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    The thorn in my side is that damn stupid "regain stamina faster when stood next to a radio" perk lol I must've rolled that 1000 times
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    Oooooh that game lol. #RoyWillNeverBeTheRealJasonJustAFakeOne
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    Yea,h it's iconic for modern fans as well not just the old ones.
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    Are you guys ever gonna fix the grab? it is so punishable and slightly undo the who med spray thing.. this game no longer feels like you play because you have skill. I get there was to many sprays but nerfing it to an exaggerated point.. was a bad call. Jason is to easy to kill.. with only two people.. please fix this.. taking 6 months to fix 2 issues really doesn't help.. when there are clear issues and balancing issues that could be fix so easily.
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    This is a death sentence. Never say that.
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    I'd say that Jason in Rage mode should be immune to any stun short of a pocket knife, shotgun, or sweater. Flares, firecrackers, and any melee weapons simply don't work. It's a good counterpoint as his rage builds faster the more he's attacked, making attacking Jason a risk/reward situation; get away NOW, be unable to get away later. I'd also vouch that Jason enters rage instantly when he loses his mask. This would make killing him even more of a risk as he'd be able to slaughter about anyone, especialyl if he was slashing the whole time. Besides. Jason gets PISSED when his mask is gone.
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    Next time, can you please announce it prior to confirmation that its another 'special US only, fuck the rest of the world' type event. Just so some of us don't get a smidgen of excitement all for nothing. Cheers guys.
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    Something I've wanted for a long time in this game is character customization. Not change their facial features, but be able to change their hairstyle, hair color, facial hair, body hair, makeup, etc. That would also make everyone look different and unique. P.s. being able to change facial features would be cool, but it doesn't really bother me.
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    I like it this way. I don’t mind it being there, but an evil laugh doesn’t really fit Mrs. Vorhees, IMO. She didn’t see herself as doing something bad or evil, she thought she was protecting other children from drowning. In that sense, a “Mwhahaha” is out of place.
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    Don't really think a push back is needed. But, Gaining stamina after getting hit and disarmed is something that I could live with. I could understand the adrenaline boost type of re-action. And seems fair to me. Jason chasing more and getting stunned less.. Is more inline with how the game should actually play out. But as far as Stamina goes. I would prefer if Stamina only drained when sprinting. And double the rate that stamina decreases when sprinting. While making jogging take no stamina at all. Also remove the stamina on hit game mechanic.
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    You’re not a God at this game and you don’t have any right to say that what YOU say is right and everybody else who disagrees is just playing to be a bully to the Jason player. I’m never going to agree with your stance of Jason being able to disarm counselors and it is as SIMPLE as that, period. Nobody is disagreeing that Jason needs quality of life changes, but the changes you suggest is not what most people agree with.
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    Me either. I prefer to teach them the art of jumping windows/looping to avoid Jason. I did that as Adam last week for must’ve been 8 minutes until the round ended. She then got on the mic to tell me that I really lost because all I did was jump through windows. And that I was a child molester. lol.
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    Having given it a bit more thought what about something like a stun animation? You could still move and evade if hit as a counselor. You'd simply be unable to swing you weapon for say 3 seconds after being hit by Jason. That way you can't trade blows but you won't be scrambling to find a new weapon.
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    You enjoy your cigarette and beer, I'll cross my fingers for the both of us. ?
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    Agree to agree? ? ...and no, no sneak disses. ? ????? My bad Rust! ? OT: Im not sure about a disarm mechanic. Maybe after 2 consecutive hits? Ramdom like Jason stuns? I don't think I'd like it, tho. @ Everyone, don't take Hudawg's frustration too personally. He just want the game to be awesome again. He's passionate, like I think we all are.
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    been playing since launch. i've rolled thick skin 3 or 4 times. the best one I've snagged was an uncommon... but i bet I've rolled the goddamn quiet swimmer one a hundred and fifty times... and i don't even feel like I'm exaggerating all that much... a few times I've rolled it two or three times in a row. the perk system is broken and almost not even worth the time.
