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    Show me your best clips of you knife killing a counselor from a distance. Here’s one of my personal favorites. Tip for new Jason players- if someone jumps out of a 2 story house instead of morphing outside. Knife kill their ass
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    Was in a group of three tonight for a few rounds and on the last match we were up against a Savini who was teaming with at least one of the counselors. This became evident when he conveniently showed up at the phone house despite me repairing it flawlessly. Jason was after one of my teammates at the time when suddenly he stopped mid-chase and morphed to my location as I was running in to make the call. I stunned him and began to flee the scene as he trapped the box and commenced to tunneling me for a couple mins. My buddy makes it to the phone house and before he's even half way through the animation of disarming the trap, Jason stops coming after me and morphs straight to him and kills him. Me and my other partner turned our focus to one of the cars as Jason was now camping the phone. Wouldn't you know it, before we even made it there with the gas he was on us. At this point I switched over to game chat and proceeded to tell this guy what a drizzling shit he must be if he needs Savini AND a spotter to play this game, while also pointing out that despite those advantages he still had only managed to get one of us half way into the round. As I was in the process of switching back over to party chat I could hear one of the counselors tell Jason "kill me so I'll get Tommy". Jason morphed away to presumably do just that. Problem was, they forgot (or never knew) the one other person Jason killed was one of us, who just so happened to get the magic Tommy token and came back. So now, the group is back together, and it's Adam (me), Vanessa, and Tommy, and we're like "F this asshole" and made a beeline for the shack. And since Jason's buddy was now dead he lost access to the map and couldn't quite tell right off hand where we were going simply by watching our screens. We made it to the shack and Vanessa runs in to grab the sweater. Jason shows up immediately where Tommy is waiting with eyes on the target; BOOM. Down he goes. I run in and grab the ax (Vanessa already had one). Jason gets up and I combat-stance attack; off comes the mask. Vanessa passes her ax to Tommy and prepares to activate the sweater when suddenly..........this paper Savini loses his macho balls and morphs away. He had been all hellfire and brimstone with relentless pursuit when his buddy was calling spots for him. Expecting him to sneak attack us with a shift, we all calmly strode back into the shack to reduce his open field advantage and commenced the dancing, flickered our flashlights, defiled Mama V's poor decrepit head in what resembled a cult-circle tea-bagging, and all of us switched over to game chat and heckled this asswipe mercilessly for cheating, and like a typical bully, running like a little bitch when the tables were turned. We figured he'd quit, honestly. All his advantages had been neutralized and he was demasked. To our surprise, he came back. He set traps in front of the entrance to the shack (uh.....ok) and tried to melee us through the walls. When that didn't work he tried knives and couldn't hit us. We were still trolling our assess off both verbally and virtually through emotes/dancing/flashlights/teabags. Right around this time the two-minute warning sounded and he began to realize we weren't coming out, and if he wanted to end the fun he'd have to try his luck and enter. By now we had all stopped moving completely to try to lull him to a false state of security, and..................................... IT WORKED! He finally shifted into the main room with what I'd estimate to be about 50 seconds left in the round. We all simultaneously started to move, and he lunged for me and missed, and feverishly tried to get his big ass into the doorway when Vanessa struck; sweater time! Tommy lined up behind him and entered combat stance with the ax. He strikes and Savini hits his knees. Tommy then calmly, almost arrogantly strode around him and stood there for a second to let him think about it, then.....checkmate! I gotta tell you; I HATE Jason teamers. But, a damn Savini cheating? That's sacrilegious and downright nutless. Watching that bastard faceplant after it looked like he might eventually clear the room with the cowardice was so satisfying. We all cheered and laughed our asses off. Other players we hadn't heard from up till then also chimed in with laughter. One of them said something to the effect of "HAHA!! Killed that flaming dick!" 😄 Going in, we had said it was our last round. Damn fine way to end the night.
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    @Treymaker do you have a suggestion or idea on how to remedy this? Because with this community, "playing in the spirit of the game" went out a broken 2nd floor Packanack window a long time ago. I myself frown upon this method, but it's definitely not unfair. Just a bunch of players killing the immersion as usual.
