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    I don’t know what I’m talking about? Please enlighten me ... if someone is a good Jason I highly doubt this bug has happened to them enough to complain about it. Unless we have completely different views on what is considered a good Jason. The fact he’s easier to kill is a good thing imo. If he can’t be melee stunned post rage, being easier to kill is a good trade off. After all, he was defeated in every movie so killing him shouldn’t be that rare of a thing. Just take some extra measures to decrease the chance of being killed & you should be fine in most games.
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    If you weren’t so new here you might actually know what you’re talking about. Some of the people here complaining about this are likely better at being Jason than you are.
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    It sounds like a lot of people need more practice playing as Jason ... I’m very rarely killed playing as Jason (although it does happen) you can stop a lot of kill squads from ever getting started if you know what ur doing. Sounds like people should spend more time playing & less time complaining & you’d avoid this situation in most cases.
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    There should be two new hero characters: Sean S Cunningham and Victor Miller and they rip Jason in two.
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    Ive been a backer for over 2 years now, and its sad to say that this new patch has completely ruined my experience. the game unlike people were expecting now has LOWERED fear, and when Jason gets rage all that comes is people suiciding or leaving, as the new feel is "useless" not "oh shit lets be afraid". So many terrible things have come from some of these recent decisions, making him invulnerable to stun is completely game breaking, and makes it completely unplayable. You guys really didn't think about how quick he gets rage, especially with teamers, ive seen him get rage within a minute. Its sad to say that this game I used to play for hours on end, now has me feeling useless and bored.
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    The new patch is brilliant! Now it's actually fun and a treat to play as J-Boy instead of a "here we go again, let's chase Vanessa through loops for ten minutes" situation. I hope in the next patch you can fix the spot on the front porch of the blue guest house on Jarvis House map. Counselors can climb over the objects to get to an unreachable spot. This is on Xbox One. Thanks for keeping the game alive!
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    Jason is supposed to be invulnerable while stunned. You’re not supposed to be able to use a sweater on him while stunned because that counts as a stun. Hitting him with an ax to drop him to his knees also is a stun. So basically this is three stuns for the price of one. Now imagine this in normal game play without the sweater if people could stun him and then keep on stunning him while in stun without being able to protect himself. He’d soon lose his mask with even the weakest damage inflicting weapons you can use. It’s bullshit.
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    Sense doesn’t need to be nerfed, but I would be cool with it being swapped with Stalk in the order you get them.
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    I’d just like to point out that during the second Beyond stream, Wes said “any glitch in the kill is our top priority” or something very close to that. 1 in 70 is supposed to be the ratio for a Jason kill, not 7 out of 10. Between the glitch and the ease of mask removal, Jason is incredibly weak.
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    If anything melee slashes should have a longer recovery.. for both Jason and counsellors. The grab recovery frames for Jason are already long enough.. If anything it Jasons grab should be quicker on recovery to make it less punishable.
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    Definitely!!! I totally flipped out excited for that ultimate H2 figure !!! It’s an insane time to be a horror figure collector!!!
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    It sounds like you are a troll trying to justify this kind of crap... Pretty much everyone that plays the game knows a small child that can't even read can pull of the Jason kill... Yet grown men pound their chest and proclaim how they are the best players in the world while doing something that is incredibly easy to do. It is not skill to be good at something a small child can achieve, nor does it indicate intelligence when someone thinks they are good at something that a small child can achieve. And you got the balls to say the Jason players need more practice? It sound like you should spend some time learning more about what you are talking about before making proclamations. "Likely" is probably the wrong word to use here... This would probably be more accurate if you just left that word out. This kind of crap might make me put the game down.... and I can imagine how many players the idiots in the video have killed like this that will NEVER return to the game as it is. Most people are nowhere near as tenacious as I am. How many more players will our player base lose permanently to idiots like that?
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    You forgot the hell hounds and dark astral powers while in digging mode.😜 I assumed that's how you would be able to defeat him on the Grendel map. Kind of like when he gets shot up in the movie:
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    It looks like this might not continue any further. Horror Inc made the decision to withdraw the appeal. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4497508/85/horror-inc-v-miller/ Like Larry said, no settlement has been reached yet. But, for whatever reasons on behind the withdrawal, hopefully it means they're working on some kind of deal.
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    From what I'm reading in your comment Matt, I'm not sure if you guys are aware of how easy and quick those "significant amount of things" can be lined up by dedicated kill squads to begin with. I mean, I often watch streams made by one of these groups and they are able to get a Jason kill 7-8 times out of 10 in average by following the same routine. Most of the time that those guys will fail to do so is due to when a) the player that came back as Tommy is some random person not part of their group and he doesn't know what he's doing or b) when the hit to kneel Jason down glitches and fails to do so. And like I said they can get the thing in motion relatively fast too, many of those kills happen before rage is even close to kick in. Now add to this the kind of bug shown in that youtube video and I can definitely see why some ppl are really upset about this.
