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    Why are you still on the forums if you don't like the game then?
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    Glad for Dedicated Servers, good job. BUT: 1) Jason stops the car and i exit. And Boom, interaction lock. I had to drop down my bat, pick it up again. 2) I usually check the map when i vault a window or calling jarvis/police/opening/barricade door or whatever. I can not see the map in these cases anymore and it was convenient for me. Why you removed that option? 3) Canceling session takes forever. I had to restart the game every time. Please fix this issues.
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    Hey all! We've noticed that a few of you have been encountering issues while trying to connect to a Quickplay match on the new PS4 dedicated servers. We are currently looking into this problem and would like to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. In order to speed up this process, we would greatly appreciate your help with this! If you are having issues connecting to a dedicated server on the PS4, please send me a private message with the following form filled out: Gamertag: Region (Country/City): Internet Connection (Internet Provider/Speeds): Describe your issue with as much detail as possible(screenshots if you have them): Frequency of issue (Unable to connect at all/Can't connect sometimes): Does restarting your console resolve this issue?: Does restarting your router resolve this issue?: Additional Info:
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    I suppose its the cliche train wreck syndrome where you should look away, but you can't help but watch. I'm around a lot less than usual and did once enjoy the game. I used to cling to hope that this game would be stabilized and working at the very least, lawsuit stuff aside even when people were clamoring for the existing mode to have additions to it, when the only addition they added was the body blocker mechanic and the item UI locator for counselor. Yet there have been things that have gone on for over a year now that lead the evidence to one conclusion...not happening. The 3 things you need to make any game work. 1. First...it should actually be stable and work with very little in the way of crashing 2. Next...it should be mostly bug free. Sure some bugs will always pop up from time to time, but gamebreaking bugs should be thoroughly fixed and fixed quickly...not over 6-8 months with no results in sight or results ending up being the playerbase left with even more bugs. 3. Third...in any PVP affair, the balance argument always has its merits, yet here where its 7vs1, the skill should be placed in the hands of the Counselor. Meaning Jason should be easier to use for anyone, since you know...he's the killer, the one experienced in you know...killing off people constantly. However its clear the devs either went for the 'balanced' approach like this were 7vs7 instead of 7vs1 or just went straight Counselor should be easier. Meaning Jason should be more skillful to not only kill the counselors, but freaking save himself from being killed by armies of counselors looking to kill him, stun him into oblivion. I realize playing Counselor can be a joyless experience if the Jason player is actually good or Jason tunnels you. However against even a decent pair of counselors. Jason has very little chance. Against 7 decent counselors, he has no chance and is not fun to play regardless of a top tier Jason or a weaker, challenging one. Shouldn't be that way and they've never really addressed it other than a phantom 'speed' increase for Jason, a couple more knives and a new grab that's made his grab much more vulnerable to be stunned. I mean composure doesn't even matter as a a weaker stat, so why play as any counselor not named Chad, Vanessa, etc when you can simply out move the killer at close or far range with no real downside? Especially when a pop from a weapon refills stamina? Tripping doesn't even matter as a real offset. Now if they fell to the ground...now we're talking but nah...too op for Jason if they could fall to the ground occasionally. Rather than... - Adding invincible frames for Jason after stun - Decreasing his stun time per time he's stunned - Making him much harder to stun when demasked as a buff, instead of just the recharge on ability/door wipe that leads to stuns - Making his melee have... 1. Longer range 2. Wider hit cone 3. Knock counselors back or do SOMETHING to them so they can't just swing through his swings...like it does now Nope none of the above stuff happened over the course of a year. I mean salute to those who still enjoy this experience a year after. To me its not. The only way I'd come back is if the general consensus is the game has improved, stabilized, etc. Yet from what we've gotten from the powers that be. This game is more or less hampered by both the lawsuit (can't add a rock or a tree, but a boat sound is legit) and by Illfonic's inability to fix the game without making more issues pop up. I mean no offense to you obviously. I have no personal issue with the devs. I've just decided im done until proven otherwise and I have a feeling unless im just in the mood for nostalgia sake. I won't be reinstalling.
