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    As I said before and will say again: this shit did not happen when the game was first released. That's Not just because of the mindset of the players, but because Jason was unstoppable. He would kill you. Trolling was not a thing because a noob part 3 Jason could get 8/8 by slashing everyone to death due to the stun "glitch" that made Jason un-stunable for around 5 seconds after he got back up and the lethal range of his slashes and grab. Only after catering to the UTTERLY BLITHERING CRYBABY MORONS who didn't understand how the game was supposed to be played did that change, and now the game is in it's unfun state where Jason is a joke.
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    I think it's important to note that it was brought up by the interviewer, not the director. And entirely too true when he stated that any boost to DBD they may have seen since June is negligible since Friday the 13th didn't have much of a playerbase even before that time.
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    I mentioned this in the Wes thread about future DLC content in the "About" forum. In the interests of the future of the game...as an original backer and Savini Jason owner...I'd like to see Savini Jason added to the Ultimate Slasher Edition. It'll sell more copies. Gun and Illfonic have been put under extraordinary circumstances by Cunningham's lawsuit. I couldn't give two flying shits if everyone that buys the edition has Savini Jason. I don't care if I roll up in a lobby with the full lobby having Savini Jason as their Jason choice. As a backer you have to be a complete braindead moron to refuse anyone else getting Savini Jason - when the reality is - buyers of the ultimate edition will be giving this game a longer life span. I've been here for three years. Backed the game from the start. I don't think they will include Savini Jason in the Ultimate Edition as they have never seemed to have shifted from their position..but I hope they do. Any backer who has issues with them doing it needs to take an almighty gulp and swallow their pride. I'd back them to the hilt on this being the right thing to do. It's about keeping this game alive as long as possible - and not about crying that others have Savini Jason...like some short-sighted, self indulgent tirade. We had a good run with an exclusive. Unprecedented events have changed the landscape since then. Still to this day people are fascinated by him, in every lobby I go in. Add him to the Ultimate Slasher Edition... I'm with you on this 100%. Will also add that as a PS4 player who has had more than their amount of moments of frustration with "the host leaving". I for one, hope they don't implement dedicated servers. They're expensive to run...and in the light of the unprecedented events - I'd rather see the money used to give the game a longer lifespan. It's frustrating when the host leaves - but in my own playthrough experience...it barely happens like it used to happen a year ago...and I barely regard it as a problem these days. It's just not worth spending the money if the money could be used to let the game live longer. Just my thoughts.
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    I'm not going to bother finding videos of Jason being bullied, as I'm sure everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about without having to see examples. When a little Asian girl with glasses can repeatedly stun Jason over and over using a fireplace poker, there is clearly a problem. Last night I saw four games in a row that ended either with Jason getting killed, or getting his ass kicked like a football, and I couldn't help but think of CharminEXSoft's video way back before the games release day that stated F13 The Game "Is not a 'Go kill Jason' game, it's a 'Run from Jason' game". Apparently, he was very wrong. As others have pointed out, killing Jason has gone from a super rare event to one that gets attempted nearly every round. Do you guys have any intention whatsoever of looking into it?
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    Well, it has been less than fun to say the least, but I've tried to hang in there. Well, not anymore. Can't say a damn thing on here without getting a warning. So, I'm out. I've met a lot a cool people, but this mod team is a joke. So, last post. I'd give out some shout outs, but I don't really care anymore. I have had it with the bs that goes on here.
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    What if the developers Received permission to create a game mode that utilized John Carpenters the thing. One person starts out infected in Antarctica, and tries to infect others. You could sabotage any plans and have little things you can do for tests to see if someone else is infected... I would buy it again for something like that.
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    I really like the idea and basis for F13's gameplay. I love the mocapped kills, I love the thematic behind it, and I love the basic function of how the game is supposed to be played. When the game was announced "dead", I was mostly sad at the lack of anymore of this kind of game... Or is it the end? Imagine the gameplay idea of F13: One "monster" vs 7 victims. The goal is for them to escape or last the whole round. The monster can be stunned but it cannot be killed. As the monster, you can slink around carefully or you can be bold and blaring and you can knock the door down. Better yet, you could go with not only any number of slasher monster types, but by using different "skins" on the settings, you could do different settings, such as a future themed map where you have to escape an alien or robot, you could do something modern/contemporary in the woods (like F13), you could do urban in some desolate small town (silent hill-ish), or you could go to the past in the sword and sorcery ages (army of darkness). Just using a creature/killer that would work for each area and the survivors required to work together for the most part and you have a very good formula. F13 made use of it with environment kills, so where you got caught would determine what the killer could do to you and I think that is a good idea to follow. Include 4 on-hand grab kills, and a selectable weapon to change up kills, and of course, singleplayer as the monster vs AI, and I'd buy it But keep the monster vaguely humanoid shaped, that way the mocapped kills could be somewhat interchanged between them. I think the abilities Jason has work well; a map teleport, a sense ability, an evil-dead type dash for shorter range porting, and a stalk function to mute music and sounds to your prey. I know werewolves, vampires, and even Frankenstein's monster (Adam) are able to be used as they are public domain, but I'd want to go with something more exotic and more along the lines of something you couldn't "reason" with in a normal context. Off the top of my head, here are some killer ideas:: Robotic/android: I think of something that looks more like General Grievous would work though it'd be hilarious to make it a knock off of one of the FNAF bots and watch it chase you down before it crushes your head. (a degree of levity can be enjoyed, so long as the threat is consistent). Unknown horror: Some random hell beast that has some aspects of human mixed with something else. Perhaps tapping into the idea of some of the original angelic depictions combined with a humanoid shape (pic is Godzilla + the Buddhist idea of the perfected soul) >Skeleton You could design it up a bit, but honestly a simple Skeleton with a sword and shield would be horrifying enough to imagine you have to escape it. Obviously you'd probably get xylophone sounds somewhere in the music. Combine any of the above with better bug fixes, a single player, and the monster being able to strike the fear of god into the group of people, and I'd happily get it. But on the topic of "Monsters that can't have a copyright thrown on them thus the game gets canned", what other creatures pique your interest, folks?
