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    And this is why threads like this fail. It's like you all forget that the best perks for a counselor is subjective to each player - Not everyone plays the game the same and there's no right or wrong answer for perk loadouts. Any perk can be beneficial to any counselor, if the player knows how to make use of what they're improving. There's really no use in arguing back and forth over perk loadouts. Yet it continues to be the most common argument (and subject of repeat threads). People put waaaay too much stock into perks. Remove everything besides Medic and Thick Skinned and you'll see how overrated most perks are. They have very little effect. Those perks are the only two that make a real difference. At the end of the day, there are several factors in your survival - none greater than the skill of the Jason player. That determines the difficulty of the match more than anything. And against a GOOD Jason player, teamwork will determine your survival. Not counselor/perk choice. A lobby with a well rounded roster of counselors will give Jason far more trouble than any "meta loadout" Tiffany, Vanessa, Chad, etc. Splitting Jason on objectives is and always has been the best strategy. And when you're doing that, it really doesn't matter what counselor you use or what perks you use. Teamwork and communication are your best tools. Besides, a good F13 player should be able to play a randon counselor with random perks and still be able to succeed, as long as the teamwork is there. I'd argue the most dangerous thing for Jason playing against our group would be if everyone had maps/walkie-talkies from the get go. The sooner we can coordinate, the easier the round.
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    1. Jason had a very large grab range. 2. Counselors were more afraid of Jason because there wasn't much in the way of pocket knives for all. You were lucky if you found one. Med-sprays and shotguns were more scarce too. 3. Some perks like Thick Skinned were more effective to the point of being OP; hence they got nerfed. 4. There were tons of server related problems. 5. Xbox had a memory leak from hell making the game crash constantly. 6. Team killing was possible in public matches. 7. Traps didn't auto-limp a counselor not running a perk to protect them. They avoided some damage based on Luck (like windows still are). 8. Many bugs/glitches from back then still exist. There was one called the "home run" glitch which would literally knock Jason right out of the map; ending the match. Really there are too many things to list. Back then, Jason was a threat and counselors didn't take him lightly. It took real skill to be a successful counselor and the wins were very gratifying. Killing Jason was harder because he was a bigger threat. The game was generally scarier because you knew as a counselor you were the underdog. Playing Jason was a bit more intuitive.
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    Don't understand the big blow-up, there. Let's return to the suggestion, please, if there are any other thoughts to add to this.
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    How would the speargun be unfair? 1 shot and if you hit them in a fatal spot its an instant kill. That alone, would single handedly make people think twice about walking up to jason with 2 pk's, 2 sprays, and a fucking frying pan. I am all for this. The spear gun would be feared by all, amen!?
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    Hi everyone, I'd really like the AI to load our current loadouts for the counselors ie their current clothing and their perks. This would allow a slight customization option to the offline bots mode. What do you all think?
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    Tiffany Cox, also known as the flirty girl and in my opinion, key phrase, MY OPINION, the best part transporter in the game. This guide is intended for beginner-intermediate players. Let's take a look at her stats. Composure: 3/10 Luck: 4/10 Strength: 2/10 Repair: 1/10 Speed: 6/10 Stamina: 9/10 Stealth: 10/10 Let's take a look at these stats in depth to see what the flirty girl of Camp Crystal Lake has to offer starting from worst to best. Repair: Right off the bat you need to understand that you should not even be trying to repair anything in a match. You are tied with Brandon for having the worst repair, 1/10. Do yourself and others a favor by simply bringing parts to the objectives and let the repairers do your job. However, there will, keyword, WILL be instances where you will be the only one left in the area to repair the objective, if this is the case simply spam the mini game by pressing the action button and then letting go until you get a mini game that has 6 skill checks. Only do this if Jason isn't nearby, and you are the only one left in the area. Be ready to run when you mess up at all times. There is a high chance you will mess up so be very cautious doing so. Other than that know your role. Strength: Don't expect her to try and deal damage to Jason, it's not going to end well, save that for fighters such as Brandon and Adam as well as Fox. Composure: When you are playing as the flirty girl you need to understand that she is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to how much fear she can resist from getting. While she isn't Chad bad, let's be honest that 1/10 is annoying, she is still vulnerable in this department to how much fear she produces, you can counter this by building