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    We get it...you like F13’s gameplay and graphics better. Doesn’t change the fact that DBD is going to have a longer life cycle due to competent devs, fresh content, and being more polished with less bugs and glitches. The gameplay isn’t for everybody, but it doesn’y mean you have to disregard the facts (better devs, more content, more polished, bigger playbase) because your opinion gets in the way. By the way the “killers don’t kill” argument is so stupid. The lore specifically states that they are supposed to sacrifice to please the Entity. You can still kill with a mori. Not any different than having the same Jason choke and head punch everybody eight times in a row.
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    You do know that DBD has had twice as many patches and twice as many content releases because it has been out for a year longer than F13 right? I’m not gonna let my love of F13 get in the way of which game is more balanced and arguably the better game. Let’s not even talk about the pace of content since DBD has been constant and it took the F13 devs HALF A YEAR to release the simple engine upgrade. We never got Jason X and the Grendel and we never will. I can never support the devs at this point. It’s just a simple fact the the DBD devs are far more constant and do not break promises. F13 isn’t a yacht...it’s the Titanic at 2 AM, starting it’s long sink to the bottom of the ocean. DBD would be the life boat ??‍♀️
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    Simple answer. They don’t WANT to. The Killer Puzzle game STILL puts out new content DAILY. They have a Daily Puzzle mode that is a brand new level everyday. That’s NEW content. By Gun’s standards. Exactly what they claim they can’t do. It appears they just don’t WANT to. But they have completely stopped communicating for no reason. So all we can do is “speculate” of course....
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    You're not making anything clear. DBD is a cheap ass game that looks like shit. Map design is extremely generic. Survivor game play mechanics are boring with the constant generator repairing. I don't care if the game developers of DBD communicate with their fan base. (That doesn't matter) I don't care if they keep adding more content to DBD. (Game is still shit) I don't care if DBD is more polished. (A polished turd is stil a turd) I don't care if it has more players.. (People are stupid) And ya.. the killers don't kill. They just play wack a mole and hang survivors on hooks. Jason KILLS. Hell, one cabin in F13th looks better then all the DBD maps combined...lol
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    There was a localized Japanese physical release (text & VO) on PS4 yesterday.
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    Hey OP, please drop your video onto YT and PM me a link, as well as the link to the Steam profile and, if it checks out, I'll get it taken care of. Please don't link to suspected cheater profiles or add video of suspected cheaters into your posts as those actions are in conflict with the naming and shaming rule on the forum.
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    I don't even get the point of DBD's DLC. The standard game, you run around slashing people till they are dead, then drag them to a spot and hang them on a hook. Then they announce OMG Michael Myers and Freddy! Gameplay, you run around slashing people till they are dead, then drag them to a spot and hang them on a hook. DBD is like 5% of the game that F13 is, including all of DBD's DLC. I'm not the slightest bit interested in a free DBD.
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    We take pride in providing our fans with the most screen accurate collectibles on the market. The team behind Friday the 13th: The Game shares that same approach and that attention to detail comes through as soon as you load up the game. It was a no-brainer for us to collaborate with them and include a Part 3 mask with their Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition. - Randy Falk, Director at NECA We are very excited to be working with Gun Media and NECA to bring these amazing physical collections to one of the most loyal fanbases. The Ultimate Slasher Editions represent the definitive versions of the game and the Collector's Edition includes a mask that is sure to be the centerpiece of every serious fan's collection. - Joseph Sutton, President of Nighthawk Interactive Friday the 13th: The Game: Ultimate Slasher Edition MSRP: $39.99 Friday the 13th: The Game: Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition MSRP: $69.99. Preorders available on July 16th, 2018 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition and Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition release on September 4th, 2018. *does not include Kickstarter/Backer exclusive “Savini Jason” character or backer exclusive clothing pack. FRIDAY THE 13TH and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © New Line Productions, Inc. and Horror, Inc. (each to the extent of their interest).
