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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to confirm that we have taken in your feedback about door combat and there will be changes implemented into this upcoming patch. Counselors will no longer be able to attack Jason through damaged doors, but Jason will be able to sometimes hit the counselors if they are too close to the door while he is breaking it down.
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    Quick Update: Jason Weapon Selection unlocks at level 113. Jason Strengths and Weaknesses are tied to Jason and not weapons.
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    Because we're going to host a "clean" version on our Twitch. Can't do anything about what other people want to put on YouTube, but that doesn't mean I should just let that stuff sit on an official channel.
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    First games I’ve played in a bit- had fun. Thanks @Thatguyinktown, @Risinggrave, @TheHansonGoons, @Dr B DDS, @Zaneygrrl, @BrokenFattHardy and another person who I can’t remember the name of at the moment.
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    Yeah, gotta love the players that think they are hot shit because they can out maneuver Jason with Vanessa or Tommy. Like, big deal, that’s what they were made for. I’ll be far more impressed with your gameplay if you can use her to repair without getting Jason’s attention. Sticking around to troll Jason with her for five minutes after everybody has escaped to the cops doesn’t mean you’re really that good of a player, but it does mean you’re kind of a dick for holding everybody up from starting another round.
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    This makes sense, which is why we won’t see it.
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    More level 100+ unlocks with no substantial content inbetween. I'm excited for weapon swapping, but this is the wrong way to do it.
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    One of my biggest gripes about Dead by daylight is that killers play in 1st person. I payed 5 dollars to play as Michael Meyers and I never get to see him. I like the 3rd person view as Jason because I want to see Jason.
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    @Tommy86 You’re not very helpful. Your opinions have to be accepted as fact or you act like a spoiled child who didn’t get his way. Grow up.
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    For someone who says they’re here to help, you sure are condescending. ?
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    They should fill in that unlock void between levels 44 and 103 though. For instance, just add 50 to every original unlock level to get their weapon. Level 50: Part 3 axe and Part 5 shears 53: Part 6 Spear 57: Part 7 Machete 63: Part 2 Pickaxe 70: Part 8 Fire Axe 81: Part 9 Double Axe 94: Part 4 Pig Splitter
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    I remember one of the devs saying they were almost done with them back then...
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    How in the hell did you derive that out of that quote? Talk about reaching ...
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    Pretty sure you'll be able to swap weapons with whatever jasons you have unlocked. For example, you can't use a pig splitter on part 3 until you're level 44.
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    Muffin was confirmed to be on the roadmap
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    Yeah. I do a lot of shaking my head at the general resistance they have to fixing a few key issue with the actual current design of the game (not bugs and servers). If they: 1. Fixed the Perk System 2. Fixed Counselor Stats/Balancing (i.e. Stealth inadequate, hard breaks in stat effectiveness rather than scaling, etc.) 3. Fixed Jason Stats/Balancing (i.e. Defense, Hit Points, and Stun Resistance mostly worthless, etc.) The game could improve drastically.
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    Playing her as team member is different. In my experience most of them don’t. And yes, when you are a beginner she is the easiest to survive with.
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    A better question is, why is the game in third person? It would be hell of a lot more scarier and more challenging in first person. No more panning camera around corners or keeping track of Jason from afar.
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    Typical. Nothing like 4+ mediocre players running around as Vanessa contributing nothing to the game or the cinematic experience thinking they’re hot shit with pocket knives trolling Jason then quitting the second time they get grabbed before rage. Did I miss anything?
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    I played a game today with 4 of them. Got three out of the four plus an Adam and a swimming AJ before the host rage quit. Vanessa is a beginner’s character. She’s good to learn the ins and outs of the game with because the easiest to survive a match with zero skills, but she can’t do shit except run. Why experienced people stick with her is beyond me. I find her boring.
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    Okay , I am new on the Forum , so please don´t be too harsh. I love that Retro Jason is in this Game ( even if [ atleast for now ] as a skin for part III Jason ) and the devs wanted to rework him (yay) but I kinda want to make breakdown for him how he looks. He has 3 Colors : Black ( for contoures and hair) , turquoise ( for mask , sometimes boots as seen for the Jasons below in the picture [ in the NES game they are only turquoise indoors / in Friday the 13th : The Game they are always turquoise ] and his... ,,hands´´ [ more on that later ]) and purple ( for skin [atleast his head] , jumpsuit and sometimes the boots [ outdoors they are purple ]. His jumpsuit doesn´t have any pockets. The onliest Jason who doesn´t have any pockets is Uber Jason (Pre-uber , Freddy vs. Jason , Reboot and Mortal Kombat X Jason have pockets on their coats / jackets [Kid Jason doesn´t have any pockets too...but you only see him naked...well you could consider his butt a pocket...if you want]) Well... why are his hands turquoise (like his mask and boots) and his head purple? I am certain he wears gloves like part VI. It would make sense wouldn´t it? He put the mask on and he put the boots on so they´re turquoise , he put the gloves on , so they´re turquoise. What do you guys think? He has strains of hair like part IX Jason... but less. Part IV Jason actually has strains of hair too... in the movie atleast. You can see them when he gets demasked. His jumpsuit is kinda like part V´s and part IX´s. He uses his bare fists , a machete and an axe. If they add a weapon with him , his weapon should be his fists because if I think of him with a weapon I remember his fists. But it would need some extra work of the devs and mo-cap... but if it will happen , then if he is breaking a door , he charges an hit and throws the punch. It has of course short range but is very fast to compensate. He also has a belt like most Jasons. For his stats... I think it should be something with Morph+ with no -Shift and he can run (because he definetely runs in the game). Because the color of his boots change depending if he is indoors or outdoors it should be implemented in the game too (would be an cool easteregg). He should also kinda glitch out every now and then (kinda like in Virtual Cabin 2.0). It could happen every time he enters a cabin to implement the color change of his boots. Yeah...These Things propably won´t be implemented but it would be awesome... and I know movie Jasons should be implemented first and bla bla bla. Thanks for reading! I am happy to finally be here.