up fear resistance perks such as night owl, and ice cold as well by staying lighted areas and in cabins. Also have your flashlight on. On the bright side, her fear will go down faster than most counselors because as we all are aware, composure is double edged sword. I repeat, HAVE YOUR FLASHLIGHT ON. Moving on Luck: While her luck isn't terrible, it is most certainly not the best in the game, however it's workable. She can get 2-3 hits on average with any weapon. She has some resistance to how much damage she takes from going through broken windows. Overall the stat is workable and can be improved with perks such as thick skinned. Speed: Here is where we get to her strengths, her speed is above average meaning she can outrun Jason and most counselors in the game, this helps because this ties in as to what her role really is in the game, the part transporter. Stamina: Her nearly perfect stamina means you will be able to run quite the distance and help bring parts to objectives without having to worry about running out of stamina. This can further be buffed by adding in the perks marathon and restful, especially marathon. A rare or epic marathon would actually bring her stamina halfway above a perfect 10 (Even as much as 10.75). This doesn't mean you should go around sprinting all over the place, understand the concept of stamina management. When Jason isn't around you, jog to your destinations. Even if Jason is near you, the only time you should be sprinting is if Jason is close behind you or he is shifting. When he shifts, use triangle formations to throw off his shift. Use actions such as climbing through windows, hiding in places when Jason is not nearby, and aiming the shotgun at Jason to help build stamina, as well as stunning Jason. Stealth: Her perfect stealth allows her to jog without making any noise and run with very little noise. She won't have to worry about Jason tracking her down for the first half of the game. Utilize it where it really shines. This is where her role shines a lot. Be cautious thought that if she has reached maximum fear, she will give off more pings so make sure to maintain that fear. Her role: As we all know there are three runners in the game, Brandon, Vanessa, and Tiffany. Brandon is a runner that can fight whereas Vanessa is a runner that is able to distract Jason for a long time. Tiffany is a runner that can bring parts SAFELY, to objectives, without exposing the repairers since they don't have that great of stamina and speed. This is why you see a lot of Tiffany players working with Deborah, AJ, Mitch, and Lachappa. Stealth + Stealth = A good time. Her speed and stamina shines a lot during late game match so this shows her versatility in both halfs of the game. Her luck while it isn't the best, allows her to defend herself if needed. The ultimate goal is to help repairers and to stay away from Jason as long as possible, imagine Jason is Chlamydia, stay away from the Chlamydia because if you don't you will get it and die. Early Game VS Late Game: From my personal experience ever since I've started playing the game and viewing the forums here, I've seen a lot of people emphasize how important it is to have stats that help you survive late game as opposed to having stats that will help you in Early Game. In my opinion, once again key phrase, my opinion, both phases of the game are important, in fact I believe early game is slightly more important. Repairers flourish in early game, it is a common understanding that most repairers have high stealth. Stealth shines a lot in the first half of the game. If the counselors are effectively communicating with each other and teamwork is obviously in place, most objectives will be done within the first 5-8 minutes of the game, possibly even sooner. Repairers typically shine in the first half of the game whereas fighters/runners typically thrive in the second half of the game. Tiffany can thrive in both halves of the game if the conditions are right, meaning communication is in place and teamwork is evident. Her stealth allows her to have an advantage in the early game and her speed and stamina allows her to have an advantage in late game. Remember, this is not guaranteed to occur, only if the conditions are right, which most of the time let's be honest, they aren't. Perks Recommended: Marathon: Uncommon to Epic Restful: Uncommon to Epic Medic: Uncommon to Epic Thick Skinned: Rare to Epic Hypochondriac: Rare to Epic Lightfoot: Epic Nightowl: Rare to Epic Ice Cold: Rare to Epic Nerves of Steel: Uncommon to Epic Preparedness: Uncommon to Epic Perks are meant to give you a little extra edge in the game so don't expect them to do wonders. Think of them as like a piece of the puzzle to a large picture. Some other tips you need to consider: 1. No matter which counselor you play you have to remember that communication is a very important aspect so try to find that walkie talkie so you can let other counselors know what you are doing, if you are carrying any parts, and where you are going. 2. It is important to push objectives early on in the game. You see that battery laying next to the hay in the barn? Drop that bat and grab it so you can take it to the car. 3. Understand that you are not always going to be working with a coordinated team, sometimes you will be playing with other people that do not know how to play this game, if so prepare for the worst and plan on trying to stay alive for the whole 20 minutes. This is all simply my opinion on how Tiffany should be played so remember, grains of salt.
