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    I don't think they've been deceptive. I think it's been incredibly tough for them to be in a web of rights issues - there is only so much they can say. I believe Wes said the other day that their press releases have to be approved by the rights holder. This is not easy for them. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't release new content if it were possible. It's guaranteed to make money - especially with the PS Plus month and test screens of the new Halloween sequel getting glowing reviews which will spike interest in anything "slasher" and increase sales.
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    Please, PLEASE this needs to end. I can't believe Freddy, Michael and Chucky keep making stuff and Jason is trapped in a limbo because two old man can't get to a deal. It's just stupid.
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    He won the "first round." And this happening in September, combined with Victor Miller officially stating that the game would continue even if he won the lawsuit, confirms that they sure did jump the gun by abandoning the game.
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    To Sean Cunningham, PLEASE! SETTLE THIS! We do not want this freezing the Franchise! You will be losing money more than you are gaining! To GunMedia, PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF THE FANBASE ITSELF! Revoke this "No More DLC" claws! Please for the love of God some of us just want the promised content we desperately waited for!
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    And the Pajama clothing pack!
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    These are all very interesting ideas. I'm gonna have to try them all out.
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    Well they would have other excuses now anyway even with the lawsuit potentially going away sooner than expected. The playerbase totals can't be very high. Why go back into producing content for a game with no playerbase? Which in large part of course, was their fault for not being able to fix their game most often or add any variety to it. Always one step forward, multiple steps back. I mean hell, they can't even add skips for cutscenes in singleplayer challenges. How hard can that be? The defib of content would only result in minimal returns. Emotes wouldn't cut it, especially with at least half the community hating them. Uber and Grendel alone wouldn't cut it. The community would want long term commitment.
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    The meltdowns tomorrow will be messy.
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    They aren't releasing shit. They made a statement back then saying that if the lawsuit ended immediately, they still wouldn't created content. Nowhere in my mind thinks any of the latest news will change the fate of the game. People can continue to hope and believe. I choose to be realistic. You are less disappointed this way.
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    Wes also stated that the only reason he knew about this court case development was because he read the "BloodyDisgusting" link. I'm no where near ready to "throw them over a bridge" or "chuck in the towel" yet. It's very clear to anyone with assimilation skills that someone who is granted a license for free can't just just speak what they want to speak. It makes the waters even murkier when there's a huge battle for rights ownership going on externally to them - when they're trying to create/maintain a game. If there is a "greenlight" for them to make new content again legally - the only reason I can fathom why that wouldn't be possible - is that they've been fucked around by this lawsuit/rights battle. They've had to make executive decisions for the future and longevity of their company. They've probably had to plough other resources into future game development because games take years to make and there is/was no guarantee when this lawsuit would be settled, in that they would have the legality to proceed with new content. Could've been a year away, could've been 5 years away - could've been a few days ago. It's impossible to run a business like it. It's just not possible. Wes can't run his business within a five year projection under a cloud of complete uncertainty. It's impossible. There isn't a business in the world who would do that. From a games company to a street vendor, to a multi conglomerate like Comcast. Absolutely no one does business like it...and I think it's important we remember although we love the lore, the movies and the game - these guys have to make the right decisions for their own company, their livelihoods. It's selfish of us to expect anything more when a shitload of legal obstacles have been thrown in their way. They're as much the victims are as anyone who loves the game is, more so. I genuinely hope the new logistics mean new content is possible, but if the logistics don't work out. I'll get that's because of more intricate details than we don't know of. That we have no right to know of, because that's business and their hands are tied in ways. Love this game. Support them.
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    I can't remember if I originally saw the idea on here or Reddit, but my friends and I did a Date Night mode a couple of times, where essentially you only work with one other counselor and no one else - your "date."
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    Limited powers: if its me as Jason and there's only one counselor or two, I will limit myself to waiting until stalk or only using running and the lake to get around, no morph or shift.
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    Yea, that was what I was getting at. I would imagine it wouldn't be hard to add a if clause, if Jason was killed and checks what player used the sweater to count it as such. Personally, I'm ok with just counting the entire lobby for the kill since sometime it hard to determine what contribution each player had toward it. There has been plenty of games that I've organized a Jason kill without being ether Tommy or Sweater. It would be nice to know that number beyond what is required for the badge.
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    Haha yeah thanks man! I'll be catching up soon!