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    I'm really not trying to be a Negative Nancy, but I have very serious doubts they will ever come out.
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    We won't see a growth with decisions like this. Nothing about the core game is really changing. Single player challengers are neat, but short term fun. new graphics are not that much Weapon swapping was actually interesting and now those of us willing to play 300+ hours get access to what should be a basic feature. when a player unlocks a new jason, that weapon should join the pool of weapons to weapon swap. This game maxes out at 700 people on steam. why make changes that benefits only a small % of a dying player base, instead of making it exciting for new and casual players that might play it more?
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    This is an extremely dick move. Not everyone has time to play a game 300+ hours to unlock a feature like this. Find me a game like this that would make someone wait to unlock something like this. This company does not care about the player base, and this is a prime example. I guess you only care about the few people still playing and don't want anyone else to even give you game a chance. For the record this won't affect me. I've already played a ton, but why should someone new have to play 300 hours to unlock such a nice feature.
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    I agree I didn't like the aj and mitch pairing. I picture mitch in a pairing similar to kumar and the weed bag
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    Fucking stupid. Should be unlocked immediately.
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    You won't get that here. People ask that all that time. Frankly, I doubt we ever see them. I don't see the point of implementing the "salt mines" if they'll be made redundant by the implementation of dedicated servers. Hopefully I'm wrong though. They seemed to stress that the main reason for the update was so that they could add dedicated servers. Apparently it wasn't possible on the current engine.
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    You almost had a wipe! You are a super sized Value meal at least.
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    It's crazy high for something that should have been enabled from the beginning. I just don't.....understand these decisions. 289 (that number was close to the PC player count last night) hours on record and I'm level 104 I think.
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    Man...there are some split opinions on some counselors. Let me break this down simply, fast counselors (Vanessa, Chad, Buggzy, Tiffany) are chosen because they have high survival rates when their teammates do nothing. When I find myself fixing an entire car by myself as Tiffany while Deborah and AJ hide in a closet...you can see why people choose the easier counselors to survive with. You ain’t surviving a 10 minute chase around Pinehurst with any character not named Vanessa and Tiffany because their stamina holds up the best. You see lobbies full of Vanessa because AJ and Deborah players rarely do their job and fix. Just from my experience on QP the repair counselors (ESPECIALLY AJ and Deborah) never want to repair and just go up to Jason and started swinging with a machete really thinking they are gonna stun him. Adam players go looking for a fight and die quickly. Seems as though most Shelly players are noobs. Fox is the only one really looking to fix something and get out (although I’ve been abandoned or betrayed by MANY Fox players). Obviously this doesn’t apply to every player playing these characters but this is what I see A LOT of the time. You are stuck with Vanessa, Tiffany, and Jenny fixing because repair counselors do not fix.
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    This kinda thing is sorely needed. As is a revamp of the perks system. Hopefully it's something that can even start to think about in the near future if they can get this update out smoothly and patch whatever else will need patching first. I don't usually care about my rank in anything that I play. But it's nice to have tiers and depth for those who do. I just hate the current slot machine system for perks. I'd much rather have a REASON to use each perk (to level them up). Cosmetic unlocks could be handed out even for the lesser-used perks. At least there would be some sort of incentive for completionists out there.
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    That would be epic. But, as everything, I shall believe it when I see it. Sadly, the one emotional gutter with this game is the hearsay rumor. You hope, you believe, then the admins say, "Uh, nnnnot sure where this came from, but it's false." And then, I hang my head low. . . . while my keyboard gently weeps. They would HAVE to call her "Cupcake."
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    No way, dude. I love this game in third person and actually being able to see the Jason model. Besides, most of the established gameplay mechanics wouldn't work otherwise.
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    no it wouldn't first person games blow
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    Something I'd love to be able to do is close doors when I am Jason to allow better chance for those Stalk mode jumpscares. Open doors can be a sign you've been there as Jason, being able to close them could allow you to cover your tracks better and remain undiscovered. Having a counselor open a bathroom door to find you standing there would be an amazing jumpscare opportunity!
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    Two can play this game, 8 with a full lobby?
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    "When it's done." That's exactly when I want it. Why would anyone want it any sooner? That's just a recipe for disaster.
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    Eh, at least nothings getting repaired, and almost everyone has a +weapon strength Jason. Vanessas tend to be selfish, so take out generators, wait till they clump up, use the part 4 and part 8 destruction to prevent stamina build and Slash like you're a guitar player in Guns 'n Roses.
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    Credit to @MadMike, the artist who gifted us with this glorious map.
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    Or Gun Media could partner with Tell Tale Games and make story mode a whole separate game. I'd be down for that
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    you mean not "Soon?" can't even trust Gun to do a Twitch broadcast correctly.
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    You know a proper slow build and real scares are what the original slasher films did right. Never Hike Alone shows that you can tell a scary self contained story without relying on false jump scares and accelerating the plot because the fans know what's going on.
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