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    @RustInPeace is largely why our team was able to win the PS4 championship tournament. He would destroy the other teams so badly that it took the pressure off us and gave us an easy path to victory in all of our matches.
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    I just logged into Steam again. Update no longer queued. Hmm. Your mom is clickbait.
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    Damn, hard to single out the best counselors... I guess I'll have be redrum's little parrot again and also go for Espe as the best I've encountered. Come to think of it, Espe might be the only one I've never even killed! Lol. Malloy also was a tough one to catch. Though the group is full of skilled players: luck, red, vader, joe, fred, rust... Each one of you guys have given me headaches!
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    @RustInPeace is the best Jason. Though EspeXspe was pretty solid as well.
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    Try this hiding place to see
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    Inspired by @pucho's "Best Jason" thread, I thought it would be nice to give some love to the high level counselors out there. The two best I have ever played with on PS4 are EspeXpe and @malloymk
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    EspeXspe is the best survivor I've ever played with. But some of you others are fantastic players too. And @Shadesofjoe is no noob. Not that it's an experience pissing contest, but you can bet your ass he can spot a good team player a mile away.
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    If you're Tommy, you're getting slashed. Period. Everyone else I typically try to grab unless they are limping already.
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    Anyway, BoxingRogue was probably one of the best early on. When Malloy was still learning, as were we all. That guy had it, right away. Shame he bowed out, once Malloy got good he was great. A leader, and after Espe the second best looper around. So yes, @malloymk most definitely! But, I have to put Espe and him as equal. Mk isn't a fighter, but more of a leader and objective hound. Espe's a bruiser, and the best looper. Add those together and you get one MASSIVE headache! You are pretty good too @Shadesofjoe, played lots of games. And yeah shade's good, always good games! Also Gotta say Rust is pretty good as a counselor too! Vader is a beast with Jenny, so is Alien#6. Luck, JoeH, Pioneer, Lassie, The Freds. And many more, they all bring something to the lobby. And if you're cool to us, we will help out anyone.
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    That's not new. In fact it works on any window on any map with varying effects. I reported all the counselor glitches I could remember that still work awhile ago with detailed descriptions of how to do them so hopefully they can fix the actual problems now.
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    People who are capable of giving insightful answers to this question understand those things as being implied.
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    You should probably define this better. Meaning it should be someone who is playing to help the team, rather than just showing off and chain stunning a newbie Jason.
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    Damn, everyone! I feel a little embarrassed since I have NEVER had as much recognition as this by my peers! Thank you! As for @The Rain, I know full well these aren't 100% flawless match videos and I DO screw up a LOT, but I'll post a few here (videos are in reverse chronological order. Newest saved video first to one of my earliest matches as Jason last. Also included "A Proper Way to Use Stalk") : Edit: (Unrelated, but figured I'd use this space to make a shout out) Hey, @mattshotcha! Sent a friend request your way on PS4, so please...
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    It's not often I respond to party invites or game invites on Xbox from people I don't really know (although I'm likely to respond to messages if you say who you are), but if you spot 'Capt Crackbeard' in any lobbies, you've found me
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    @mattshotcha any info you can provide?
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    Don't know how many here have seen this but I figured I would post it here. Really interesting interview and a little look into their process on the game and ideas that didn't quite make it. Worth a watch for sure!
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    The update is still just queued 2 hours later. It hasn't started downloading yet. Weird. Is this the patch that addresses balance issues that some people have been talking about? Will Jason be getting his balls back?
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    Welcome to Camp Marty.
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    Neg. Defense could be a good switch with Neg. Traps. I wonder if they would consider activating the buttons so that alternate Strengths and Weaknesses could be activated in the character screen. It would be interesting if each Jason had two alternates in each category it could make the game much more dynamic, and tense.
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    This right here! All the best J players never claim it, it's the ones who talk about their greatness that get beat. As far as all the stuff that you stated above, yeah like I said you killed me more than any other player because of those reasons. It's why whenever we go into a lobby and see that Savini in the intro there arises a collective groan from your friends. Lol, because no matter if it's your first game or last of the evening. We know there will be no quarter, no mercy. You play Jason how he should be played, utterly devoid of compassion and absolutely relentless. It's why I play, sucks to die so much. But, when I can escape you it's like a little piece of heaven. Lol!
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    While I see your point, he was getting slapped around by mind powers. That is a bit hard to combat. That said, anything that makes any Jason more viable I'm all for. I'll add my own suggestions while I'm here. Plus stalk in place of plus sense makes more sense to me. He did a hell of alot of stalking after all. Though I personally would love to see plus sense swapped for plus morph. It makes sense to me film wise as he covered alot of ground. Game play wise it'd help make him unique. He'd be the only walking Jason with plus morph after all.
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    Good thoughts here. Let's see what the community thinks once a few more weigh in.
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    I'd have to check up on this one and get back to you. Actually, that's a large part of what we mean when we say "balancing" will be included in this next update. Stay tuned for more specific details.
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    As mentioned this parody isn't too far from being the truth.
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    Take it from me and listen when I tell you that I know for a fact they will ban players that are cheating. I've seen it myself multiple times. Just because they haven't got round to it yet, it doesn't mean they won't.
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