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    Please note that what follows is all UNOFFICIAL, and a hypothetical, fan-based assessment on possible backgrounds for the Counselor characters presented in Friday the 13th: The Game. It is not intended to be definitive, and I am in no way affiliated with the game's creators. Chad Kensington – After a series of horrific occurrences in the Crystal Lake County locales associated with Jason Voorhees(namely Camp Crystal Lake, Packanack Lodge(the one-time locale for missing Camp Counselor Paul Holt’s Packanack Lake Region Counselor Training Center), and Higgins Haven), the Kensington estate has picked up the lease on all three locales, hoping to revitalize them as independent camp locales despite rumors that the American Camp Association has recommended permanently decommissioning all three sites. Chad has agreed to serve as overseer for a “final check-up night”, which is essentially a final evaluation of each one of the sites that have been restored following the renovation process, alongside a group of his friends…and one or two counselor aspirants…before announcing official reopening dates. Chad also intends to have the check-up night serve as a kind of training process for any potential camp counselor hires. Kenny Riedell – Stemming from his single experience serving as the Head Camp Counselor at a posh summer camp outside of Crystal Lake County, he is constantly reminding people about “the thrill of being in the Great Outdoors”, and endlessly sharing advice and personal experiences regarding wilderness survival techniques and methods even when he is not asked. He is a veritable one-man cornucopia of such facts and snippets and he is confident that in the wake of rumors regarding the apparent demise of Jason Voorhees that there will be a reversal of the bad luck and the spilled blood that has been plaguing the camp locales acquired by the Kensington estate. Chad has assured Kenny…despite disputes by another experienced counselor named Jenny Myers…that he will serve as Head Counselor when Camp Crystal Lake begins its first season as a Kensington property. Jenny Myers – Jenny has worn the mantle of Camp Counselor at summer camps before, and as such is an experienced hand in the management of a camp site. During her childhood, she was to be among the campers at Camp Crystal Lake the year the water was revealed to be unsafe. She distrusts the Kensington Estate, particularly in their unwise ignorance of safety precautions in the unlikely event that Jason Voorhees…if not a copycat killer…should plague any one of the Estate’s new camp properties. She is particularly irritated at Chad’s deference to Kenny Riedell over her in the establishing of a Head Counselor, and plans to raise the issue once again during the final check-up gathering. Vanessa Jones – Vanessa is Jenny’s best friend from Lakeview High School, and she is similarly intrigued at the idea of working as a Camp Counselor. She’s also aware of how much of a jerk Chad can be, and has anointed the egocentric Daddy’s Boy the unflattering monicker “Silver Spoon”. Vanessa plans to lend her voice in the dispute Jenny plans to take up with Chad regarding Kenny Riedell’s qualifications as a potential Head Counselor. Deborah Kim – It was not easy…at all…for Chad Kensington to convince his girlfriend Deborah to take part in his crazy desires to revitalize not one, but three blood-soaked murder sites, but the annoyingly persistent Chad finally managed to convince Deb to at least join him for the final check-up night. Kim is among those who are unconvinced that Crystal Lake County has seen the last of Jason Voorhees, and a part of her fears that Crystal Lake’s ubiquitous psychopath will once again rise up to continue his hunt for anyone foolish enough to violate the grounds upon which he stalks his potential victims. One reason Deborah has relented to Chad’s invitation, however, is because she plans on dropping a bombshell regarding their relationship: she wants to end it and break up with him. Brandon “Buggzy” Wilson – Lakeview High School’s top jock and Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon has been trying to convince Vanessa to give their relationship a second chance. As a test of his potential to change his problematic ways, he has convinced Chad to have him on as a counselor-in-training, citing his willingness and eagerness to work with kids(which he is certain will endear him to Vanessa once more). His nickname is one he hopes to popularize as a rapper should his athletic aspirations fail to earn him a decent living. Tiffany Cox – Another of Jenny’s High School friends, but only because Tiffany is more of a follower than a leader. The materialistic young woman prides herself on her looks moreso than her grasp of academics, and it is only because she thinks working with kids “is cool” that she signed up for counselor training. She feels that since she has been to a summer camp as a child as one of the campers, that gives her all the qualifications in the world to become a counselor. She is similarly well aware of the effect her looks have on men(particularly the geeky Eric Lachappa), and she revels in it. During the final check-up