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    With all of the negativity floating around I wanted to take a moment of my day to thank anyone who had anything to do with the creation of this game. Im old in video game years this game was the soul reason I purchased a playstation and pay for ps plus. It has led me to rediscovering video games after what was about a 12 year hiatus. When I was a kid I used to hope and pray this game would get made. I am a huuuge fan of the franchise. This game exceeded my expectations. The details on the maps especially packanack are a thing of nostalgia that matched my highest hopes. The things we did not get were a part of the worst Friday the 13th film in the franchise(Jason X or manhattan take your pick) This is by far my favorite casual game on the ps4. I see so much whining and knitpicking every minute detail. Some of it is genuine, and some of it rings false. The sheer magnitude of the game for someone who loves the films is incredible. My father a 70 year old man loves it. This man loves nothing. So thank you to Gun Media, The development team(s), and anyone else involved in this game. You have 1 extremely satisfied fan. Heres to a part 2 on the next gen of consoles cheers.
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    I bought a PS4 for this game too (two of them actually since the first one decided to go kaput on me). Nobody can or will deny this game has more bugs than a Compton crackhouse, but when you set-up the perfect Stalk jump-scare and hear the guy scream like a bitch over the air or the car you're riding in dodges a relentless Jason by the skin of your teeth and makes it to the exit, all of that becomes worth it. A lot of people like claiming this game is trash, or unplayable, or my personal favorite, "Dead"... but no, it's NOT dead, fuck you very much. The fact that it doesn't have millions of players doesn't mean it's dead. I'd be willing to bet the people still playing this game are more invested and have more love for it (even with all it's bugs, glitches, and toxic assholes) than any Fortnight or COD player does for theirs.
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    This is the reason why so many people here enjoy your company. 😎 It sounds like a certain section of the forum is gonna swell up with new topics real soon.
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    Time... It is an enemy on all fronts in a war we can never win. I am perfectly calm and reasonable... And Christ cannot help you here... This place has a death curse for some reason or another. There is nothing wrong with that... But in my experience... and I have A LOT of life experience... optimism leads to false hope and being crushed by reality... Which is why I am not an optimist, I am a Realist... Realists are generally found to be offensive by many people... and there is a reason for that , the truth hurts... But we should never hide from the truth... and coming down on the truth in any way is literally shameful. The optimists that I knew when I was young are all either dead... or in a very deep set depression... Over time, in this wonderful world we live in... optimism has crushed just as many (or more) good souls than it has helped... With realism, at least we know what to expect and be prepared for it. It did... on PC... they did not specifically say... dedicated servers for all platforms would be out on day one... so once again, not a lie. There is such a thing as mitigating circumstances... and if you called everyone that was not able to keep a promise a liar, you would "make an enemy" of literally everyone in the entire world... No one likes to be called a liar... And ANYONE who makes a promise can easily fail to keep said promise due to "mitigating circumstances". This does not make them a liar... no matter how butthurt someone may feel about the promise not being kept. This also falls under "mitigating circumstances"... see above. See the "make an enemy" comment above. Have you been able to keep every promise you ever made?... Somehow I doubt it. Did you enjoy being called a liar for this "crime"... somehow I doubt it. Technically... no, they are not. If dedicated servers were an integral part of the game, it WOULD NOT function AT ALL without them... Being people were playing the game without dedicated servers... this actually makes them NOT an integral part of the game... Think about it... I have. They are a "luxury"... not an "integral" part of the game. They do... and they do. The game itself reflects this in more ways than many people care to think about... or admit to for that matter. Of course they do... why wouldn't they?.... Just the simple fact that a new movie WILL up the sales on this game, even if it take two years from now before it is released is enough reason for them to want this... but there are so many more reasons that we ALL want this. I did say there is nothing wrong with hope... but if it costs more to release new content than is reasonable for the company, (as I explained in that first post... those are VERY real possibilities that NO ONE has talked about... at all)... it is not going to happen. There were probably quite a few things that were being worked on besides Jason X.... and non of us know what they were, or how far along they were in making any of them. Personally, I would have kept them... all of them, just in the outside chance that "something" could be done with them in the future and the money spent on the development of these "thingys" was not a complete waste... Hope for the best, but plan for the worst... It is the view a realist lives by... and it works much better than optimism. But the safe bet for the company here IS to say no new content will EVER happen... and it more than likely will not ever happen. But if it did... (and that IF is a very big IF... so big it will crush the hopefuls when it falls... and crush all hope that remains)... it would be not only a brilliant shock to us all... but an awesome gift to the fans of the game, many of whom... have not been kind to the devs… such as those who call them "liars"... So ask yourself... after accusing them of being "liars"... Why would they bother doing any of this for you?... They wouldn't... they would do it for themselves, and for the fans of the game and franchise itself... IF (there is that incredibly ginormous IF again) they were able to... without bankrupting themselves to pay "the other license holder"... If a business is not making money, it shuts its door and closes down... this is just reality... So, calm down now.
