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    Not having enough butt meat to scare Jason away with the tiger speedo. 😂 Top priority people.
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    Today for the second time I had a difficult time getting into a full lobby. It was a sad feeling. It was like watching an old friend on his death bed waiting for his inevitable end. There are many reasons for this that have already been discussed at length. I'm not here to talk about these things it's a waste of time. I am here to talk about what the game has ment to me. I am forty years old. The first Friday the 13th film I saw in theaters was part 6. The game has always brought up memories of nostalgia and it is a load of fun when it was firing on all cylinders. I drive 70 miles to work every night and for the last few years my radio has been set to 103.5 Bob FM Austin for these long trips. It's a 1980's music station where you can listen to all the old hits. Friday The 13th The Game had a lot to do with that with it's 80's retro style. The past becomes a powerful thing when you grow older. Nostalgia makes you remember people you used to know. The places you used to go and the person you used to be. I really have a lot of fun with Friday the 13th the game and I am sad to see it dying. I honestly don't know what I am going to replace it with. It sure won't be Dead by Daylight because it isn't any fun. I would like to thank @mattshotcha, @wes and the team at IllFonic. I don't know what is wrong with the game now because I can't even log into it. If you make another game like this I will play it. And I will be here until it is gone forever. But I will no longer be engaging with the forums. If you're interested in playing with me come by my Twitch channel Cat and Six Gaming and say hello. It has been my genuine pleasure. Six
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    Getting run over by a car should be like an initialization ceremony. "Here, this is what you should expect often" 😄😅😂
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    Jenny is one of the best all round counselors...come at me Part 6 is highly underrated
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    Shelly’s “Help, he’s coming” gets me every single time 😂
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    (This is not sarcasm or irony, I'm being genuine here) Teamwork. That is what's always grabbed my attention most about this game (other than murdering cocky douchebags who believe themselves to have teh 1337 skillz). I've played a lot of online multiplayer games of many different genres, but I honestly think this is the one where teamwork comes the most naturally (assuming you're playing with decent teammates and not trolls). Even for very new players, no one has to tell them to hit Jason to free a teammate or cover a repair counselor while a repair is made. No one hesitates to spray a limping counselor if they have spare first aid, or drop surplus firecrackers or other supplies. Anytime I've ever played sweater-girl, I've always had players either give me spare PKs or med spray, or escort me around as a makeshift bodyguard. And I can't even count how many times I've been limping to the cops with Jason right behind me only to get saved at the last second by someone I didn't even know was there. Personally, I find this aspect one of the most rewarding parts of playing this game (again, aside from murdering cocky douchebags who believe themselves to have teh 1337 skillz). It's a great feeling to escape/survive as a team, especially since technically, everybody could lone wolf it if they wanted to. You don't HAVE to work together, but most players do, and that's what makes the difference.
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    That’s some fuckery right there. Taking a part onto the roof, fucking BS.
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    Holding key items, it annoys me when I have to travel across the map because someone decided it was useful to take the objectives to the far corners of the map. That shit gets old. Worst is when they bait you out there then pick it up and fuck off.
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    This is an interesting topic. Teaming would likely be a top pet peeve for most people. Hitting fellow counselors with melee weapons is pointless, and wouldn't bother one as much now as it did when they could hurt you. Someone leading Jason to you while trying to escape is a mixed bag. Sometimes it's intentional, other times it's not. I usually lead Jason back to them. A car with open seats passing you by could be due to Jason being on their heels. I stop if the coast is clear, and if the player has helped out in some way. If they've been screwing around and expect a seat, that seat stays empty. I find new players following me around, and I'll give some pointers on how they can help the group. If they don't, I lose them in the woods. Speed looters don't bother me much, as I'll get the items back when they get killed due to their own carelessness. If I'm playing the repair role, and someone less qualified tries and dies, I'll wait until the coast is clear and get it done like I could have initially. The only pet peeve I really have is players who act entitled and try to dictate how a match should go.
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    Can I vote for all options? 😂 Joking aside, few things that also grind my gears; People who refuse to drop their shotgun to deliver parts or those who waste shotgun shells for no reason pre-rage. Speed looters whom grab like every single first aid spray and don't bother to "tank" traps from objectives. Bear traps behind glass doors too. Too many times I opened a door just to step on one in Packanack or in Crystal Lake 😐
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    Straight out hiding under a bed or in a closet all match long and doing nothing to contribute. The other one is the counselors who will place traps inside of windows.
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    Yes, I especially despise teamers who hold items, but besides the teaming aspect, any counselor that just runs around holding something like the fuse the whole match when I know where the box is from the beginning, only to see them get killed near the end of the match when I could have had the cops called a long time ago. That's irritating to me. If you can't find it, drop it and let someone else work with it. My opinion anyways. Yes, traps in random places are extremely annoying. Especially when it's done to troll other counselors and the traps are like on the inside of where you crawl in a window. 😒
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    I voted other. I peeve more over counselors that go around locking all single lock doors in big houses and the counselors that set open bear traps in moronic places (like in the middle of the barn).
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    Voted for holding key items and doing nothing with them. One counsellor doing this can make the only viable chance of surviving being lasting out the night. Worst of all is if it’s a teamer that’s doing it. Had a match where a Deborah was teaming with Jason and had a set of keys, the fuse and Pamela’s sweater with them. A teamer that that runs about opening doors for Jason is bad enough but at least they and Jason can be countered with skill. When they keep hold of items so you can’t use them the only option is wait out the clock, all while Jason and his helper chase you all match.
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