night, she plans to get very flirtatious around Chad Kensington, unaware that he already has a girlfriend. A.J. Mason – A goth and a social outcast at Lakeview High School, A.J. ironically shows raw potential to become a very good camp counselor. Unlike her other goth friends, she likes being around kids, and it was at the invitation of one of her non-goth friends…namely Jenny Myers, who is aware of A.J.’s potential…that she joined Chad’s group for the final check-up night. The goth in her obviously finds the prospect of visiting mass murder sites intriguing enough to accept the invitation, if only to say that she had actually gone someplace where so many people had been brutally slaughtered. Eric “J.R.” Lachappa – A geek from Lakeview High School, Eric has had his eye on one girl in particular: Tiffany Cox, who he refers to as his “princess”. He has daydreamed of earning her love one day and marrying her, even though she has zero interest in any of Eric’s geeky endeavors. Eric’s therapist suggested that one way he could earn Tiffany’s affections would be to take part in something she herself enjoys doing, even if Eric has little interest in it. Acting on this advice, he has learned that Tiffany plans to become a camp counselor. Fending off any and all fears from his understandably wary parents, Eric bravely makes the requisite inquiries about becoming a potential camp counselor, and much to Eric’s surprise, he receives an invitation to join Chad Kensington’s final check-up gathering. Eric even confirmed...through Chad...that Tiffany plans to be among the potential counselors in attendance. Adam Palomino – A High School drop-out, the self-styled lone wolf roars around Wessex County...and the neighboring counties, Crystal Lake included...on his bike, going where he damn well pleases. His presence at the campgrounds is his latest curiosity, and if only to deliberately pester the man who he remembered gleefully bullying around during his elementary school years(that man being Chad Kensington), he plans on showing off his rebellious nature at the campgrounds, and watching Chad squirm over his unwelcome antics. His on-site activites, however, go from being a deliberate jerk to developing an interest in A.J. Mason as the sun sets during the final check-up night. Mitch Floyd – The weed Chuck Garth and his fiance’, Chili(who were among the victims in Part 3D), had acquired were purchased through this notorious Wessex County resident, who has been in hiding from the law given the obvious illegality of his contraband. As his two best customers have gone missing, Mitch pays a visit to the campsites, hoping to link up with them once again. In the absence of Chuck and Chili, he’ll likely see about earning some potential new customers among the current flock of visitors to the notorious campsites. Tommy Jarvis – Why were security concerns minimal when Chad started promoting the potential re-opening of the campsites? It’s probably because the Estate made a special arrangement with the person who had been credited with being the one who finally killed Jason Voorhees: Tommy Jarvis. Chad has placed a radio at all three sites…and has even set one up at the Jarvis house…which has been set to a specific frequency. Upon a report that Jason is on-site by any one of the counselors that uses the radio, Jarvis…armed with a provided shotgun…is to join in and help the counselors either escape from the masked murderer, or even assist in the killer’s demise. Fox and Shelly Finkelstein maintain their defined roles from the movies, and as such do not require definition here. It should be noted that the characterization of Eric Lachappa described here was inspired by livestreams of the game by the Canadian YouTube web-caster known as “Typical Gamer” who has quite entertainingly defined the character as noted during the livestreamed games he participated in alongside his girlfriend, Samara Redway. It should also be noted that this assessment is based purely against material from the movies and the game itself, factoring in the noted roles of each counselor(the notable exception being Jenny, who seemed a little more to me than just "the girl next door". )
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    The main difference that sticks out to me is the change in tone. When it first came out, it felt like a Friday the 13th game. Jason was OP, counselors ran in fear from him, and rarely did you have more than a handful of counselors surviving a match. When the Jason music would kick in, you'd feel dread because it meant that you were likely about to die. Which is how it should be because very few people in the movies survived an encounter with Jason. Then they started catering to casual fans. They added in stupid costumes and emotes. They nerfed Jason to the point of breaking the game. They added in so many knives, firecrackers, and guns that counselors get 3-4 free passes running into Jason before they are even remotely in danger of getting killed. The tone when the game started was one in which counselors were running scared and desperate to survive. The tone now is one in which counselors are running towards Jason to dance around in sexy devil outfits and spam stuns and teabags.
