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    I don't get why it's so hard to fix glitch areas on the map for this game. I seen other game companies patch issues super fast where players were doing some sort of glitch or exploit, so why does it take them so long and multiple patches to patch exploits/glitches for this game? Why focus on a Switch version of this game when they can't fix the current state of the game? It makes no sense to me.
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    Oh good, more of this shit....
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    Show me your best clips of you knife killing a counselor from a distance. Here’s one of my personal favorites. Tip for new Jason players- if someone jumps out of a 2 story house instead of morphing outside. Knife kill their ass
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    Something that has bothered me recently is slasher fans and people saying the genre is dead. I think most people don't know where to look other than the theater for big budget films, ie the new Child's Play. I want to start a list of some modern slashers that no one talks about. 1. You Might Be the Killer 2. Ruin Me 3. Puppet Master the Littlest Reich 4. Torment 5. Fender Bender 6. Lake Bodom 7. The Puppet Man 8. Among the Living 9. Dead Body 10. The Ranger We could add titles like The Strangers, Behind the Mask, The Collector and such as well, but I think those ones at least get some sort of recognition. What are some modern slashers you would recommend or think need noted?
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    [Composure] Is now used in place of the Repair statistic when filling vehicles with petrol Is now used in place of the Luck statistic when starting/restarting the engine on vehicles Influences the chances of a favourable repair check pattern when attempting a repair 6/10 and above = 1 second of stumbling animation, 5/10 and below = 2 seconds of stumbling animation 6/10 and above = will keep silent when a Power Box goes out, 5/10 and below = will panic for a few seconds when a Power Box goes out 6/10 and above = Can break free from Jason's grip much easier, 5/10 and below = Cannot break free from Jason's grip as easily Works in conjunction with the Strength statistic, but unlike Strength, Composure offers a bigger bonus in breaking free from Jason's grip [Luck] Determines the chance to avoid taking damage when climbing/jumping through broken windows Determines the chances of a Firecracker activating immediately upon use, lasting longer than usual, and stunning Jason for longer if he is caught inside the radius. Determines the chances of retrieving a Pocket Knife if used to disarm a trap. Only works once per pocket knife. [Speed] The 3/10 value is now transferred over to the 1/10 value, and then the values between 2/10 and 9/10 are then reworked to help make all Counselors besides Vanessa and Tommy faster. Assuming that the difference between Jenny/Eric/Mitch and Vanessa/Tommy is 12%, the new values are as follows: Jenny, Eric, Mitch: From 0% to 2.66% (faster than original 4/10) A.J., Deborah, Fox, Shelly, Victoria: From 1.71% to 4% (faster than original 5/10) Adam, Kenny: From 3.42% to 5.33% (faster than original 6/10) Tiffany: From 5.14% to 6.85% Brandon: From 8.57% to 9.33% Chad: From 10.29% to 10.67% [Stamina] 6/10 and above = Stamina regenerates slower, 5/10 and below = Stamina regenerates faster [Stealth] 6/10 and above = Will not show up in Jason's Sense radar when Fear Level is low, 5/10 and above = Always visible in Jason's Sense radar without using perks Stealth is also reworked so that not as many points are needed to avoid giving out sound blips in Jason's point of view 1/10 and above = Crawling is silent 2/10 and above = Walking is silent 4/10 and 5/10 = Jogging is silent only at low Fear 6/10 and 7/10 = Jogging is always silent 8/10 and 9/10 = Sprinting is silent only at low Fear 10/10 = Sprinting is always silent Once Jason hits Rage Mode, everyone's Stealth is essentially a 5/10, and everyone will always appear in Jason's Sense radar unless perks are used. [Strength] Stun duration time with melee weapons are slightly increased for all Counselor to compensate for Jason's Rage Mode buff, but are still scaled by how much Strength a Counselor has. In other words, Jenny and Deborah will stun Jason for slightly longer than before with a melee weapon, but will still not stun Jason for as long as Tommy and Brandon can. 6/10 and above = Melee weapons can still stun Jason in Rage Mode (though the stun time is much shorter), 5/10 and below = Melee weapons cannot stun Jason in Rage Mode 6/10 and above = Can endure up to two traps before dying from the third trap, 5/10 and below = Can only endure one trap before the second trap kills the Counselor 6/10 and above = Innate 10-20% resistance to damage, 5/10 and below = No innate damage resistance bonus 6/10 and above = Takes less time to pry free from traps, 5/10 and below = Takes more time to pry free from traps 6/10 and above = Can break free from Jason's grip slightly easier, 5/10 and below = Cannot break free from Jason's grip as easily Works in conjunction with the Composure stat, but unlike Composure, doesn't offer as much bonus from breaking free from Jason's grip --- Thoughts?