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    Sounds strange but fun, not giddy fun but wtf just happened fun. You’re not being punished for your playstyle, the buff is merely encouraging you to play the right way.
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    Even as an avid Jason player I have no problem with this. It lessens his awareness and compromises the ability to morph into the water and hide the entire round when they sense the end is near. I feel if a Jason player is beaten to that point the counselors have earned a kill and shouldn't be deprived if they know how to execute. Besides, when has Jason ever ran away from death? If someone is good enough to kill him, he always takes it like a man. There's always another sequel, and in the game's case, another round.
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    I agree. Earning a survival in a round is a different story. I'd rather earn it than have it handed to me. I just knew that someone was gonna ask that. 😎 o·pin·ion NOUN a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. This is a pretty interesting way to look at it. While the films ended with a fight to the finish, one should not expect that every single match. People are still fighting Jason in Rage, but are a bit more cautious with those hits. Some even still manage to survive. I'm enjoying the weekly broadcasts. Thanks @mattshotcha for access to these on Youtube. This is a very practical perspective on balance.
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    Yeah, and making sure that all of the stuns that aren’t happening in rage aren’t just being converted to damage points. That would be nice too.
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    @HaHaTrumpWon what do you mean, "you people"?😉
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    Someone was following me around all game opening doors for Jason, closing windows on me so I couldn’t jump through them, undoing my bear traps. So I was the last one alive. 2 seat car was ready to go. Thank god I had the keys. So I tried my absolute best here. This f***er comes in my cabin walks into my bear trap and unlocks the door for Jason. I hurry up and reset the trap and his dumb*** jumps into my trap again and dies. So now it’s just Jason and I left. I run him around for a bit. Get a good swing in with a baseball bat and put him on his ass and hurry to the car and escaped. Those teaming f***ers got owned. My favorite escape I’ve had to date.
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    How about a generous increase in HP while you're at it?
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    The team already has these videos and is investigating. But before we all get too upset, you still need to have the sweater, have Tommy, have the mask off, and follow the same steps. They're just running through the steps quicker, particularly by being able to kneel him before he recovers from the stun (assuming you've got all these parameters in a row before Rage or before you're out of shotguns). This is unintended, but it still requires a significant amount of things to line up. That said, if anyone has further details than these videos provide, please do send them over.
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    Wow, Just wow.... Maybe thats what some meant when its easier to kill jason now then ever. How the fuck do players find glitches like this. Amazes me more and more everyday. SMH
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    Nah...it takes all the bullying and counselor loops to get better with Jason. If you don’t let him learn and give him pity kills then somebody will teach him through a merry-go-round and probably be much more of an asshole about it. I’m not gonna teabag and dance over a noobish Jason but I’m not going to just LET him kill me because they’ll never learn how to get better if they don’t learn counselors movements and techniques through trial and error.
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    Never take the side of "shitty human beings"... lest you become one yourself. There has always been too many of this type of people out there already. I also dislike seeing new players get frustrated on either side of play... But everyone cannot always have a good time... Assholes that give others a harder time need to feel the same frustration that they try to dish out. When the assholes are gone... then everyone can have a good time. But some assholes are more persistent than others. I have also met a few people impersonating noobs that claim it is their first game... but it was not... and they had a full load out of the best sense avoidance perks in the game, and way too much skill to be noobs... They may get mercy from me at first, but only until I figure out that they were lying... then the mercy switch gets turned off. Other than that... I have often shown mercy to new players... as long as they do not act like jerks to others for no reason... This will also turn my mercy switch off. If only more people felt this way... Our player base could be much larger than it is. I have run into many new players that did not even know about offline mode until I pointed it out to them... Offline mode is only good for certain things though... It can give a new Jason player a good sense of how his abilities work... but it will not prepare them for what real people are capable of doing in the game. It is helpful in finding environment kill locations, where throwing knives spawn... and target practice for quick throws. It can help you for certain aspects of counselor play as well as it shows the spawn points of the power boxes... and Jason's shack... It can also be helpful in just learning the layout of the maps before diving head first into quick play. It can also be used to grind out some CP to roll some perks before their very first counselor match... If they discover it before their first match. The people I give no sympathy to are the various types of assholes you find when playing in quick play... There are so many different types of them that a psychologist could write a very interesting paper after only a few matches in quick play. @HaHaTrumpWon I have indeed offered myself up to frustrated Jason players in the past. Zero kills in a match can be frustrating for new Jason players... and very low kill counts for veteran players can be just as frustrating (at least for some of them)... They deserve some sort of cookie to keep them interested. I will often lead them on a bit of a chase first to a good environment kill and instruct them on how to use it (if they do not already know). I will also ask them if they need a certain kill for an achievement and lead them to the correct spot. It is surprising how much this can help a frustrated player deal with their frustration.