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    I really truly appreciate this and will share this with the team.
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    Screw the stats as a 6’1 229lb male you best believe I’m rocking the booty shorts and a pair of Adidas. Fuckin’ bring it Jason brah.
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    The game is a brilliant fucking mess and THE most entertaining game I’ve played in years. My brother and my best friend we all live in separate states and play together 1-2 nights a week. The screaming and tears from laughing at the shennnegins and close calls has brought significant joy to my life. Just last week we had the most incredibly difficult match against a 150 Savini, managed to repair the car at all costs, 3, 2, 1 and I was the last survivor, jumped in the car, sped off and Jason threw a knife and the car went crashing inside a cabin and I couldn’t breathe from screaming and laughing, re-running for my life only to get snatched with 2 seconds left. The bugs, the theatrics, the shennegians, the entertainment of this game.
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    I’ve almost posted this idea a few times but never had it worked out all the way, maybe one of you can make it work. Wes mentioned that Perks could potentially be reused in new ways as part of the balancing that is currently happening and I figured now would be as good a time as any to bring it up. Using Psychic as my example (there’s no reason other perks couldn’t be used in the same way), I’m think we can adjust specific perks so they require a second perk to be combined with the first and your third slot maybe sacrificed in the process. Psychic is mostly useless and could even be seen as a liability because Jason can use its extra range to track you. This sucks, it seems opposite to how Perks should work and makes what sounds like an awesome inclusion from later movies, simply bad. First suggestion - Pyrokinesis Pyro is another perk that isn’t useful, I know they expected people to use it for tracking and I do track Jason but it isn’t worth a slot. I can’t imagine it ever being worth a slot. Imagine taking Psychic and then having to select the type of psychic you wanted to be. So if you took Psychic and Pyro you’re Counselor would gain the ability to bring up a flare gun sight, and mentally fire a burst of fire like pyrokinesis. This would use the same mechanics as the flare gun and would make these perks fun. To balance it you’d only have till rage for it to be useful, and you’re giving up that third perk slot. I think 2 shots would be fair but maybe 1 every 3 minutes or something would be better. Second Suggestion - Telekinetic Shield Combining Psychic with the firecrackers perk could allow you to activate the firecrackers effect on your Counselors model, basically giving you a radius that can stun Jason pre-rage. This can be used to regain stamina or run at Jason to make him drop someone. I figure you’d get one or two uses and it would activate by holding the left trigger (L2) followed by a right trigger tap (R2) same as shooting a gun. You couldn’t be carrying something when activating it but the trade off is part of the balance. You still trade that third perk slot so no doubling up on Psychic Powers. I think 3 uses would be fair as it only delays the inevitable. Third Suggestion - Telekinesis Maybe combining Three Perks could also work. You could combine Psychic with Slugger and Heavy Hitter to get a shotgun instead of the Flaregun. Using the same mechanics as the gun to fire a TK blasts at Jason. You wouldn’t get the original effects of the perks and instead get the ability to throw one Psychic stun. This may have a range limit, to balance it against the ability to stun Jason in rage. I think different combinations could could be used to give your Counselors other Psychic Powers, Clairvoyance for example (maybe using the unused picture of a Crystal Ball). I know these suggestions border on a Darin (call back to an old member) post but I think that maybe something can come out of it, thanks for reading.
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    I would like for you to fix Jason’s slashing. It gets annoying to a point where you have Jason’s slashing till you are dead, I would like for you to change that. It would be nice for you guys to make him slash the players without damage when the counselor is close to dying, that’s where he will have to grab the counselor in order to kill you.