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    I have absolutely no idea what the problem is, but I'll help you look online. I play on PS4 and have never heard of a problem like that.
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    very impressive, i like the extra kills too but shhhit if sweater lady glitched out into dead but not really dead mode then killed me as jason, wooo thats a bad jason day. speaking of extra kills, have you ever racked up a CRAZY amount of kills after tipping the boat? sometimes if you keep tapping A, it will drownd them over and over again if ya do it just right.. i wont even tell ya how many ive got because you wont believe it, but it crashes the game sometimes if it gets to be ALOT..
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    Companies/devs that probably would have these maps fixed by now. Valve EA Ubisoft Sakurai of Smash Bros The dev team behind Goldeneye Source Capcom LJN On and on
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    I got an idea. Remove crouch. It really has no purpose in this game unless you are running that crouching perk to reduce fear or whatever.. Crouch walking hasn't really been a thing since everyone figured out, well fuck Jason can still see me glowing bright red whether im standing or not! Well the occasional new player still thinks it helps, but lets help them out too, by giving it the ax..
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    The single player challenges have an out of bounds boundary, it surrounds the area of camp that the challenge takes place in and I think it could be used to identify the players that are going into out of bounds areas. I think if it can be add it should work as it does in the SPC’s and warn the player they are out of bounds. If you rack up too much time in the out of bounds area a penalty should occur. These penalties should become harsher as you rack up more time. Possible Penalties 1. A disconnect and short time out from QP. 2. A loss of level on the account and all benefits that level provides. 3. Damage that will result in Jason being awarded the kill. This should happen if a disconnect happens as per number 1. 4. Loss of access to that account. If you burn through all your levels, I think you no longer deserve to play. This is a serious problem and while my ideas are harsh, you give up the right to play with others when you cheat. I think this should apply to QP, and not stop players from playing how they want in private or offline modes. Out of bounds areas if added to the roofs and around the edge of the map should discourage this type of glitching, @mattshotcha. I hope this helps, if not it was worth writing anyway.
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    I’m sure it has been mentioned a dozen times already, but environmental kills don’t work. Not a very good patch.
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    I haven't seen any of those. Good post! Looks like ill be doing some more movie queuing tonight! 🍻
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    Since they are clearly unable to patch this crap out, I think this is the best next option. Either make every out of bounds area instantly kill them or make the roofs not solid.
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    This is seriously ridiculous. I played for a few hours today on PC & PS4 and there are currently even more people glitching on the roof and rocks than ever before. It used to be one or two people once in a few games but now there are at least 4-5 people each damn game. I love this damn game but this crap makes it pretty much unplayable and sucks every bit of fun right out of it.
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    On PC now Jason can't grab and kill a lot of the time. He grabs the counselor and they'll simply float in the spot where they were grabbed while as Jason you can walk around, execute the kill with nothing happening. Jason can end up with 15/7 kills. I also had this happen then that counselor escaped preventing the match from even ending. The random spawns and wrongly skinned Jason models are occurring often again too.
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    Like it was mentioned before, they really need to find a way to test the fixes they're making by ppl who are actually playing the game on a regular basis. Pushing any new fixes as soon as they're ready would be slow on consoles considering the certification process involved but since there none on pc, maybe they could use the steam platform as some form of testing ground for more in-depth testing to ensure things are working properly before a patch officially goes live.
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    @Jason Todd Voorhees This is the third patch they have released to fix roof glitching. And it has once again, done nothing of the sort. At what point do are we allowed to question their competence?