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    I saw the savini jason cut scene at the end of a part v match. I think some of the hybrids do look kind of cool. I always thought it would've been nice to be able to create a custom Jason by unlocking abilities, customisable masks and clothes as you progress, ah well . On another note, I'm anticipating server crashes when the game drops on psn tomorrow. It happened for DBD, so with all the glitches we get, id be suprised if this goes smoothly
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    Part 6 is a really good Jason, he is my favorite walking Jason other than Savini. Part 6 heavily relies on his shift and throwing knifes because he has a painfully long morph cooldown. Part 6 is one of the best walking Jasons. Some people say Part 8 but I prefer Part 6 any day.
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    As much as I wish this would change something, there's just no way. The statement from Gun will surely echo their earlier statement - no more new content ever - as sad as that is.
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    I don’t want to see anyone let down again, but people will inevitably think something is going to change. I’ve seen it on Facebook groups already. It’s important to remember that the game isn’t going to go forward, regardless of the results of the lawsuit. This was something Gun made clear months back. If people don’t want to be disappointed, the easiest thing to do is to come to terms with what they said a long time ago. In addition, this victory for Miller is only one step in a long process, and only affects U.S. rights. Sean still controls everything foreign, so nothing “new” can go forward anyway without the two coming to an agreement. There will never be any sort of new content added to the game.
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    Nope sorry judge I do not know how the pumpkins got there maybe they grew?!?
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    Players avoided Vanessa at launch for the same reason why players pick her now, it's the "illusion" of promised success. Remember, at launch, what stats mattered wasn't entirely understood at the time which lead many guides to list AJ as a top survivor while ranking counselors like Chad as trash. Vanessa is the clear cut best counsoler, which is why she is unfairly associated as a troll counselor. She is the best and many legitimate players also do use her as much as trolls.
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    Victor won his suit today, Gun is going to make a statement sometime next week. But I wouldn’t get any hopes up, I bet it will go like this: “Congratulations to Victor Miller, we at Gun Media hope he got exactly what he has coming to him. That said, sadly we cannot continue making new content for the following reasons: 1) Until Sean Cunningham decides to either settle, or appeal we cannot continue making new content. 2) Now say that Sean & Victor come to a final decision, we still cannot complete the new content because Illfonic is no longer making it, & Dark Tower has only been brought on to fix bugs, on the final game, NOTHING MORE. 3) The work that was being done on the photos, the future kill packs, the pajama clothing packs, Uber Jason, & the Grendel stage have all been deleted, & that work cannot be started over We love you F13 fans, & your dedication to the movies, the characters, & importantly . . . The game, but from this point on the best advice we can give you is to move on(just as we have.) Believe me this is twice as painful for us as it is for you, but this time we’re are not going to continue working on Friday the 13th: The Game. Thank you for being such good campers, The team of Gun Media i hope I’m wrong
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    I agree with you. Wes already made this statement loud and clear....’These questions vary but all have a similar tone/request. “Is there a chance of any content being added to the game if a ruling on the dispute occurs in the near future?” The answer is no. ‘
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    Please....be over, so this game can rise from the dead. Uber Jason and its map will ressurect this game.
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    We could get 20 new maps, and you'd still find yourself playing in lobbies that select packanak every round
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    Of the combined players left from the 3 platforms. There will be a lot of disappointed people come Monday when you all hear what we've already heard.
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    I knew someone was gonna make that pun.
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    You are wrong there. A gigantic number of games have stun mechanics. If every game were to adhere to your strict doctrine of "absolutely no loss of character control no matter what" then it would ruin a lot of games. I'm playing Monster Hunter as of late and your character getting stunned offers you a reason to avoid getting hit. If you get stunned by failing to avoid the monster's attacks, you get punished. And it works in that game. Imagine if in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, your character would never lose control. You'd never have those "mini stun" moments when you take a punch without blocking, it would be as if both characters are implacable terminators that just punch each other with no reaction to the hit until one player loses all their HP before the opponent does. Your strict doctrine is flawed. Stuns in games work when done well. The stuns in this game just haven't been implemented well. The primary problem is that they are far too frequent. If the weapon stats were tweaked to significantly lower their stun chance, it would fix the problem. It would require high quality perks to get a good chance of stunning Jason. And in that case, using a perk slot for stuns would remove a perk slot that people use for other perks that they think are required to stand a chance. Maybe people would stop using Medic as much so they can stun Jason, or whatever the case.
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    Bug fixes and potentially balance issues as well.
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