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    I think the extra pocket knives in offline bots are just frustrating myself, they do not make the game harder... it just prolongs the inevitable. Although I have not seen multiple fuses in offline bots (I also have not played offline bots in a while though)… I would think it could very well make it more difficult with multiple counselors holding a fuse, so long as they actually try to get the call off... and actually try to escape to the cops. It could be viewed as a lazy way to make it harder... or a quick way to make it harder... Programing the bots to actually be difficult is probably a lot more work and will take a lot longer than most of us think. I only really use offline bots for target practice with quick throws these days.
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    A counter as Jason would be to avoid this hunting party until rage. Then its stalk, locate tommy or sweater girl. knife slash combos until dead. No one can stop you from slashing once in rage so all you have to do is get them limping and they cant escape(assuming they are not using window hop in and out, but slash knife in either order should stop this anyways). Just have to keep your mask long enough until one is dead. shift and morph are there if things start going bad and need to get out of dodge quick or catch off gaurd to attack again.. edit: Thinking a little more, still have to watch out for those shotguns that can deal a good amount of damage and still stun.. Also if you know they are hunters ahead of time trapping shack and getting to tommy cb house become top priority over fuse house/cars if you want to get ahead of things. I would just let it play out though as my play style is to pressure the objectives. if hunters come calling, then i would have to adjust to such and make decisions. All is fun!!!
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    Jason has one job to kill the counselors. The counselors have many they need to escape, or kill Jason and have the bonus of other players doing nothing, not knowing what to do or they are working with Jason because they are friends or just being trolls and trying to sabotage the counselors from killing Jason and trying to survive on your own towards the end is just not viable anymore if you can't stun him unless you have a rifle! Counselors don't get an extra perk after a certain amount of time! Maybe let the last counselor have a free perk? Like if they are speedy already but they suck at repair maybe let their repair go up by 5 or if they are a slow character have a little more stamina regeneration? Either way I've deleted this game along with my friends. Thanks
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    People make me sick with this jason is to hard to kill now when he is in rage. To damn bad he is supposed to be OP you should be lucky to be alive in the end not running around tea bagging and dancing like fools this all started with the stupid emotes btw . I really don't think any one complaining about the newest patch even understands the concept of the movies and The fuckin game.
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    Im trying to protest against this update and get a petition going or something . Jason is in rage mode like 3 minutes after Tommy Jarvis shows up.
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    How does it serve to be a civil discussion even complaining about a patch that hardly effects the game, just needs more communication and skill now. Complaining and making fun of the complainers is fair game. There has been plenty of salt and whining. More buffs are needed 😕 Im sure hu dog has had people be sarcastic and stupid towards his beliefs too.
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    Fair comment in my eyes, he responded to a complainer suggesting a worse idea that doesn’t help, if you test and analyse the outcomes of his proposed idea, you would see it’s quite bad still. It’s just some banter.
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    I went back and looked, out of the sake of context and found he wasn’t really being bad. The people demanding change and saying it’s unfair are actually rude and ill informed scrubs. Unless hu dogs troll comments are more then a few pages ago.
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    Yeah I really hope they do at some point the ultimate lines have been very cool so far and I really want to add a part 7,8, 9 and X to the shelf....😉
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    The Part 9 Movie Maniacs figure is some strange combo of Part 7, 8, and 9. It's doesn't actually look like any Jason that actually appeared in a movie. It's kind of bizarre. The Mezco Part 9 Jason is a really solid likeness, but good luck finding it for a decent price, he goes for quite a bit.
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    Even at this 0.0001% likelihood of anything positive coming out of this, I still remain so. I just have to say this is by far one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, adapted one of my favourite overall and horror favourite film franchises to a video game format. I have been off work and one night I clocked in at 8pm and played till 3.30am. I know there are many other players out there who have that addiction. One negative is that I haven’t seen any punk/goth girls with an ass like A.J Mason yet in real life, but like above I remain 0.0001% positive.
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    I dunno Jason already has enough tools at his disposal like throwing knives as well as traps and the game is already largely in favour of Jason. I read in another topic that someone mentioned "was getting stun-locked and tea bagged also in the movies?" and I honestly think he just got owned. Also there was a lot of fun to be had when people grouped up to try to stay alive because that is a viable play style and there is a party pack dlc so don't be so fussy if someone knocks you over and dances, it's part of the game.
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