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    PS4 here. Also forgot. I can not join or spectate friend's game anymore. Only via invite.
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    Are you still going to keep up on your YouTube? You make great videos man! Sorry to hear you're leaving... You and Geneijin are my top two for information on here, whatever happens take care of yourself and I'll hopefully see more of your videos as you release them.
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    I think with that patch the bouncing deaths is more exiting than ever! Watch this video ? https://youtu.be/AAogQYuAUYA
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    Tyrant666 your post is spot on, and I’m glad you also noticed the “speed increase “ or lack of LOL! , I still play the game, I am a HUGE fan of Friday the 13th movies(I’m a F13 nut, have all the box sets, toys, shirts, masks etc) this was the game I always wanted and at launch WAS the game I always wanted, all the nerfs done to Jason is just disgraceful, I am a very good Jason and will wipe the lobby out 8 times out of 10, but I go into it knowing that I’m going to get put on my ass , stunned, beat on for half the match. It takes the enjoyment out of being Jason , being Jason is a chore and to kill the whole lobby you have to sacrifice most of the good kill animations and go for the quick kill , I can’t say how many times I’ve had to quickly punch somebody head off because if I didn’t I would get stunned and drop the person I grabbed. Being a counselor is just to easy, I don’t even run perks or hit Jason anymore to try and make it more enjoyable, while the self proclaimed pros of this game, brag about how much skill they have(this game takes zero skill as a counselor)but run characters such as Vanessa , with all epic or legendary perks, seems everyone runs medsprays, sucker punch, thick skin, because they have “so much skill” LOL! We all know that they aren’t going to work on game mechanics for this game at this point, so why not give the players the option of playing a hard level, all they would have to do is let Jason start with all his powers, in no way would that be new content, maybe have 3 levels, normal, hard and very hard where Jason has all abilities at all times, I’ve played against cheaters who already hacked the game to have all powers at all times, this is something that could be easily done, but again , they won’t do It because it makes to much sense.
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    Thats not true. As someone mains 2 counsolers with 2 repair, it's not that hard to overcome by getting good the the QTE game and by making your move when Jason has other obligations. That's a generalization of players. Well coordinated players do exist, even in QP, and it matter more on the mindset of the player towards working for a goal rather than what counselor he/she choosen.
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    Last game on Crystal Lake I played. Spawned at the shooting range. Found a spray. Went to the camp site next to it. Found a spray. Continued on to the garage. Found a spray. Circled down the road to the boathouse. Found a spray in the boathouse. Later, found a spray inside the fuse house. That’s five sprays that just one person found. Bet there was at least one in the latrine, too. (And Although I didn’t find any this round, it is relatively commonplace to stumble across two knives.) It may not be overloaded with them, but I’d say that we have more than enough. If you still don’t think so then you’re the perfect candidate for the hypochondriac perk.
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    They added a clock feature? Man, I hope their lawyers are awake!
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    I'm sad to hear that you will be gone here, and DAMN you for spilling that burden on me, lol. I wish more people here understood and appreciate the contributions you made here. Can't blame you and perhaps I'll see you on the Discord.
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    I agree. If they commit suicide they shouldn't be allowed to come back as Tommy either.
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    I believe we had a few topics about that already. Doesn't bother me that much, I've had it done to me a few times as Jason, lol, It's worth some consideration this when you should trap the phone or car first if you think you have some kinda player who would do this in your lobby. First person there gets to set there trap. Edit: Hey, my 1,000st post
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    It’s not player skill, I hate to break for those who think itsJason got weaker yet again with this patch, stuns happen even more now(didn’t think it was possible) and now you are hitting the floor(instead of standing) 9 times out of 10, a chain stunning is even more easy now , knives are spawning houses right next to each other(I had 2 knives in under 1 minute multiple games, although I can confirm there are still 4 in the game, stil to many IMO bbut that is the only thing that is the same as it was at launch, cars are being repaired much faster(30 seconds is some cases and it happened at least 4 times) as the gas and battery are also spawning in houses across from each other, I know this as I am putting the cars together myself , because most of the time people just beat on Jason the whole game, Until he gets killed, which for me is so easy it’s got boring , this is just a short list of what I’ve noticed. Devs aren’t going to to do anything but cater to the majority of people who still play this game which are Jason hunters, the game geeks who love to troll and dance around Jason , and let’s not forget the 8 year old kids, so sad what gun and illfonic did to one of the most iconic killers in movie history.... SHAME ON YOU!