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    Praise be to the d20 and pocket protector. His nerdy goodness floweth over. Deliver us from a TPK. :::knocks on front door::: Have you met LaChappa?
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    1. Invisible window bubble - Get this atrocity out of the game already. This was by far the worst change and it needs to go immediately. 2. Jason's combat, and everything within that topic. Melee / grab detection, vulnerabilities to guaranteed stuns / chain stuns (too many instances to list here). Overall, Jason needs reliable execution + better defence 3. Item / weapon spawns need adjusting. It's a camp, not a military barracks. No one should expect to deal with 5 shotguns in a match as Jason. Amount of pocket knives / sprays is also out of control, especially when paired with Medic.
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    By definition, yes, you are trolling. Engaging in trolling behaviour makes you a troll. Not only are you actually a troll, but you are performing actions that align with that role, therefore, you are trolling.
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    Realistically? A patch date. That would be lovely.
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    You’re a bonehead people like you are exactly why this game has gradually got to the state it’s currently in today. play your role, if you’re a counselor help others escape as fast as possible. Due to the current state of the game I don’t play as often as I used to. But when I played often I chose to play A.J. and I always saw Bugsy or Vanessa trying to do repair jobs and I will be standing right there.
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    TiffanyIsOP: The way I envisioned it, Deb looks at Chad as a kind of "whatever" thing. She didn't take the relationship too seriously, and they haven't seen each other for too long a time(and they've never slept together, either). In elaboration, I'd say the relationship has lasted about two weeks tops prior to the final check-up gathering, with Chad taking her out only a couple of times, before Deb decides that she's just not into the relationship thing. The two of them surviving against Jason...or even their assistance in killing Jason with Tommy's help...could change things between them, though. As for a Chad and Buggzy pairing? That's something that might unexpectedly manifest out of the blue during the final check-up(prior to Jason's arrival) without either of the guys realizing it. Not that it would matter very much to Deb... Blaisy-Bas: Unless LaChappa manages to survive the night with Princess Tiff-meister...
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    It is a small world. All you have to do is talk to people.? Lived in BK until 2000 and then left Wackernheim in 2002.
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    This is a simple one that would be very helpful, especially for those of us who like random counselors. A quick reminder at the beginning of the match of what you selected as that counselor's perks would be great, as I like to equip different things for different counselors to vary my playstyle.
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    But you know what’s really a ship? Chad and Buggzy. Just look at them near canoodling in the virtual cabin. You can’t fool me with that “friendship” stuff. Ha!
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    Why not make Jason X? Even if they made him paid DLC? I'd rather buy another Jason than stupid dance emotes or goofy costumes.
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    I do enjoy Dead By Daylight but I have to be in the mood for it. It's not a bad game by any means, but it's flawed in the respect that the experience on each side - killer and survivor - are very tedious. As a survivor, you need to run around the map and spend all your time holding a button with the occasional mini-game to start up generators. After you start up the generators, then you have to stand and hold a button to open one of the exits. Rinse and repeat until the end of time. As a killer, it isn't much different... find someone, try and get them hung up, and then go to other generators to try and stop more people. It's just cat and mouse with literally no variation. Friday the 13th is better because it's much more dynamic to play. You have a variety of escape paths, and if one plan blows up in your face, there's others you can fall back on. Can't get the fuse installed because Jason is camping that spot? Try and find car parts. Car all trapped up and you don't have any pocketknives? Call Tommy Jarvis, at least. Maybe you can find a propeller for the boat! And if all else fails, you can at least try and outlast Jason for 20 minutes. The variety, not to mention the people you find as you play, keep this game infinitely more interesting.