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    @badassgixxer05 I thought you may like to read this as well, your mourning over Muffin is somewhat misplaced... Actually, Muffin survived the massacre at Packanack Lodge. The half eaten animal was not muffin. The end of Part 2 was not a dream sequence... my proof... The news broadcast at the beginning of part 3... in which Steve Miner (the director's cameo as the news anchor on TV) stated there were 8 victims. The eight victims are easy to list off when you have seen it as many times as I have... Crazy Ralph, the Sheriff, Scott, Terri, Mark, Jeff & Sandra... and finally... Vickie (in that order). If you remember correctly, the Sheriff's body and Terri's body (at the very least, I will get to the rotted corpse in the shack in a moment) were in Jason's shack... Ginny Field was in no shape to guide the police to the shack, but Paul was... which also explains where Paul was at the end of Part 2.... They could not have come to a count of eight people dead without finding Jason's shack... and to find it that quickly they would have needed someone to take them there. I doubt Ginny could have given them accurate directions in her condition, let alone the fact that she was running blindly through the forest in the dark when she stumbled upon it... Paul merely followed the screams to find it. The cops would have taken more than one day to find it without someone who knew where it was... and the news broadcast I spoke of above happened the night after the massacre at Packanack, so time is a factor... Ginny was taken away in an ambulance (was that a young Roy driving?) the morning after... and the police statement to the media would have happened that day, after the preliminary investigation and they had some toes tagged... and the news broadcast that night. Alice's body in the shack (if that really was her body) may not have been counted in this body count as she had obviously been dead for a long time. The police never give all of the details in these matters as only the guilty party would know certain details. The movie is getting old now though... and the dog who played Muffin in the movie is now either the oldest dog in history... or dead from old age... But Muffin survived the movie. Sorry for the off topic essay... now back to our regularly scheduled discussion... @Fair Play It would be nice... but its a contest this week... Maybe we will get a boost in chances for legendary perks next week? You never know. @ShiftySamurai The contest is a great idea, but the link in your post only lists prizes... it does not tell us what someone needs to do to win or even qualify to win. It does say that this promotion is not available in my region... but I don't mind. I was just curious about what it would take to qualify for one of these prizes in the first place.
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    Yes... Time machine travel...
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    I also pride myself for having a strong Jason. I fight as Jason against the same squads I go killing with. I don't welcome the idea because it would effect majority of the games player base, the average skilled player, the most and will negativity effect them, not necessarily players like me. My Jason game was pretty much developed after the May engine update (switched to Jason pref after), so I didn't suffer from the loss aversion like many other Jason players with his grab change, and found solutions avoiding counter-hits with good spacing, clever defensive uses of shift, when to grab/when not to, and many of the techniques shared by @Tommy86 or self developed. Jason's flaw in direct combat is that if the slash isn't at absolute max-range, he'll likely suffer a counter-hit and be stun (or worse demasked). Both of our suggestion would fix that (pushback on hit I suggested), I believe mine would be fairer for both parties and isn't likely rewarding the lesser player too much if the gap in skill between players is large. Honestly, I'm having a blast playing Jason currently, and I'm actually upset when the game gives Jason, over me, too some player that just quits after the cops are call . I enjoy my prey to have the ability to fight back, especially the last few once I have the map under my control so I have time to "play" with them lol.
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    What you typed was not sarcasm. Either way, many people where blabbering on about Jason grab range being 20 feet long in order to get it nerfed. Either way, current state of the game needs to be fixed. Its too easy to beat Jason up.. Its too easy to kill Jason. More and more players are noticing this. Its too easy to dodge Jason.. Too easy to hit Jason.. Too easy to demask and kill Jason. Fixing block will help. But i'll say it again. Jason should instantly disarm any counselor he hits to remove the trading hits BS that goes on in this game.
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    Simply remove the RNG determining Tommy house spawn and make it a fixed location per map variant. It does not even need to be shown on the map / no new content added, just remove all chance spawns. That single change will have the biggest impact on balance at high level (where it is most needed). Once again it does not need to be shown on the map as the fixed locations can simply be memorised. This provides options depending on the match / caliber of players you’re up against, whether to make Tommy box a priority to protect. It is the one objective that requires immediate protection / trapping as the call can be made instantly by any player nearby upon first spawn (does not require finding any item to interact). There is currently no way to 100% catch it on first Morph unless it appears in the intro, which is simply a matter of luck. But that can have major consequences on Jason / huge disadvantage against coordinated kill squad.
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    You are a new player obviously , you have no idea how weak Jason is these days.
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    Best thing to to with this guy is ignore him, he has nothing better to do than show up in threads where people talk about Jason being pathetic (he is) to try and argue different, this dude is a try hard , he plays on PC uses every exploit and every hack, he is the person in the lobby who trolls Jason and dances, and quits when he know he is getting killed, ignoring trolls makes them go away.
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    Best mask ever. Recent birthday gift from one of my boys, hand made, one of a kind. I also got a Venom face which came broken in half, I'll still keep it.
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    I've just mulled over this and i think my thought's have already been iterated already. If pamela were a killer i think she would play best like counsilors. I imagine her having the same map blip as councilors. No big red she is over here. Just oh someone is heading my way or someone is in this cabin. It would be great if she could hide in wardrobes and spring out to get you. I think she would play like a solid snake playstyle. DON'T GET SEEN. No morphs, no shift's, no stalk. She doesn't have a cue music to need it. Simple quick stealth kills and sabotage. I think it would turn the game on it's head and have a unique level of suspense if there were 9 counsilor blips on a map and players knew one of them was a pamela but which one. How would that impact team play. Maybe pamela could find some cable cutters to disable the cars breaks. Has she managed to make the car a death trap before you've repaired it. The idea's are overwhelming to say the least but that being said wes is right on whether the game would allow for such a shift in playstyle. The fantasy will do for me though
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