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    This is very true! Gun, fix your game!!!!!
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    Ok, so I have a female gamer friend. Today I noticed she was streaming Dead by Daylight. I went to her stream and asked her if she had tried F13 yet. She said that she played a few games as counselor and one as Jason. She said that the counselors she played against had so ruthlessly trolled her as Jason that she deleted it right then and that she'd rather play DbD "all day, everyday." Interestingly, she also stated that everyone she knew said F13 used to be WAY better, but that it was ruined by nerf patches. ... It is what it is. For context, this chick WON a Solo H1Z1 battle royale. She's the real deal, folks. ... although she can't beat in Tekken! ; ^ P *Edit: I may not agree with some of Hudawg's ideas, but imo, he is right in saying that Jason isn't potent enough and that he is too easy to troll, beat on, kill. It really hurts the game.
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    Jason should be a ultimate killing machine that cannot be stopped but that stun mechanic is bullshit... There is nothing you can do about it... In this game playing as a jason is a curse more than anything and i hate it... It should be the other way.
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    I played many hours last night. One noticeable thing is sometimes when after you are grabbed or injured by Jason, you lose the ability to do anything besides run. Can't pick up items, climb through windows, and close doors. Annoying bug. Please fix next patch.
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    The problem with your 1st point is that some ppl already know who Jason is before they start the game. The game straying this far from the source (Jason getting easily wrecked) is likely off putting for new ppl, which is what I think caused such an extreme response. The reason counselors seem easy for you to defeat is because the skilled players left. It's likely that even most of the skilled ppl who loved trolling Jason got bored and left. She hadn't played either game before they were released on PS Plus. Edit: @HuDawg Months back, I had suggested diminishing returns be added to med sprays, that is, their benefit is less effective after each use. ie 60%, 30%, 15%; or 50%, 25%, 13%.
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    Yes! I've had more than a few newb wannabe bros trying to organize and boss the lobby around when they knew less than nothing about the game. Bitch! You started playing 2 minutes ago and are already a know-it-all cunt. I had to get multiple guys together trying to flex yet they were level 4, 5, and 6 and making rookie mistakes. On another note, I'm honestly done with the streamers with 3 viewers narrating the match on the mic... yet not actually communicating with players. It's all a big show and performance and it's so ridiculous. This game was not designed to have 2 and 3 people muted because they are playing loud music, chewing, or talking to someone in the background. If you can't communicate and need to use a mic, then use it. The time and place for music, conversations with your homies, dogs barking, kids screaming is not ever.
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    As a Tiffany and Jenny main I can promise you that Tiffany will lose her mini map and have a black screen before an entire minute of being around Jason. Jenny can hang around Jason for a long time, there are many rounds where I didn't even lose my mini map in a chase. Composure does it’s job, it just doesn’t do MUCH. All it does is darken the screen and make the counselors trip a little bit more.
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    I too was a counselor pref, now I have no preference so I get Jason sometimes. I also think nerfing counselors is not the way to go, I actually think that side is fine. As Jason, I think his attack speed should be slightly increased, as well as his speed in blocking and fast walk/run. Also increase fear gained by being in close proximity to Jason and IMO that would do it. Everything else to me is player error, If I'm not on point I'll get beat. Shift grab miss? I was a little off, missed it. Got clowned by a clever Chad with a bat? What can I learn from that? I'm not a great Jason player, at all! But, when I play as him I feel that for the most part it's my mistakes that cost me. Things that are beyond me are the fact if I swing at the same time as a counselor, they're gonna hit first. Even without swift attacker. And blocking too! And when Eric Lachappa can out pace part 4 Jason by jogging that's an issue! And how about that fear mechanic, let's use that! Group combat would be much more costly if those Vanessa players had black screens, with no mini maps. Now, Jenny, Mitch, AJ, and Adam could hang around Jason much longer. But, Chad, Tiff, Vanessa and anyone under a 5 composure would have to back out or lose their bearings.