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    Graphic and aggressive I like it.....👍🏻 I unfortunately would probably run into the woods all the while shrieking into the night with a very uncomfortably high pitched scream “ He’s killing me !!”... before meeting my impending doom........😃 remember we are all doomed....
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    @DontZzz34 An interesting question... Let's see now... Composure: 6... Not much left in this world to scare me beyond my own temper... but we only have 35 points to work with. Luck: 1... Was never very lucky... except at catching my beer if I drop it... Barely spill a drop when that happens. Great reflexes... yes... good luck.. no. Repair: 7... I can fix a great many things... but not everything... and with my shit luck, intricate jobs make for a lot of nasty language, but I will still get it done properly... Co workers and observers may want to use ear plugs. Speed: 3... I will go with minimum counselor speed.... I have issues with my spine and cannot actually run very fast... or for long due to extreme pain setting in rather quickly. If not for the other counselor's minimum speed of three, I would drop this to walking speed to keep it more realistic for me and drop the extra two points on composure and strength... but hey... game mechanics and all that. Stamina: 6... I may be a heavy smoker... for many, many years... but I have the stamina of a horse... years of working out, throwing drywall at people and punching a wall with a ten pound screw gun thousands of times per day has that effect on people... Not being able to run has forced me to confront many situations in life that most others would bravely run away from... which also has a lot to do with why not much scares me beyond my own temper. Stealth: 5... I can be very sneaky... but I am no ninja or anything like that. Strength: 7... I am also strong as an Ox... for the same reasons listed under stamina... but we still only get 35 points to work with here... if we want to keep it fair... But just for realism.. I would take an extra couple points on strength, composure and perhaps luck... I may be unlucky... but I am not really "that" unlucky. Up against someone like Mr. Voorhees... Honestly... most of us would fair the same as you... But let us at least die with him being aware for quite some time to come... that we put up one hell of a fight. I will carve my name into his mask before I die... backwards... just so every time he looks in the mirror, he remembers me. I also have this same problem... it can sometimes be a curse. Words to live by. Mitch is awesome.
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    Damn these are cool ideas ! I do think using perks that stack on each other to provide a type of power should have levels added to them and cool downs like Jasons abilities just slightly different...possibly tied to his Rage also?.. so pyro-kenesis could gradually build up as the match plays out and maximizes when Jason hits rage also........at first it could be a short burst and by the end of the match as far as the flare can reach.... I am on the fence thinking these abilities should have the ability to stun him in rage. if the cool down is on a 3 or 4 minutes I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Another great suggestion and I like it a lot, I also think it should come with levels and start with needing to be very close to Jason for it to work and by the time he hits Rage it has the the same range as the stun radius of perked up firecrackers...this is also an ability I think as long as the cool downs were timed right this could also be an ability that stuns in rage. I like this one too! I agree with the range limitations and it could start out needing to be very close to work and then by the time Rage hits it has the same range as an actual shotgun! Once again giving these powers cool downs will definitely be needed.... This is far from a hell dogs/ black magic books to be investigated style idea buddy lol... its a very cool 😎 idea allowing you to upgrade your existing characters into Tina/Carrie characters! Nice job slasher!