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    I love the movies and the series and the genre. I am jacked to finally get the game, cept after my 4 game and a vanity purchase, I got this "Database Login Failure: error. Till I work it out I will not be in game, but when I am chat me upo, lets work together and electrocute Jason's nuts! ~Smiley
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    So I always thought there was no point in checking the barn on Pinehurst, but I just played a game where gas and a spray spawned in there.
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    To test the probability of actually getting Legendary perks, I just rolled 250 perks and didn’t earn a single Legendary. Even with CP earned from selling back, you’re looking at spending more than 100,000 CP just to get one if you’re lucky. How unfortunate.
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    I'm glad the info has been helpful for people. I wondered how many people knew about the repair parts spawning there. Figured I'd spread the word to anybody who like me didn't know about it.
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    Np. I didnt know either till yesterday.
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    THIS!!!!!! Had an argument with the discord over this the other night.
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    That is fucking amazing.. literally... ?
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    I see also many People just don't want to Play as Jason because he is much harder to learn , you get trolled and all of that bullshit. My good Friends (Jason hunters , have over 1200 Hours and Lovers of the Franchise) agree that Jason is a joke in this game. You have to be a master to stand a Chance against very good counselors…..I just hope someone will continue this game and resurrect Jason to his full strength.
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    I always thought they should have some traps in the barn.
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    On steam they circumvent bans by Steam's family sharing. On console they just have dupe accounts for which another primary account has Xbox Live and PSPlus membership. Ban the dupe account but the primary account still has live access and access to the game. So they can't even keep them banned no matter how hard they try.
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    Yes. Unfortunately, most reports go something like this: “Player A and Player B were doing [ban worthy] behavior. Please ban them” + cell phone picture of in-game player list. This type of report leaves out any kind of proof and is not considered actionable as it is too easy for a player to make a false claim about another player. If you have proof that a player is breaking the rules and you feel that the JKB process is too slow, fire a PM to me here with a link or embed of your video and I’ll take care of it.
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    You must be playing a different game.. Because thats sure as hell not what happens when im Jason.. or any other player that knows what they are doing with Jason.
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    thanks for telling us about fiberglasshockeymasks! i visited them and decided to order 4 masks from them. part 3-5-6-9. though i'll order 1 mask first to see the quality, then maybe i'll get the rest. legend bro as always. big thanks!
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    I am all for balance... towards an overpowered killer. Counselors need a chance to escape, not a guarantee.... and I am surprised no one has come into this thread with a reply more on the line of... "I don't consider Jason X as cannon." But the game is based on aspects of every movie... I am still disheartened that we will never have a chance to play Uber Jason. Although no real explanation is every truly given to what Jason is... living... undead... a killer clown from outer space that needs water wings... or some sort of mutant like wolverine that can heal any injury (as they alluded to in Jason X)... I think we can all agree he is a little more than just human. I have fought off five people on two occasions in my life... and I am just as human as the next guy, but I am pretty far from what Jason is supposed to be.... and that alone justifies my argument. @The Wolf with that Toast Any argument that Jason should be weak against groups is just wrong. People are dumb, panicky animals, whether alone or in groups. Sure they all like to talk tough, but in my experience, very few can back up these words with any action other than running away at the first sign of trouble. Myself, I cannot run very fast or for any real distance due to injuries... So, for me at least... I am forced to confront anything that others would run away from... no matter how I feel about it. Fortunately for me, I have an extremely hard head, a massive tolerance of pain and I am also slightly crazy. In real life... knock out the biggest guy first and their friends tend to think twice... and if that doesn't work... they sure do run after you knock out the second guy.
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    yeah, always make a quick spot check of barn. open some windows too cuz never know when ull have to make a mad exit! ?