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    She is a new player going against players most likely played for months. Because of the nature of how combat works, any player that hasn't have yet learned to avoid stuns will get danced on and teabagged. I don't know about that. Yes Jason is worse now since the May patch, but it's not like I wasn't already having a field-day on Jasons prior to it. Plenty of players I identified as "Jason main" left when they saw me in the lobby and even some counselor complained that they are tired of seeing me orchestrated Jason kills, lol. Again before the engine update and often without a crew. My point is Jason has always had the same fundamental weaknesses, and as player realized this over time, it was inevitable. The May patch only exposed it further. The irony is prior to the May update, I was counselor pref only, as you know. After my brief break right after that update, I returned with the goal of seeing what I can do with a weakened Jason. I play with several different groups makeup of 150s Jason Killing types and I tear though them, only been killed once in a game I was AFK for first 2 mins. While if they get the car out, cops call, or even getting killed doesn't bother me, the one thing I wouldn't tolerate from my play is being turned into pinata. I spend a good amount of time practicing, making sure I'm the best player on the map, and I feel if many put in at least some honest effort in practicing, many of the Jason's will avoid being bullied from average counselor players. Don't get me wrong, I do think Jason need buffs (and from today's replay from Shifty it looks like its acknowledged) but I don't agree with doing it at the expense of making counselors worse.
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    Are you saying Lachappa can't jog too? Could always give everyone the same walk/jog speed if its that much of a problem, but i don't think it would be. Not really an huge issue anyways, just don't see why counsellors drain stamina for slowly jogging. The biggest problem in this game tho, is Jason being easy to beat down and kill. Counselors escaping isn't.
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    Next time, can you please announce it prior to confirmation that its another 'special US only, fuck the rest of the world' type event. Just so some of us don't get a smidgen of excitement all for nothing. Cheers guys.
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    lets make it a new setting option: 1. bloody 2. Gore 3. Rainbow
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    We just have to bear with their learning curve. I've played with a few newcomers, and some are quicker to pick up on stuff than others. I'll give some tips to those that listen. Most are thankful that someone is willing to point them in the right direction. In order for the players as a whole to get better, we as veteran players may have to mentor them a little.
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    Yup, there will be updates. We’re definitely feeling the “Jason feels weak” sentiment from everyone, and we’re looking at ways to address that. Some of what we’re looking at has been mentioned by the community, some of is hasn’t been. We aren’t ready to talk about the specifics of possible balance changes just yet, but the team at Black Tower is currently working on bug fixes as well.
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    Seen more purple Jason than I've ever seen this evening. I haven't been using my headset and was listening to a conversation in a pre-match lobby which I found hilarious. "How do I pick the 'Barry' character?" "You can't, you can only be Barry if you're the 2nd to die" ? ?? So many people are enjoying themselves and I've seen ZERO bugs. It's such a shame they can't release new content to all these new players...they'd be laughing all the way to the bank.
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    Noob Trend #684: Setting a counselor beartrap EXACTLY where you picked it up. Noob Trend #685: Run into a large cabin, barricade the door, search nearby drawers, then jump out a window leaving the rest of the cabin unchecked/unlocked. Noob Trend #686: Start up a car, drive up to someone being pursued by Jason just a few feet away, and stop to let them in... RIGHT NEXT TO JASON!
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    Right, after playing this game it made me confused. I can’t understand how a game can be soo broken and badly made. The killer is so over powered that the survivors might as well end themselves. Teleporting cross map and being able to see red outlines of players is about as retarded as it comes. You can’t choose what server to join and get forced into a US server. Meaning that everyone outside of the US lag like spazmoids. The wait times are incredible and that’s probably due to people not hating themselves enough to put themselves through this......game? As the killer is OP and the stupid US servers causing mass lag it makes the game hilarious as opposed to the scary strategic game I think you intended it to be. I was expecting a fun and thrilling game rather than a BTEC dead by daylight. When I watched the film, I don’t remember Jason being able to teleport and sence peoples location to the point he can literally see the characters cross map. Neither do I remember him being slapped about with a frying pan. It’s a shame you disgraced the movie. It really is. I can see the team tried their best. Unfortunately I won’t be opening this app again any time soon. Unless i need a good laugh in which case I will just load up the game to laugh at its many flaws. The graphics and textures are a let down, the emotes are pointless as by the time you have finished your emote. The killer would have teleported on you and hacked up your face. Why have hiding spots if Jason can see your every move?
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    You can block, dodge, or throw a knife to interrupt their swing.
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