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    @Slasher_Clone Very interesting... This could bring a "Tina like" character into the game without technically being "new content"... turning an existing counselor into a telekinetic or pyrokinetic protagonist. Everything here you are suggesting is technically in the game already, just used in a different way... but that new content thingy and license holder approval is always a slippery slope... and we know so very little about the conditions there of. Pyrokinesis... I like it as is... But consider this... the pyrokinetic flare only stuns... after rage?... or close to high fear level for the counselor using it? Or both combined might even work better. Tina... and many other fictional characters with such powers needed to be in a heightened emotional state to even use their powers. Perhaps a legendary version of both required perks could double the length of time Jason is marked on the mini (and big) map... Once he is marked on the mini map, you can see exactly where he is on the big map if you stop to look after all. I would not go so far as to make the stun longer though... stuns are already quite long enough. Also... marking Jason on the map is extremely useful for many reasons... at least to other team mates that are trying to do something without having Jason show up instantly if they screw something up... Or give those dreaded "unavoidable warnings" such as car and boat start ups or even "mother's warning"... It is always nice to know that Jason just used a morph when attempting one of these things... But many people do not even take this into consideration. Telekinetic Shield... I would put the same restriction on this... after rage? or close to high fear level? or both?... for the same reasons. And of course, no more of a stun than firecrackers normally do when he touches the shield... But I would also suggest that it be used automatically (but still needing an inventory slot and a recharge) when Jason tries to slash or grab the counselor... Just so players do not go running at Jason instead of away from him. Perhaps a legendary version of both required perks could even extend the shield to another counselor you are touching at the time of Jason's slash or grab... or are at least only a foot or two away from them... Just a thought to have an even more "powerful" telekinetic counselor without too much extra "power". I do not think you would need to give up a third perk spot for this though. It may be a bit overpowered... and many players would indeed move to these perks for obvious reasons... But giving up an inventory slot for the power usage would be enough in my opinion... Even having that slot needing to remain empty to charge up for its first use... and of course, with a timer for successive uses... leaving only the possibility of carrying only two items in your inventory. I only put the "after rage stunning" in there because it makes sense for building the "heightened emotional state". In my opinion, just so it makes more sense in consideration of the required "heightened emotional state"... and considering how overpowered this is... I would give it both requirements of Rage already being active and High fear being needed to active either power... This would also make for a good balance point for this with it being so over powered. If Jason grabs you before the telekinetic shield can activate... then you are still screwed without a pocket knife or someone to save you... and for the pyrokinesis... it would limit the number of possible uses and not make either of these an instant save every time Jason gets close to you. Just my thoughts... I can tell you really put some thought into this one... Damned good ideas in my opinion... Now we wait and see what others think about it.
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    @SouthernMan Well said, my Southern brother! This game has had flaws, and I've been vocal about them at times; but this is also the most fun I've ever had playing a game. And like you, I've been dreaming about a game like this since I was a kid. I'd love for more content to be created, but I know that's not in the cards anymore. I'll continue to have a blast playing this game until Gun makes a sequel.
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    I found that thread... it was indeed a refreshing change. Exactly... most of the people I have ever met are not even horror fans in the first place... It can be hard to have a conversation about something you have an intense "like" or even "love" for with people who couldn't care any less for it than they already do. This game... and these forums have been an outlet for pent up years of conversation that had no where to be spoken about... for more than just me, I am sure. And for me... horror is still a great love of mine. It was never confined to just "my youth". Not just reminiscing.. but continuing the conversation and building new memories... Rambling is not necessarily a bad thing when you are on to something.
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    This really can’t be said enough. I manage to express my displeasure without being a jack ass to the people who worked so hard to give us all this wonderful experience, other people need to step back emotionally and do the same. At least go to the effort of making valid criticism. Not pointing any fingers, don’t have enough, but a little gratitude wouldn’t be uncalled for. Conveniently there’s currently a thread for it, 😆. I would like to add, I think Wes would do it for himself. He feels a unique responsibility to the fans, you can tell in the Beyond streams and his answers. Unfortunately you can also tell he thinks we all take this far to seriously, not realizing that for most of us, there is no convenient way for us to participate in the sub culture of our youth, horror. This game doesn’t just give its fans a shared experience, it gives us a reason to reminisce about everything Horror that we enjoy. I’m starting to ramble but I think we’re on a good path.
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    @mattshotcha A positive message for the team... Please share this with them... hopefully it will brighten their day. Many of us feel the same way... and some of us have posted similar messages in the past... Mine was in my introduction post from way back when I knew nothing about this game... other than what I had seen In it that reflects aspects of the movies. At last!!! Confirmation that I am not the oldest person that plays this game!!!!… I also love nothing... well... close to nothing. I hope he continues to love it and enjoys playing it for eons yet to come!... and you too of course!!! The first time I saw the lodge in Packanack… and saw the bell on the porch... Well... it reminded me that the real building burnt down all those years ago... and I often wonder... Who grabbed and kept that bell from the ashes... I know I would have grabbed it had I been there. The bar that saved Ted (and some other nameless counselors) from Jason also burned down... I would have liked to go there for a beer. I had the same feeling when I saw the Higgins house... But there was nothing there that would have survived the fire that burned it down.
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    A lot of questionable things in this video..
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    At least Im not alone as the griefers fall silent.