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    It would be awesome news if I could play with my UK friend..
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    Welcome to the forums. "Nearly impossible" means there is still a chance. Counselors and Jason players alike get better over time. It sounds like you've run into some really good Jason players lately. Consider changing your tactics in the game, and you'll be less likely to get killed as much. The thing is, if you face off against a really good Jason, all the pocketknives and sprays in the world won't make a difference, because if he wants to kill you, he'll find a way. On the counselor side, if they wanna survive, they'll find a way.
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    Been following their twitter and here’s a quote from one of their replies to people: “There is no match host, but a player is selected as game host and is able to select the map. If that person quits, the game continues.” hope that helps :)
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    Mrs. V has stopped laughing because of everything going on with this game. Also, she doesn't find her son getting smacked around like a pinata funny. All joking aside, I'm hoping the development team will get this fixed at some point.
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    Nothing major, just a small request I figure can make the counselor play a little bit more interesting. Any chance you can make the stereo volume in the cars/cabins more louder? I love listening to the Crazy Lixx tracks, even when Jason is chasing me, but it's way too low. In the films, Cort and Violet had the music playing to the max, but I feel like it's just not the same case in this game. You can barely hear it.
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    You missed my point. The answer isn’t adding more sprays and knives if you’re having a hard time. The answer is to practice more and get better. There is already more than enough items on hand to get the job done.
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    You’d be an idiot as a counselor to not take a spray or knife when you find it, crutch or not. Sometimes you HAVE to rely on crutches in an asymmetrical game. It is asymmetrical so of course the “weaker side” is going to have a bit of crutches to help them through the game, that’s the point. I can survive bare bones if need be, I’ve done it before I can do it again against ANY Jason if I try hard enough because I’m confident in my abilities as a counselor. Just helps when you have a spray and a knife. You won’t break free of a grab UNLESS you put yourself in a spot where Jason cannot find a kill or you get lucky because you are a high composure/strength counselor like Tommy, Jenny, or Adam. Some counselors NEED knives if they get grabbed like Chad, Tiffany, and Vanessa because they aren’t breaking free anytime soon unless Jason screws around with them. Live or die...doesn’t effect me, it’s just a game. I play to have fun.
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    After a match ended instead of returning to the lobby I end up in the Malin Menu where it starts to serch for a room but it never works. I have to close the game and start it up again and if I am lucky it will find a server but that usually also fails. Right now it has ben searching for over eight minutes. And trying to cancel the search won’t work because it only shows the cancelling prompt. And again I am forced to close the game and start it up, if I have any desire left to play, that is.
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    @Craig’s/gta, any new edition offered is an opportunity to sustain a player base. Prior to this game, I had never purchased a digital release. I wanted to play it as soon as possible, so I bought it at launch. Some weren't willing to buy digital, so they waited for a physical release. Others didn't know about the game until they saw it on a store's shelf, and bought it then. Still others looked at the purchasable DLC that had already come out before the physical release and figured they'd wait. The new edition offers all of the purchasable content along with a few physical goodies. It is not uncommon for a video game to offer an edition incorporating all content. Mortal Kombat X, Star Wars Battlefront, and For Honor spring to mind as examples of this. Established players always benefit from this, as an influx of new players hit the game for the first time. Other forms of media follow similar models. I have happily bought new formats or editions of movies I loved to get access to new features or exclusives. I never felt the creators of those movies owed me for buying the previous version any more than I expected a discounted ticket to a sequel, just because I saw the first one. Wait... Holy Crap! When did this one happen?! PS, This was merged into an existing thread on the subject of the Ultimate Slasher Edition.