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    So, I have been playing Friday The 13th for a bit now and I like the core gameplay and the concept of it. However, I believe what would keep players coming back without dividing up the playerbase too much would be to add maybe like a single special gamemode or an event or something at the end of every month. Or hell, you could use them interchangeably My ideas for what that event/gamemode could be are as follows. • Betrayal You tend to see people's true colors come out when shit hits the fan. People betray one another for their own survival. Remember how Counselors used to be able to damage and kill other counselors with normal weapons? I think it was a great decision to take that out because of all the constant griefing and increase the XP penalty for players that run others over with the car. With that being said, I think it would be an interest spin to have a gamemode basically where other players get 100XP for killing other players per kill the same way Jason does. So it would be like a Free For All and you wouldn't be able to trust anyone all the while there is a juggernaut serial killer coming to push your shit in. • Moshpit 7 Counselors and 1 Jason is fun and all, but what if we doubled it up? 14 Counselors and 2 Jasons on Large Maps only with the same methods of escape. Jasons would have the ability to speak to each other over long distances like Counselors can when they equip radios. I feel like this gamemode would be absolutely insane because it could go both ways. The two Jasons could be really good and slaughter everyone or the Counselors could wise up and organize against their predators. • Possession In the movie "Jason Goes To Hell" he possesses a bunch of different people in order to perform his kills. He could instead of spawning as Jason, he could spawn as his preferred Counselor and the twist they know they are Jason but keep it a secret to the other Counselors while he murders the others in secret as they try to figure out who he is or escape. They would also need to have Pamela's sweater to kill him, but Tommy wouldn't be necessary. The Counselors can kill him if they figure out which Counselor he is possessing by killing that Counselor. Once Jason kills a Counselor, he has the option of taking the form of that Counselor, which to other players, he will appear with that dead player's gamertag as well. This means that player will not show up dead either in the menu so they will be forced to keep guessing. I thought that it would be interesting to also implement a feature where Jason could actively try and possess a living Counselor, which would be a spam fight of who can press A the fastest. If he can take that player over, they are "dead" while he uses their body to continue to trick the other counselors. Also, if Jason finds the Necronomicon, then he can arise from Hell. I feel it would be best to also have very limited escape methods and have a Hell Jason be much more OP that the regular. Like faster movement, quicker regen on his powers, etc. But to counteract that, a survivor can get the book before he does(it spawns in a random drawer) and they can burn it in a campfire to prevent him from becoming fully Jason. • Jason Vs Jason Similarly to the Moshpit mode, there is a higher player count by not by much. There is 8 counselors and 2 Jasons, but what makes this different is the Jasons can kill each other and that is their primary objective. The Counselors can work together to assist one of the Jasons in killing his twin, try escaping, or try and kill both of them(which would count as a win for them). Pamela's sweater now has 2 uses, one per each Jason and Tommy is not needed to kill them.You'd have limited escape methods because escape is not the point of the gamemode. These are just some ideas I came up with while playing. Let me know your thoughts and opinions about these 4 and if you have any of your own you'd like to share!
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    Dbd still looks like my toilet the morning after I have the Macho Burrito at Nuevo Acapulco. More content just means more liquid shit in the bowl on Tuesday morning.
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    Like what, Halloween outfits and Swimsuits? Because DBD has twice as much cosmetics, and content with different killers, that work differently. Took half a year for a engine update, that did nothing.
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    From what I've seen a lot of people here have some great ideas for a future F13 game. Someone will likely use some of these ideas, providing they can get the licensing to make a future F13 game.
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    Legally, at this point I don't think they could pass the game to anyone, even if they wanted to. I'm hopeful that once the lawsuit passes, someone down the line will take another stab (no pun intended) at another F13 game. The interest is there. The creativity is there.
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    Its OK, pkayers like me make up for players like you..lol.
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    I give the game devs credit for that. They indeed suckered in alot of players into buying it DUE due to the slasher movie icons in it. I was one of those suckers. I thought DBD was going to be a fun game game like F13th. Boy i was wrong. (I should have got a refund) Playing as the killer is extremely unsatisfying. (Because of no killing) Had a bit of fun with the survivors for a bit, but that got boring fast. (Hide.. run or generators) In order for me to enjoy DBD, i have to ignore the FACT that killers don't kill.. And basically only play for progression. Because thats all that game feels like to me.
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    Which is why they should have had no place in the game. But people eat that shit right up and buy. Indeed some smart devs...
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    i always figured shes pretty kind and caring and in the challenges you can see her being rather nice to shelly instead of tellin him off when he asks her out
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    Nice! Go get em shifty! ?
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    Kind and friendly. Probably has pulled out Victoria’s hair at some point for being bitchy toward her friends. If anybody is rude and arrogant it would probably be Victoria.
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    This thread is indeed pretty stupid. Do you ever have anything good to say or is it always a glass half full kinda situation? These kind of threads don't help so stop making them.