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    Exactly. I’ve played with you before, you were on mic and running objectives. I’m pretty sure you were trying to help some kid on his mic lol if I remember correctly.
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    I also couldn’t agree more @SouthernMan, it got me back into gaming too. Bought a console and new big t.v. just to enjoy the experience more.
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    @SouthernMan, you and I are in the same boat as I too only pay for PS Plus just for this game alone. I also couldn't agree with you more, the attention to detail on the maps alone are incredible.
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    Sending this over to the team for a look.
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    They obviously need to rework the stat pool for counselor to make them ALL more viable with their strengths and every weakness crippling. Instead of it just being a game of speed, stamina, luck and repair.
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    Haha, thank you! Glad to be back. And I'm fine for a little differing opinions, I can see how some people might enjoy the reboot. It just wasn't quite my thing. On the topic of things that are my thing, even though it's not official, I wanted to talk about... Never Hike Alone Before I rewatched this for the review, I planned on framing this review around the fact that this was a fanfilm, and as such we had to understand it had a lower budget than the other movies, and to be prepared for weaknesses based around that. But upon the rewatch, although there are plenty of (very clever) editing tricks and directional choices to show the low budget (primarily using the first person camera) everything looks so good that's put in the film, I don't really feel it needs its budget dismissed. This is how you make a low budget film; you make story and editing choices that reflect your budget. So, on that theme, this film very wisely eschews the typical Friday set up, instead introducing us to a lone protagonist. The very clever premise of him being a Youtube Hiking vidlogger (not quite sure of the right term there) means that he can deliver plenty of exposition to the audience through the means of making his Youtube show while the film is a one person act. That said, this wouldn't of worked with a lesser actor. Carrying an entire movie on your own is a challenge even for the most expert of film actors, but Andrew Leighty does a remarkable job. There's a real potential here for Kyle to come across as a bit douchey and unlikeable, but he does an amazing job of avoiding that while keeping the experienced, knowledgeable sense Kyle needs to make the movie work. It would be easy to make this purely found footage, or to throw Kyle right in to the camp, but again, very clever choices are made to build tension, including a great sequence with Coyotes at night that delivers just a hint of what's to come. Kyle's Youtube act also makes him perfect to deliver exposition about Crystal Lake (even if it means we have to accept he has all this knowledge of it and just found it by chance; it's fine in this type of film). Once Jason shows up, we also get something quite exciting and new, because Kyle is presented as a physically fit, able, aggressive protagonist. It's often been a long running joke for people who mock slasher movies, 'Oh, I'd just run away', 'look how slow he's moving, I'd just hit him' etc. and this film does a wonderful job of dispelling the myth as to why that wouldn't work. Kyle is capable, practical, smart and strong, but none of that matters when your opponent is Jason Voorhees, and it shows. It's also worth complimenting the way the directing sets up the geography of the film world, by using Kyle's narration and later returns to familiar points to let us know just where Kyle is and where he needs to go (for example, tripping over the barbed wire). It helps keep the tension and for an audience to relate to Kyle's plight. Geography of the scene in horror is, in my opinion, really important (see the failures of Part VIII, where we have no idea where on the boat people are from each other at any one time making Jason's appearances less effective as we never know where he is in relation to the protagonists). It's admirable as well that this movie went for a whole new look for Jason. Being honest, it wouldn't be in my top five Jason looks, I find him slightly too slight, I think he needs even more bulk, and I'm not 100% sold on the jacket, which almost cuts too much of a heroic figure for Jason in my opinion, but I deeply admire the decision making behind it, love that Vincente DiSanti has put a lot of thought in to it and backstory to this incarnation of Jason. I also love that he feels so 'earthy', like he's almost become part of the camp's colour pallete. I like how most Jason's have a theme (Part VI: tooled up, Part VII: zombified, Part VIII: wet) and I like how this film is no exception. And the 'ghost' hockey mask looks great, it makes Jason feel even more ancient and it's a creepy, different design. (Although when Kyle takes him out with the axe, I kind of wish it had been in the top of the head and given him the axe mark back, but that's just a fannish thing). Finally, I'm going to talk about the end, so SPOILERS, and go watch if you haven't already, because it's free and it's great: Kyle's waking up in the Ambulance with no explanation to how he got there feels a bit weak, and while the surprise cameo is fantastic, it raises more questions than it answers. Why on Earth would Tommy Jarvis be so casual about picking up a lost hiker near Crystal Lake with a stab wound? You'd expect more urgency out of him, instead it feels like he doesn't expect Jason to show up, which seems odd given his experiences. Yes, he gets a line, "I knew it!" when he shows up, but I think it'd of been interesting if he was more antsy about leaving, and obviously aware something was up. But that's a small complaint since we got to see Thom Mathews revive his old role, and call Jason a 'maggot head' one more time! Overall, this film is actually REALLY good, not just as a fanfilm, but as a short horror movie all on its own. I would probably rank it somewhere like this, but remember, this is a short fanfilm competing with professional movies!: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Friday the 13th Part Three Friday the 13th Part Two Friday the 13th Part Four: The Final Chapter Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Never Hike Alone Freddy vs. Jason Jason X Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Friday the 13th (2009) Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
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    I am, and I think this would be an interesting one to implement somehow. Thanks for the tag. I wouldn't force such a thing on people, but if it was a setting one could toggle in a Private match, that would be fine for those that wanted it. I agree on the limitation of what's left to be done with this game. The bugs and balance are the main things to address. The perk rework will prove interesting.