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    i have to agree with mr christy here. its more enjoyable to just party with a few friends. we follow strict jason code and still help who ever we can. when one of us is jason we usualy try to kill our jason friend (cuz its hilarious) so no worry about jason teaming either. nobody waters down my jason experence by giving campers away on a rusty platter anyways. im only in game chat when i play solo, and when i do, im reminded why i like being in my party.. trolls, little kids, big shot know it alls, false information givers, racist fowl mouth brag happy morons, annoying kiss ass guys tryin to flirt with the ladies, confident glitch weiners, the list goes on. what better way is there to ignore a troll than not beig able to hear them at all? not to say ya wont find any desent people, sometimes i meet some great players in game chat. there are plenty, i just like to stick with my pals. i dont think theres anything wrong with partying, so long as you play with honor. cant always assume someone is cheating just cuz theyre in party chat. oh and well done mr christy, you put them dirt bags back where they belong. i too have a strong distaste for jason teamers/glitch weaklings as we all do.. its such a great game, why spoil the game for yourself using such cheap, boring tactics? its a waste of jason technology.
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    The idea that we should have to learn to get on these roofs or rocks as Jason is a major indictment on Illfonic, Gunmedia and now Black Tower studios as well. Its embarrassing. Might as well allow Jason to Morph on every object and be done with it. I'm sure that won't cause any issues either. We sure as hell won't see any instant kill for counselor in out of bound spots though. Too OP.
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    While I don't mind the joy of killing Jason, I'd prefer it to be a lucky sequence of events instead of set strategy. I play with the mindset of fixing and escape first
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    Our views differ a bit there. Our group would be talking and coordinating all the same, game or party chat. Only difference is whether we're in the mood for some stupid kid to chime in and tell us how "bad we are" when we're the only ones actually playing the game. When you're in a lobby full of do-nothings, to us, they've forfeited their right to know what we're doing and aren't entitled to reap the rewards of our work. And we used to just merely mute the ones who were annoying, but after a while it gets to be a chore as people are moving in and out of the lobbies every game. Few things more annoying than when you're right in the middle of coordinating a key objective and some kid starts screaming "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD BROS HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME BROS BROS BROS" piercing your ears and you can't hear your teammates. I'm not gonna stop repairing the phone box, pause the game, find the little shit's name, and mute him. Some nights we just aren't in the mood for that, or loads of homophobic racists spewing their troll jargon. As far as Jason being able to hear you, we always mute him in game chat so he can't hear us, as muting him is an in-game option, not a PS4 override. Why would you give him that luxury? It isn't like Jason is walking around with a radio.
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    What can I say? Sometimes my friends and I enjoy a round without squeakers and other nonsensical B.S.
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    I actually did hit share/save video on the PS4. I haven't had a chance to go back in and see how much of it was saved, but I'm betting most of the good stuff is there. Many thanks! I'm sure there's tons of stories like this, but I dunno, I haven't felt that jazzed after a round since probably the beta days or shortly after launch. I agree. In our case though, we don't normally form a kill squad unless we sense something shady going on. A Jason shifting away from Sweater Girl is usually expected, but with this guy, after all his crap, we felt like this was a typical humbled-bully move running away with his tail tucked. It was a good time. We went from thinking "this butthole is gonna wipe us all out" to "haha, look at him!!!" Good perspective. With us, we were actually content to just stay in there and deprive him of the kills. I was honestly surprised when he finally shifted toward us.
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    Take this well-earned ownage trophy. Good job. Love reading good teamer comeuppance stories like this.👍
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    If they’re making it obvious to let you kill them. Then don’t do it. Go kill other people and don’t give them what they want. It’s pretty easy to counter
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    This one does a good job of explaining how it's done. Btw, hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this video. This is a "countermeasure to a glitch" and teaching people how to do it isn't giving Jason players an unfair advantage, but it IS getting counselors off the roof, so......
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    Uh just shift away before the sweater fully activates and boom you avoid a kill or block tommy by going into a doorway.
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    Quite a simple answer: because they can. Really doesn't get any more simple than that. No in game report system. No quick, easy way of reporting players so why wouldn't they? Even if you take time to do the work for Gun nothing gets done. So I'd imagine the answer would quite simply be, "because I can". Sucks, but it is what it is with this game.
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    Gaming is a good outlet to let off some steam. We all go through hard times in our lives, and we need to let loose in a healthy way. It's good to hear that gaming helps you to relieve the anger you feel.
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