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    I don’t have a mic, which is why I didn’t join your invites, it’s deal breaker for a lot of people, some even kicked me out instantly after not hearing me. But definitely join the fog, until we get dedicated servers, I won’t go back to a buggy and inconsistent game. As much as I had fun and loved the characters, some pros couldn’t get rid of the cons. @HuDawg ahh, we meet again. Let’s make this clear. DBD is not a cheaply thrown game, just because it’s not your cup of tea, doesn’t make it a bad game. Especially it’s for petty excuses, like not being able to execute someone. It’s balanced differently because it’s a 1v4, if killers could insta grab and kill there would be no incentive to playing it. “The killers don’t kill” makes you look extremely ignorant since it’s the thing you can say about it, that and it’s maps. DBD has it’s flaws, but one thing it does have is competent developers and communication with its fan base. DBD is its own game, funny hardcore Jason fans trashed the game, but it gets 30x the playerbase Friday has. Sounds like your being biased, and too stubborn to realize it. A cheaply thrown game wouldn’t last 2 years, and still get content, and new players joining. So let’s make it clear DBD isn’t your cup of tea, but it is far from a cheaply thrown game.
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    I like the story you came up with man. Pretty inventive. Hell, I think it would make an entertaining movie some day. ?
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    Part 9 is weak early in the match, but beastly late in the match. The key is to protect the phone early and tunnel anyone near it if they insist on trying to come near. Later in the match you can catch the car and anyone else from a ridiculous distance. He's my favorite Jason, but on small maps he can be frustrating since all objectives can be completed within about a minute.
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    He probably just doesn't fit your play style. I know lots of people think part 6 is amazing. I personally can't stand playing part 6.
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    This kind of response, while earned, is exactly why I've been waiting to post until I have solid information. Nobody likes hearing that we are working on something without having a time-frame, but sometimes I just don't have that information to share.
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    Not just yet, but the team is working on a few high priority issues that I'm waiting to be able to talk about.
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    Definitely remember you now! Been a while! If we get our Thursday night F13 group together, you should join. If its plagued by connection errors and the like again, we decided we wont waste hours of our lives putting up with games crashing, hosts dropping, some friends not being able to connect to the party, insane pings, etc. Instead a smaller group or two groups will play DbD so we can at least have fun, or you know, play a game.
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    Good questions, but. I think there are more important questions that need to be answered... Like, "whats the news with dedicated servers"? And "when can we expect the next patch to drop"? Majority of the forum don't care about the counsellors backstories nor do we care about who they're fucking. We're more interested in knowing when we can expect the two matters stated above. And judging by the lack of intrest @wes, @ShiftySamurai, and @GunMedia_Ben have shown towards our questions. We'll be waiting for those answers for a while.
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    In before the F13 vs DBD rivalry locks this thread. Each game has pros and cons. Neither game is perfect, but each has their moments. Those who love one over the over will play the game they enjoy more.
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    You’ve clearly never played DBD. Survivors actually have to SURVIVE in that game. No fighting. You hide and get the fuck out, or you die. I never play as the killer. That’s not where the fun is for me in that game. F13 online gameplay is fucking TRASH now. And has been for awhile. I play both games regularly. And the only major thing F13 has over DBD are the offline modes where you can actually BE Jason and kill counselors like the films.
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    are you seriously saying that another game is more cheaply thrown together than this one. DbD hasn't been plagued by game breaking issues almost every update, or by refusing to admit the issues with the game, or by outright lying and denying certain issues.
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    Fuck DBD it’s a god awful game....with more toxic trolls than our beloved F13 game has. Even free for PS plus I will not download that turd for any reason again..... I will continue to wallow in this dumpster fire where it’s warm....?
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    @malloymk , @hu_soldier13 and friends, seems like I will be joining your dbd -band soon... ☺️
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    Anybody else get tired of reading the same shit over and over?
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    Great question for our community manager.....right ??????? @ShiftySamurai maybe an update on what is being looked at ? ”Bueller ? Bueller ? Bueller ?”
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    Its too late to change it, but it was the worst idea ever for an achievement. Then again they probably didnt consider the amount of connection issues that would arise, as well as the amount of hosts that quit. I have 38 days, 8 hours played into this game and am at 85% of 500 matches played.... 42% for the 1000 matches. So basically I need at least 1000 days played and probably dedicated servers to make sure these hosts stop quitting. In other words, no chance of me getting it. Thanks guy that came up with that achievement.
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    Congrats Devs... I thought you couldn't POSSIBLY make the game worse than you already made it with the last update, but this last one has effectively killed off the STEAM populace. At least the Ultimate Slasher Edition is coming out soon to boost our player base! Oh? What's that? That isn't for PC users? *smacks head* I feel incredibly disrespected. I genuinely hope you are all ashamed of yourselves. You know what you did.
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