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    Sadly, this is the most common and frustrating thing about the game for those of us who primarily engage in quick play matches. All of us here know about it. Yes it sucks and personally this problem has caused me to take extended breaks from playing because quite frankly, it pisses me off to the point that my blood pressure rises to dangerous levels. Expect this thread to be locked by the mods and to be told to use the search function next time but this is the one true gripe and issue I feel needs addressed before anything else because it ruins the entire experience for many players way too often. Just this morning it has happened to me 3 out of 5 matches causing me to be done for the day, already. I have also stopped recommending the game to friends until it's fixed because I know a few people who feel cheated out of their hard earned money, as many of them have limited time to play and the majority of that time has been ruined by douche clown hosts when matches don't go their way.
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    Yeah, and a 90lb girl with booty shorts and a frying pan knocking out a 7' 300 lb psycho is fair.
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    So anybody eles think we should be able to find 1 on the map? I'd say it should be a 1 hit kill however, its 1 shot only an theres only 1. A few friends were talking bout this so i decided to see what others think. He has used it before so its not, non-cannon. Idk how to make the video show but heres the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4M7uGevT0A
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    It's dirty...but so fun to fool people into thinking you've left.
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    Those are some nice ones Comedy Night - tell and listen to Ground Beef jokes PUBG - Parachuting Practice Conflict Desert Storm for PS2 - When auto-aim goes wrong NFL 2K5 - The last innovative football game
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    How do I scare them? I make suggestions how to fix the current imbalance in their favor. LOL. In-game I love to linger in Stalk just outside an interior door I know a counselor is about to open and give them snatch/scream treatment when they open it. Sometimes I hang out with a Jason that has good Shift and wait beyond Jason's music range observing with Sense. I let the counselor get occupied doing something, activate Stalk, and Shift to their location for underwear filling goodness. Its fun to hide in the pantries at Packanack main lodge and wait for people to come in the kitchen on the first floor. Hiding in the water with Stalk active is fun. You can observe them fixing the boat and just wait until they come to you to surprise them. There are a bunch of things you can do. Catching people in the two big houses on the Jarvis map are fun too.
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    My favorite Tommy is the one who follows everyone around but literally does nothing. I've had the sweater and the axe, and begged him to pick it up, only to be met with a vacant slack jawed stare and heavy mouth-breathing more times than I can count.
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    Get rid of the window “force field” and window break prompt.
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    Expectations... 1. Hear nothing for weeks 2. Get a vague changelog that has hidden changes not actually in the changeleog the week of the update 3. Update 4. Cya in two months or more
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    Jason's grab, hit boxes, pocketknives issues.
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    I agree, Tiffany's role is to be the reliable part ferrier, it's important to utilize her top three strengths when it really matters.
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    @HuDawgwhat console do you play on and what is your ID? I would like to know that way I could avoid playing with you.
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    Honestly I love guides that explain innate strengths and roles and maximizing their intended role. Obviously all counselors can do all tasks, but I’d rather Tiffany ferry parts than a slow or loud Counselor and I’d rather Chad or Jenny be a protector than say AJ, even if she can do the job (for the two hits she gets before her bat breaks). Honestly new players should do things their counselor is actually good at before trying to be the elite Repair and Protector Tiff.
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    What is this thread becoming lol.
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    Cleveland, Ohio Oh yeah its COLD out there
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    YouTube search for the part 5 soundtrack.
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    Those both sound awesome. My day would begin with reading a book and listening to some Waxwork Records. Followed by a couple hours of playing a horror game. As for night, In the evening, cook a meal with my girlfriend, pull out some snacks, grab some craft beers, hot apple cider with caramel vodka, hot chocolate with whipped cream vodka, or some other drink. Maybe a nice steak and potato meal, chicken with veggies, or even make a big batch of nachos and munch all night. Probably eat half a bag of Halloween candy afterwards. Marathon movies with only candles lit. One new, one classic. Thats what i always enjoy. Finish it off with a horror comedy(typically Simpson's Tree house of Horror) while we have a little buzz. Fortunately, most of my evenings in October are like that.
