives too much adv. to jason, but its in the game(not sure if its supposed to be, so may be thought of as an exploit)
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    You are 100% correct a multimillion dollar company would have definitely implemented a pay to win policy developing this game.....perks would have cost money, maps, bloodied skins clothing packs more emotes etc. What Gun did with DLC was more reasonable it paid for continued production on the game 1.99 costumes and 3.99 kill packs nothing like what EA or Ubisoft etc. do... with constant micro transactions. Pointing out facts doesn’t equate to brown nosing....try to look at all sides of something before attempting to insult/label people. I will join that group that makes 3. Exactly. Well said. Gun has all ready updated the graphics with the engine upgrade.... there are plenty of games with better graphics than F13 but that is a hard comparison to justify for what the game is and what the developers were going for... A game based on 80’s horror films.... They weren’t trying to make the game look like a Call of Duty or Ghost Recon......They we’re capturing the aesthetics of the time.... The look of those films and characters are perfectly captured with the graphics in the game presently
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    They said its going indefinitely for the time being. Source being the recent stream.
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    I'm loving the bots on hard mode they got the blue car away I threw a knife and the car flew across the lake and landed at the bottom the bots all proceeded to the lake to try and get in the destroyed car about 5 of them all swimming around it was hilarious so no I'm not tired with them at all.
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    I couldn’t do anything once he spammed the button and it moved me. I was stuck in the position you see on the screen. All I could do was swing the bat my counselor had.
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    i think it took him around 6 or 7 tries off the top of my head, ive been playing with him off and on this week and he has yet to get me again, has gotten close i admit but hasnt succeeded in killing me, though he has distracted me enough to have a counselor escape.
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    Do what you gotta do, I have no sympathy for the players who drive new players away.
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    It is not harder to play Jason now. Sure damage is guaranteed after rage, but if you had anti Jason kill strats before the buff, it's really not much of an issue now. Before you had to patently space and attack during the entire game, now as soon as you get rage, just slash away. My 2 cents regard balancing the Rage buff. As mentioned before, make flare guns and fireworks stunable again. Also adjust the rate Jason gains rage from hits, decrease it a little. What I'm finding is that Jason gets rage too fast during battles for the car or fuse. Adjust it just a bit to give counselors a little more time and chances to fix it.
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    God damn it @Ahab, you keep talking about me like this, I'm going to start believing the "hype". There is no way I can live up to it, lol. Success rate with Shady is kinda low, but he is also good, I share my methods of shutting Tommy out with him, and I'm a fuck up when a opportunity is given lol. I say proudly though that no one has made him "sweat" as much as I, . Oh and for anyone wondering, I died as Jason 5 times (twice before I could call myself a Jason main). I calculate that I have over 1200 Jason games by now, so that an .004% rate of me dying. Pretty good considering about 1/3 are against parties of +150 kill squads 😎
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    🤣 hilarious! Which platform are you on?
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    This was the funniest glitch to ever show up, like Dragon said, before it had to do with the flare gun. Enjoy it while it lasts, and thanks for the video.
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    I hope they don’t patch this. This is hilarious and I wish I can hit Jason around with a giant weapon sometime
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    heres the thing as to why i didnt have a choke or a head punch on that jason. i switch my jason everytime & play my favorites an extra round or two. this round i was nintendo jason... and (haha) for nintendo jason i (haha) have deemed him "purple crotch choppin jason" (haha) this jason has the pig splitter equipped with both the crotch moves it has, plus the leg spreader & to fill the space, the bear hug. now, i dont know WHY the damn bearhug didnt work but whatever! most the time i have either the eye gouge for human jasons, head punch for zombie jasons. but dammit man, crotch choppin jason has to have his signiture moves! i dont really like the choke but its no doubt your best bet for those situations. great post & @GeneiJin sounds like a hell of a guy. he'd probley kick my ass & by gawd id enjoy it win or lose!
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    Going forward, is there any chance of a lower priority fix that isn't too difficult to implement being squeezed in alongside a major bug fix?