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    Uh, no. It SHOULD be hard to escape. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if it wasn’t. NO more sprays. NO more knives. People need to stop using them as a crutch for their shitty gameplay. I like finding them but as it is I always find two sprays in Higgins main house alone with sometimes a third in one of the drawers. Just one example. It’s ridiculous. I’m sick of people thinking they’re god’s gift to the game because they got out of my grab twice due to having a second knife. If they were really as good as they think they are they wouldn’t have even been grabbed the first time. Escaping isn’t impossible even against Jasons that don’t “suck”. I’ve done it plenty of times. I’ve been killed plenty, too, but that’s the name of the game!
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    I regularly monitor companies with a questionable reputation. If people ask me about my experiences with a company, I'll be honest. I won't sway or encourage them, but rather present the facts (good and bad) and let them draw their own conclusions. That way, if they try and don't like it, they can only blame themselves.
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    I think one of the reasons you don't see it at the fuse box very often is because it's become the meta for Jason to go there immediately when the match starts. It's hard to spawn in, find a trap, get back outside and set it before Jason is there as well. If I'm more than a couple of minutes into the match and stumble upon an untrapped fuse box, I figure (most of the time, anyway) I'm dealing with an inexperienced Jason who isn't going to bother trapping it at all or doesn't know to. If that's the case, there's no need to put a trap of my own there.
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    Ya im a total novice... because you said so. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee Well in that case im the best novice to ever play this game. ..lol. Either way, i really don't care. No need to get all sour and whiney just because you don't like my posts.
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    Killing Jason is one of the easiest things in this game to do, I find it comical , how people pride themselves on that, I also find that people who pride themselves on killing Jason are the ones who get the most salty when you best them, I’ve played with more than a few of these clowns but they all act like the same person, they never shut up even after you kill them and are back in the lobby, you get 100 excuses as to why they died ... why they “let you lkill them... they weren’t trying.. etc.... etc.... , These are also the kind of garbage who will hack and use every exploit there is , it pathetic that killing an easily killed Jason in a buggy $40 game is their claim at accomplishment in life.
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    Are you guys ever going to address the fact Jason is terrible to play currently and his grab is absolute trash? You fixed him and made him fun to play again previously then completely broke him again with the new engine update when you added the new grab animation. The animation is great but the grab mechanics are back to being broken. Counselors can run circles around you to troll you because if you're on even a slight arch to Jason when he makes his lunge, he misses. It's so easy to avoid and makes Jason frustrating for even good Jason's to play. And the boat change is absolutely mind boggling. Do you guys even play your own game? If Jason stops the car, you can still get out and escape. If you get grabbed as you get out, pocket knife or someone hitting him can get you free. You still have a CHANCE. With the boat, if Jason stops the boat, you're dead. You can't use a knife or attack in the water. You can't dodge him like a shift. It's a death trap. So the entire POINT of the boat not alerting Jason on startup was so you COULD potentially get out on it without him noticing. You guys even SAID YOURSELVES it has less parts to get to start it because it's high risk, high reward. If Jason sees it going, you're dead. But if he doesn't, free escape. That's the definition of high risk, high reward. Alerting Jason to the boat startup means anyone attempting the boat escape will die unless the Jason is a low water speed Jason like Savini and they suck. You guys just completely removed a means of escape. I don't get the logic in this at all. And then you guys get perplexed and frustrated at US when we complain about this stuff like we're the problem....
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    Thats not how it see it.. Nothing i said would make combat not viable.. And if anything would make Jason less open to easy hits, especial for casuals when they get Jason. But of course, you only care about casuals when it suits your view point.
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    Its like you took everything i've said, ignored it... and said this is what I really mean. . I really don't know how to respond to anything you posted. You're obviously someone who enjoys killing Jason, so I really don't blame you for hating my ideas.. My fixes would stop people like you from getting alot of cheap shots in on Jason. Pacing it out more and being smarter about attacking Jason.. So, i see why you don't like my ideas...lol .
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    @HuDawg it is unfortunate that you will forever be a novice at this game, and presumably at any other you play, based on every post I've seen of yours. To anyone browsing this thread, @GeneiJin is your go to guy now on the game since I am permanently leaving the forum after my next (and final) guides go up shortly.
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