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    Full perk list in progress. Trying to get all the descriptions as they are in game but i don't have all the perks yet so I've had to scrounge for descriptions. Hype_Man from reddit deserves most credit on this for he had the majority of these perks compiled. His descriptions are not all game accurate and I am updating as the information becomes available. PERK DESCRIPTION + - Adrenaline Rush Increase Stamina Boost Received after breaking free from Jason's grab. Stamina Boost Increase Stamina Regen Decrease Aquanaut Swimming speed increased and less stamina consumed while swimming. Swim Speed Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Controlled Breathing Fear decreases faster while inside a hiding spot. Fear Decreases While Hiding Overall Stamina Decreased Easy Listening Being within proximity of a radio playing music boosts stamina recharge rate. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Noise Generating Penalty Escape Artist Break free from Jason's grab easier. Grab Breaking Speed Increased Breaking Free Stamina Boost Decreased Evasion Increased dodge speed while in combat stance. Dodge Speed Increased More Damage Taken Firecracker Start with a firecracker and increase their stun radius. Stun Radius Increase Noise Generating Penalty Friendship Melee attack damage increased for each other counselor nearby. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Grease Monkey Car Starting and restarting times decreased. Car Start Time Decreased Boat Starting Time Penalty Grinder Increase the amount of XP gained while equipped. Xp Increased Melee Damage Decreased Heavy Hitter Increase Melee Stun time on Jason with the Baseball Bat. Stun Time Increased Stamina Recharge Rate Decreased Heavy Mover Speeds up the amount of thime it takes to barricade doors. Faster Barricading Speed Noise Generating Penalty Heavy Sleeper While inside a sleeping bag, you have a chance to avoid Jason’s Sense ability each time he used it. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Fear Rate Penalty Home Body Less chance of being detected by Jason's Sense ability while indoors. Sense Avoidance Chance Increased Overall Stamina Decreased Hypochondriac Start with Medical spray. Medical Spray healing increased. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Ice Cold You experience less Fear when seeing the dead body of a teammate Dead Body Fear Resistance Sprint Speed Decreased Lead Foot Increase the top speed of cars while you are in the driver's seat. Car Speed Increased Boat Speed Decreased Level Headed Chance to avoid detection completely during Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Noise Generating Penalty Light Foot Generate less noise when sprinting. Noise Reduction Fear Rate Penalty Lone Wolf Reduces your fear while you are alone and separated from teammates. Fear Resistance Bonus Melee Attack Strength Decreased Low Profile Faster movement while crouched, and chance to avoid Jason's Sense ability. Sense Avoidance Chance Sprint Speed Decreased Man At Arms Increases weapon durability for all weapons, allowing you to attack more before they break. Weapon Durability Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Marathon Increases your total stamina, allowing you to sprint for longer durations. Overall Stamina Increased Stamina Regen Decreased Medic Get two uses from each medical spray. Also increases healing when using a medical spray. Medical Spray Healing Increased More Damage Taken Motorboating Increased boat speed when you are at the helm. Boat Speed Increased Car Speed Decreased My Dad's a Cop Cops arrive quicker if you are the one who calls them. Faster Police Arrival Speed Vehicle Speed Decreased Nerves of Steel Loss of mini-map with high Fear does not occur. Overall Fear is also reduced. Fear Resistance Bonus Sprint Speed Decreased Night owl Reduced fear penalties from darkness. Darkness Fear Resistance Bonus Noise Generating Penalty Potent Ranger Deal more damage when playing as Tommy Jarvis. Attack Damage Increased As Tommy Attack Damage Decreased As Other Counselors Preparedness Start with a large map. Also provides some resistance to fear effects. Fear Resistance Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Psychic Start with a walkie talkie and increase the range of your voice. Voice Broadcasting Radius Noise Generating Penalty Pyro The Jason spotting effects of the Flare Gun last longer. Flare Gun Spotting Effect Increased Fear Resistance Penalty Quiet Swimmer Water noise reduced, and chances of being detected by Jason’s Sense ability while in water reduced. Sense Avoidance Chance Fear Resistance Penalty Restful Stamina recharge rate increased, allowing stamina to be recharged quicker while standing still or crouching. Stamina Recharge Rate Increased Overall Sprint Speed Decreased Scout Escape from Jason’s traps and counselor placed bear traps more easier. Trap Escape Bonus More Damage Taken Slugger Melee damage is increased and start the match with a baseball bat in hand. Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Sneaky Move faster while going through windows and getting in or out of hiding spots. Windows And Hiding Spot Speed Increased Damage Received Increased Spatial Awareness Your chance of stumbling while running is reduced. Stumble Avoidance Increased Noise Generating Penalty Speed Demon Increase vehicle speed when escaping alone. Increase Vehicle Speed Decrease Repair Speed Sucker Punch Increase chance of stunning Jason with melee attacks. Melee Stun Chance Increase Sprint Speed Decreased Swift Attacker Increase your Melee Attack speed with all weapons. Attack Speed Increased Attack Damage Decreased Teamwork Fear reduces quicker for every teammate who is nearby. Fear Reduction Bonus Per Teammate Attack Strength Decreased Thick Skinned Take less damage from all incoming attacks. Attack Damage Resistance Increased Stumble Chance Penalty Thrasher Increases melee attack damage while using an Axe. Axe Attack Damage Increased Melee Stun Chance Decreased Tinker Repair all items faster. This includes car, boat, phone box, and electrical box repairs. Repair Speed Increase Overall Stamina Decreased
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    New things can't be added or edited in old posts? And those threads need to be put in their place too. I've brought that up in the past a bunch of times. And in reality, intentions don't amount to much. To me, making a thread like this where one already exist, comes off as selfish and basically attention-seeking, which is fine, but not when it starts to clutter up the forum with redundancy. Like I said, maybe Ben was right about forums. No one knows how to use them and they refuse to use them as intended because they're so used to the chat-style of social media, and in turn, all these forums become a mess. PS: I'm not against the content, I'm against the execution.