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    The team is working to tweak things and we hope to see some improvements soon. As we said yesterday on BEYOND, we'll be rebalancing a bit, so users may be seeing improvements tonight. If not, our Senior Producer is going to have to touch base with the team again in the morning and we'll take it from there.
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    The experience each player has with trolls will vary. Keep in mind that even high level players can be trolled just as much as low level players. It all depends on how thick one's skin is when it comes to trolling attempts. Enjoy the low trolling experience while you can.
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    @mattshotcha This site might also be worth looking at also, there a list of complaints longer than my arm, it also shows you the outage from the United Kingdom, other EU countries, several states in America and so fourth were you can zoom in and out. I reckon these are where people have been trying to get on and have had no luck, hope this added information helps. https://downdetector.co.uk/status/friday-the-13th/map
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    I agree. I think the lock on should focus on your target you want and you should be able to select the target. Same for counselor to. Sometimes I’ll go into combat stance to fight Jason and my counselor will lock on to a counselor nearby. And combat stance shouldn’t be able detect counselors.
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    Suicide ghost bug?... I have never seen that one before either. I wonder what that one looked like from the counselor's perspective. The car glitching does a bunch of crazy stuff that I have seen... teleporting the counselors in the car outside of the map... into rocky hills like in your video (they cannot exit the car when that happens)... underwater for swimming lessons (that one looked really weird from spectate mode)... and it once propelled @badassgixxer05 into orbit in a seated position... Chad officially became the first counselor in orbit, complete with a model of the earth in the background. I have also read on this forum of it throwing a player onto the roof of the small cabin near Packanack lodge since the last patch, but have not yet seen this one happen. I also saw a similar bug with a drawer last night, but the player could not move like you were. He was stuck, holding the drawer as if he just finished pulling it open... and was stuck like that, starting at the fuse. All he could do was turn his flashlight on and off until Jason grabbed him and tried for an environment kill that glitched. This one happened in Violet's room in the Pinehurst main house. I also saw a Bugsy glitch out while calling the cops last night. He was able to get out of it after two minutes or so, but the phone hung in mid air and we could not complete the call... so I took the four seater and manage to get three others out with me. Crystal Lake small for that one... phone house was east of the bathrooms. Edit to avoid double post.... @DontZzz34 Two games as Jason with the old mouse and 50% of my throwing knives glitched in both matches... Not sure exactly how many games I have played with the new mouse now, but have not had a single quick throw glitch with it at all... yet every time I use the mouse with the screwed up mouse wheel button, I have the quick throw glitches quite often. It does sound like the faulty button is the cause from the matches I have played at least... and if it is caused by even a slight fault in the button, I doubt that anything can be done with it... but it would be good to let them know the cause I found. So I will send a report as soon as I get some screenshots or video of it... and never have to use my crappy mouse again. Yet another edit to avoid double posting @mattshotcha Steam is suddenly having an issue tonight (with no updates on steam or F13)… in which players are not seeing invites that are being sent. The option to join a friend's game through the friend's list is also missing. One friend did see an invite, she was playing Dead by Daylight.... no one else I invited and asked actually saw an invite.... People in the steam community have posted that this is a steam issue... I do not know if this is true or not. I was playing this afternoon and the invites worked fine. Also.... the drawer closest to the speakers in Violet's room in Pinehurst main house is causing people to become stuck holding the drawer open without being able to take what is in the drawer, or get out of being stuck without Jason slashing or grabbing them... but I did not think to take screenshots. I have seen this happen three times now since last night... I just thought you should know. Yet another edit with more info. The option to join a game through the friend's list is apparently still there if you are not in the game at the time. Is there an award for most edits in one post?... one more is needed here. @mattshotcha The invites are working on steam again... I thought you would appreciate the update on that... if you had already seen what I stated above in this post.