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    I get what you’re saying and I like it. Very unpopular but I always wanted a character lock to no more than 2 of the same character in each lobby but whatever I guess.
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    Did you get a salary increase for said promotion? 😎 @OCT 31 1978, I agree on the adaptation on both sides. I think that will be the trend with any future updates.
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    Seriously i have to agree with you on this one, Tommy is supposed to be the savior but god damn I was so uncomfortable when he was nearby. I remember when you could break the windows without having to press X and start the animation, it was pretty cool, and no "invisible shield'' too, climbing a window with Jason behind you wasn't safe at all.
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    Beta December 2016 was the most magical time for me. That was the first time I had gotten sucked into a game that strongly in a long, long time. May '17 was great, but my favorite era post-launch was when Jason 4 was released. The game build was one of the best and it was a great time to be playing. Then came the nerf and a thousand pocket knives....
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    Too lazy to put stats. I’d want to be tommy though cause he’s the best out of all of them.
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    Composure: 2 Luck: 1 Repair: 6 Speed: 9 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 8 Strength: 5
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    Composure: 10 (I don't get rattled over anything, like ever) Luck: 1 (luck sucks, plain and simple, always has) Repair: 8 (mechanically inclined with I.T. training) Speed: 6 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 9 (years of studying and cosplaying Myers/Voorhees; picked up some things) Strength: 7
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    @pieeater rage quiting is as Toxic a thing as anything other Toxic players do in the game.... you will not get a serious answer here we despise these tactics...... so grab a pair of Scissors and cut through either the power cord or HDMI cord so you can never play any game again.....problem solved. this is the second time you have posted this topic did you not learn the first time ??
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    Composure 2/10 I'm not particularly a well composed person. I get spooked easy IRL, not in videogames/movies though. Luck 5/10 Hey at least I'm healthy! Repair 2/10 I'm somewhat smart/clever but I'm clumsy AF. Speed 5/10 I'm a hasty walker but not a fast runner. Stamina 9/10 I got good endurance. Stealth: 10/10 I'm the quietest person you'll ever meet. People often don't hear me walk in. Strength: 2/10 I'm not particularly strong.
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    I swapped my Firecrackers Perk for NoS, I used to do this anyway if I felt that I was going to spend a large amount of time around Jason. Still looking at othe perk combos but really I’m waiting for the next update before getting to deep into it. More people try to escape, so I have been saving more people. Not sure if this qualifies for your question @nazzac. I’ve always liked bear traps, people still ask me why I’m jogging across camp with one as Mitch, not realizing the utility of a surprise trap. Jason expects the walk into one in a cabin, not 3 or 4, lol. Still trying to get 6 different traps at Higgins barn but only managed 5 so far, poor Jason, one day I’ll get all the traps in a match there and it will be glorious.
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    What Gun should do is take out the leave match option. Beyond that set up a sprite D/C that takes a minute once the player leaves (meaning if I leave, the Chad sprite I'm playing will just stand still and not flop to the ground.) This will give Jason's the time to break down a door and the satisfaction of seeing the kill.
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