  40. 1 point
    Jason X. Ronny said we wouldn't be getting him. I don't know if that means no unique stats and just a skin, or not at all. Uber-Jason. Confirmed. At lot of people confuse them and think they are the same, but "Jason X" specifically refers to the non-terminator form. Uber refers to the cyborg.
  41. 1 point
    It hurts anyone that has a sense for organization and orderliness. It also shows disrespect for the forum rules and the endless appeals of the staff to use the search.
  42. 1 point
    Nice haha, I'm playing on doing one for Tiffany right now so watch out for that one hehe
  43. 1 point
    Big surprise that the Ohio people are not ashamed (and are, in fact PROUD of it). Cleveland, here. Yes, I've met LeBron. Yes, he's as big of a dick as you think.
  44. 1 point
    I think that we should be able to change the weapons we use as Jason. • The way of how it would work is, is that you would be on the Jason customization screen and you can click on the weapon that Jason has and open up a menu where you can buy weapons from 500 - 2000 cp for each Jason and each weapon will include three weapon kill packs and each weapon with have different stats. • I believe this could work because people want to play as their favorite Jason’s with their most preferred weapon for that Jason like a machete, axe, spear, or a pitchfork. (Not the devils pitchfork but the one part 3 Jason used to hang fox with in part 3) • The other reason I bring this up is because the developers gave part 6 Jason his whole arsenal and we can only use two damn weapons he uses in the film, the spear that we only saw in the beginning, and the throwing knives. But yet this Jason uses a survival knife and a machete and both weapons are inaccessible during gameplay and Id love to play as part 6 Jason with the machete because I think that the spear is ridiculous
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    I was born in Hamburg, Germany. Currently living in Northrhine Westphalia, though.
  46. 1 point
    Sweet Home Alabama, and most likely always will.
  47. 1 point
    Speargun, harpoon gun is much bigger. Yes Jason should get a one shot speargun on the Higgins map.
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    This game wasn't scary to begin with, even before all the costumes and emotes. I wish it would be but blaming the emotes and costumes so much for it not being scary is redundant. There is ALWAYS going to be trolling in a video game. That's a simple fact that it seems like some of the people in this thread are ignoring. At the end of the day this is a video game after all. If you are allowing costumes and emotes to ruin your 'valuable' game time, then that is your issue. What can I say, sorry that I like the emotes and costumes I, keyword, I paid for? Hell no
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    They need to just drop it and the clothing skins already. They could use the money.
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    I was just dicking around last night and got 3 separate Jason kills in a row out of 5 games total. In one of those games, I tanked 5 of Part 2's traps. I really don't understand why Medic's even still in the game. It completely trivializes every source of Jason's damage, from traps, to knives, to his wonky-ass melee swings. If they want a perk to encourage healing others, then fine. But having it so that it literally doubles the health sprays of every single player who runs it is the stupidest implementation of the idea that I've ever seen. And honestly, even that's too damn much for the tool kit that Jason currently has, but at least it'd require a little teamwork before giving players the benefits of double healing.
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