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    Sure, if you don’t mind all the micro purchases you would have to make to advance in the game. They would have nickel and dimed everyone for each map, Jason variant and counselors. A multi million dollar company probably could have done a lot better with the game play, but it would not have had near the amount of attention to details as what Gun put in. I for one am happy with what we got. Just patiently waiting for the rest of the wrinkles to be worked out.
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    Thanks for the inclusion as well on this thread. It’ll be a interesting discussion. While I don’t know a whole lot about psycho or peeping Tom. I can’t say much about those movies..... I’m going to have to give them a watch sometime though! I remember we were discussing what truly kicked off slasher films, Friday the 13th and Halloween. Which I think is accurate. They seem to be the most popular of slashers. I think we all know Friday the 13th got their inspiration from Halloween. I wonder where Halloween got their inspiration from? Also where Texas chainsaw massacre got their inspiration? There’s definitely a pattern that started from somewhere that led to one movie to another
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    Nobody got to play Uber Jason, and I have no more information about him than anyone else does. This person posting on Reddit makes bold claims, but obviously you can't take it as proof until the source is proven reliable. For that reason, I wouldn't listen to what this person is saying. I will leave this thread open for the time being, but be aware that what's been claimed could be claimed by anyone.
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    There is ZERO truth to it. Search for Uber Jason using the search option and look for posts from the time it happened. This is going to take some time, there are A LOT of posts with Uber Jason mentioned in them... so try adding DLC unlocker to the search as well. EVERYONE that was not using a DLC unlocker DID NOT get access to Uber Jason. This is the same thing hackers were using to get access to Savini Jason, and other DLCs that they did not buy. IF you had him, then you were using a DLC unlocker, end of story. They did patch it out so Uber Jason could not be used this way again... by removing the incomplete Uber Jason and his kills... That is it. They just did not elaborate about this in the patch notes... which is probably why the reddit poster thought this was how it happened... He did do his research on what was supposed to come for the most part... but apparently he is one of those people that stops at the first piece of information about it... just as you did... This piece of information did not give further details, for that he would have had to search a lot more... and read a whole lot more... An easy way to pick out a fraud is their own laziness. This was also a huge issue with people that wanted Uber Jason in game and there was a lot of us.... MANY of us saw him in game and it looked like he worked fine... but try to find someone that admitted to having him on the forums... That would be admitting to a bannable offense... Hacking parts of the game that cost money when you are not paying for them IS THEFT. Very few people are dumb enough to admit doing this on the forums. Because of this, and issues with why we could not have Uber Jason... a lot of people started getting VERY rude in their posts and a lot of people were banned, and some of the posts deleted... but you will still find posts talking about this in certain threads if you use the search option as I suggested above.... Those were dark times on this forum... and for this game... and for the entire F13 franchise. Let's ask a few people that have already commented here who were around at the time... without going overboard, so we will just ask the first four in the thread... @TimDuke 01 (I don't know if you were on these forums at the time, but you were in the steam community at this time were you not?), @Slasher_Clone, @OCT 31 1978 & @Fair Play… and let's also ask a moderator that was around at the time too... @Kodiak... When this happened, did ANY of you get the opportunity to play Uber Jason with his space machete kills?.... Why does it seem that I the only person who remembers this? ANYONE else is also free to comment about this.
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    Sounds like some truth sprinkled in with a lot of BS. Generally that's the type of stuff you would do if you want to rile up people. If you add truths to your lies, it makes people more susceptible to fall for the bullshit parts. And the best part is you need no proof of your bullshit!
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    I know... but I have seen many people take that too literally... and are discouraged after much practice when they see others doing better at something than they can while the other has less experience... So I never use that wording... Perfection is unobtainable... but "better than the last time you did something" I have found creates more encouragement and less frustration over time for people that need to hear that type of advice.
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    Gang, questions. This is a thread for questions you'd like to see answered, etc. Not a feedback thread. The entirety of the forums are here for feedback. I read and report on what we can here. But there is no reason to read things like "Rework Perks!!!" on the air. It's something we can discuss here in threads. The idea of the thread is to give you a route to ask questions if you can't make the streams.
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