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    I've never heard of this one before, but it doesn't surprise me in the least. Cheating little fuck-tards spend more time glitching than they do actually playing the game (then they have the nerve to claim that they "won"). No, you DIDN'T... You pussed-out like a bitch because you know how badly you suck at this game. If you don't cheat, you don't survive, it's as simple as that. You don't play fair like everyone else because you can't hack it like everyone else.
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    I never was a huge Predator fan, but the possibilities of this game are mind boggling. This could be an epic game!
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    I've gone through this thread and cleaned it up. A few important points before ANYONE posts any further: #1 - If you're new to the forum and haven't read the rules, we will know. Read them through once thoroughly; ignorance won't stop warning points being handed out. #2 - As we have to keep repeating on a weekly basis, Savini Jason is not going to be made available for sale. It will never happen, so stop asking. #3 - Double posting, antagonizing other members and derailing of this thread will not be tolerated. Stay on topic, don't be abusive and don't double post.
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    Yeah I'm not sure why they haven't fixed anything. I haven't played much. Just enough to know all the important stuff still works. Haven't tried a kill yet. Supposedly they fixed some things with that.
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    It takes 15 seconds to literally Google dozens of videos and instructions about how to get currently on the roof... no one thought of doind that to see how people get there? I mean what exactly have they been doing for 4 months? The old glitches are still there and nothing of importance seems to have been changed. EDIT: Okay I see the patch notes, some good stuff in there though I just managed to not get killed twice, even though the death animation played out, and somehow reached the cop cars and end of the map, could move freely over there.
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    Please stop. Just stop patching the game. Just let the game exist as it is right now. Stop patching it, it's obvious the devs have no idea what the root cause of the roof/car/etc glitches are. Every time a patch comes out - the huge glitches remain and you introduce new bugs. Just stop while the game is still somewhat playable.
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    lol ppl are still roof glitching, good to see that you are puting SO much effort into your game
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    Sony teaming up with Illfonic?! I got chills when the music kicked in... I'm hyped and onboard! If ever there was a shot at redemption, this is it!
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    I watched it, it’s good. A little worried it’s not game play footage but then again that’s become par for the course these days. Got to get that hype machine rolling. I hope it has more in common with Friday, then Death Garden. A real progression system and npc’s, they add to the atmosphere of a place. I’m happy illfonic is being backed by Fox (Disney), 😂. It should mean they’re not short on funding to make it happen.
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    Prior to Rage he can get whacked around and beaten to dust like a little girl by the hit squads. . And someone will have the Sweater. When he gets into rage, its easy to take the mask off and far easier to kill him now than before.
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    Just loaded into a game with a friend to see if roof was fixed and it worked first try with no effort. On Packanack. Jumped off right after because staying up there would be dumb. I don't understand the issue with QAing this game? Even if they think they fixed it wouldn't they at least attempt to see if it was fixed before saying it way? Nothing has changed, at least for Packanack. You can also get onto Crystal Lake boathouse. Just reported on jasonkillsbugs.com
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    Yeah its a glitch.....you arent the only one having that issue.
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    Used to mean fuck the world. I'm too old I guess.
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    Looking to have fun and play with other chill PS4 gamers for F13. No speakers or people who bad attitudes. Message and/or add me at Richstarhunter.
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    Because of the new update I've lost access to my Tommy & Pamela tapes and I have proof that I actually do have them. I've taken two screenshots on my Xbox account of the tapes I've unlocked being slightly highlighted like I have them but I can't listen to any of them. I'm not gonna give out my Xbox name right away but if an actual support member replies or contacts me then I'd be happy to oblige. There is a fix to this bug, you just need to find another tape so you can gain access to the ones you've already unlocked, but I really don't want to spend my time looking for another tape because it already took me long enoughto find the ones I have. -Thanks
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    People are still roof glitching at Pacanack and Crystal Lake.
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    Never. He was a backer exclusive and he will not be released again. Some people were lucky to get him when both X-Box and PlayStation screwed up and put him up for sale, but I don't see that happening again.
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