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    The update is not out for the consoles yet and I already don't care for it. Not only I don't think it will be enough to bring me back, but right now, it's just simply not fun anymore because that whole F13 experience is gone. Every game, thanks to Jason hunting and group attacking, you're just running around the camp all night until the clock runs out. That's all the game is now. Playing virtual cabin in third person until you survive. Jason is like a wind-up toy that you can use whenever you feel like it. He's not doing anything to convince that you need to run away from him. To me, that's just not worth spending the extra 5 minutes anymore waiting to obtain a full lobby from the menu. It certainly doesn't help much that the developers doesn't want to do anything with the community just to keep them interested in the game. Even if there's a slight chance another update can make a huge significant difference for me, I don't think I can have that kind patience anymore waiting another 3-4 months with the usual routine of long silences or a few comments from the staff hinting about an update that never seems to do anything but contribute to existing issues in the game.
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    A lot of what goes on in this game is a matter of perspective. I don't fully understand why everyone does everything they do in the game, but I try to keep an open mind.
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    The game could have Jason turn out great and put the friday the 13th name back on the map if they had made better business decisions. Even if we couldn't get any movies or tv shows, we didn't have to worry how long before we could see Jason in the mainstream media again, because the game was basically our movie right there. And before the lawsuit, there were so much BIG opportunities to make us re-recreate and relive the franchise as long as we wanted to without worrying about the credits rolling, but Gun Media couldn't be capable of even giving us that, smh. This reminds a lot like WCW, especially during their final days. Started off really entertaining, but horrible booking decisions is what led to their down fall. Right now, dead by daylight is WWE. They got a few top popular horror icons and planning to add more in the future to increase their audience while Friday the 13th(WCW) is trying to milk whatever revenue they can to keep the show going. If Jason, Shelly, Fox and Tommy Jarvis were added to dead by daylight, that would probably be the equivalent of when WWE signed Goldberg and the nWo lol.
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    Agree on all of those. But let me add. 1. Even though they can't kill you some dumb ass following you around and hitting you with a weapon. 2. a person in a car driving off the road to hit you on purpose. 3. Someone playing loud music on the mic. Yes, you can mute them. But one time I nicely asked a guy to turn it down please and his reply. was go f**k yourself.
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    The game isn't discontinued, yet. I'm holding out hope that the developers will implement a client-side approach to give players access to the Jasons and kills they have acquired. It's the main thing everyone is asking for, and I'd like to believe we will get it sooner or later.
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    All of these things suck on some level, but Quick Play is Quick Play after all.
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    I'm guessing that at launch, people were more concerned with just finishing or "winning", regardless of how cheap it was. And also, the Jasons at launch didn't have the experience yet to know how to find them. Now, most Jasons will find the hiders before time runs out, and most player would be bored to death hiding that long anyway, so it's a problem that (at least in my own personal experiences) seems to eventually solve itself.
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    Unfortunately, putting a stop to the toxic portion of the player base is virtually impossible. For every measure you implement to dissuade them, the trolls will find a way to counter that. Find some like-minded friends and play Private matches. That's the best advice I can give. Could it be that they are new to the game? Quite a few players at launch hid in the closet or under a bed or in an outhouse for the full 20 minutes. With a mix of new and veteran players, you can't get away with that now.
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    Kind of old news at this point, but Joe Bob Briggs has confirmed he will return this year. On Instagram him and Diana Prince(mail girl) have been on a journey around US going to such sites as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre house. Can't wait for more rants!
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    Seems like with every upgrade the game just got worse. Now the grab is a complete mess. If certain things aren't broke, don't fix them. The game had enough problems other than game mechanics which mostly were fine. Now the game mechanics are wrong along with just about everything else.
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    Never let the voices of lambs affect the thoughts of a lion. In 2018 terms, fuck em. Do they get a special trophy to show their friends and family? Nope, only a little e-pen for the day. And remember, everyone on the internet is a virgin, except you and your mom.
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    Maybe have Jason be able to pick his mask back up if he kills whoever is carrying it. Or something as simple as reducing his stun times each time he is hit with the same weapon type.
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    That’s a poor analogy and a shitty show, but ok
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    I know it's going to bug people to read that but it just does. As Jason, you deal with nothing but the lamest shit every game. A loop around furniture that the supernatural killer can't move, chasing a window vault, or a car full of people that each have the capability of easily stunning you while a med spray heals through your weapon damage. Nevermind the shit mini-game of keeping the destroyed car, destroyed, while trying to manage the counselors. Then you have this inaccurate shift that is supposed to make up for all of it and it doesn't because even if you use it successfully you still deal with a plethora of pocket knives. You can stop people from disconnecting with the Salt Mines but you can't make people want to play it. It's just bad and your team is taking all this time to deal with console issues while PC is dying. For fuck's sake, I can't play Savini if I choose Jason to be random and mute flat out doesn't work. You dudes made a lot of money and so far the experience is marginally better than a fertilizer breakfast. I've tried playing the last two days and quit after just a game. Both of the games I was Jason, did 6+ or better kills and still had no fun. The mechanics and the polish are shit. Complete tedium. The combat is supposed to require skill yet is wonky and doesn't allow for much more than luck. I can imagine being Jason both of those games was no coincidence, no one else wants the job. I can't honestly see a point where this team will fix it before there is no one left who wants to play it. I can't even tell if the devs understand the issues or how bad it sucks to play. It isn't a git gud issue, because I am good. I can leave for months and still come back and slaughter. But being good doesn't make the game fun.
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