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    Thanks to @bewareofbears, @Alkavian, and @Tattooey for helping stock crazy Ralph's doomsday emporium. If you have any crazy or weird pics that shows something that just doesnt seem right, drop them here. "Jason in Shock" this pic doesn't include Tommy's stash 4 shotguns 4 flareguns 11 medsprays 7 pocketknives 4 firecrackers "Sam's Club Membership" this pic doesn't include Tommy's stash 2 shotguns 2 flareguns 8 medsprays 6 pocketknives 3 firecrackers "Prepper" this pic does include Tommy's stash 3 shotguns 3 flareguns 8 medsprays 6 pocketknives 2 firecrackers
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    You'll see my name down there more often than not as I always have the forums open in a tab. Yes, there is too much stuff on the map for counselors, especially med sprays and knives. Yes, Jason balance is less than great.
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    "Counselors have just gotten better."
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    Bear traps aren't a one-time-use object and should therefore be resettable if they have NOT been 'disarmed' via knife. If someone steps in a trap, then its done its job properly. Its job is not to be inconspicuous, but to TRAP prey, to ensnare it. Traps work when the reward outweighs the risk, which is why animal traps are generally baited with food. Councillor traps are instead baited with objectives. When someone disarms the bear trap via knife, they win. They use up a knife, sure, but they render the trap useless by undoing a few screws and whatnot. When someone steps in a trap, the trap wins. It's job was to ensnare a victim who was going for the 'reward', and it did just that. If someone steps in a trap, Jason should be able to either pick it up again and place it somewhere else or reset it. If someone disarms a trap with a knife, it's a goner. This would really push the teamwork and strategy aspect of the game, no longer would Vanessa be able to tank a trap, drop the fuse and sprint off into the distance. People would have to choose between a second chance or a chance to escape entirely, people would have to push objectives AT THE SAME TIME useing walkies to communicate in order to force Jason to choose, should no knives/not enough knives be available. Pocketknives should also be reduced back to 5, 4 in a normal match + Tommy = 5. There would be enough for the average Jason's traps. Minuses would have a real weakness with a fair workaround and part 2 would require extra strategy to beat considering his strength. This would be a good buff to part 2 especially since his traps can be easily taken out by the one player running medic. (I have legit made part 2s ragequit before by tanking as Vanessa and running epic medic/marathon). It would also mean that medic wouldn't need to be nerfed or altered in any way, considering that nerfing perks seems to be the way to go lately. As a councilor pref, I wouldn't consider this a 'nerf' at all, just like trap and grab distance for Jason, I would consider this the NORM.
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    So should the new intro be Crazy Ralph directing his warning to Jason?! "You're doomed!"
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    And I present to you F13 the Game's latest award: 2018 Understatement of the Year!
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    At that point yeah, run them over. They were working with Jason to kill you. I'll always stop for someone if they are communicating and trying to work to repair things. If you don't have a mic and aren't helping, I won't stop.
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    Oh they are aware, I personally have tagged them in pics i took of just how out of hand the item spawn amounts have become. Wether they choose to acknowledge it and correct it is a whole other issue.A huge chuck of the community has voiced to them the issues on a frequent basis but i think the problem now is that because they catered to the all the salty teared crybabies they feel like that if they make it too hard for counselor players to survive then people will just stop playing, not taking into account that there is a big part of the community like myself that want to play Jason and want to be the destructive force that he should be, but as of right now he is nothing more than a pinata who might as well just be a squeegee kid with a rag and windex and help wipe blood of counselors if they hit eachother and wash the car down before they go to the exit.
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    They're delusional if they think Jason hasn't been nerfed. His traps can no longer be placed side by side, his weapon hitboxes are all over the place, windows and doors are still not as smooth and fun to deal with like they were at release, throwing knives don't hit even when you're right over the counselors at times, counselors don't have to worry about killing a teammate if Jason has them grabbed due to the friendly fire being turned off which was needed but still a nerf to Jason, showing objective items on the map make getting things done ten times easier for counselors. He's a joke at his current state and nowhere near the threat he should be. Then add to that all these extra items they now have at their disposal and it's crazy. Do they know about the insanely increased item spawns instead of it being a set amount of items dispersed throughout all these locations?
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    Okay, I haven't seen anyone else post this; but I here's how we can fix Jason getting knocked around like a doll. To prevent Jason from being put into an infinite loop of stuns, Jason should get the following buffs. 1. Combat stance will keep Jason from being stunned entirely. However, blocking will negate damage. If Jason is in combat stance, he's obviously ready for a fight. If he's ready to fight, he's obviously ready to take a hit. Currently, the only way to negate stuns is by blocking, but fighting a swarm of counselors and trying to time your blocks and strikes is incredibly difficult. After all, only one good hit is all it takes to knock you down and let everyone else get away. If Jason doesn't block, but is in combat stance, he should still take damage. This way, blocking is still useful, but avoiding being stunned to hell and back will be much easier for Jason. 2. When Jason enters rage mode, the chance to be stunned should be reduced. He's already busting through walls; why would some wrench stop this powerhouse? Some people have suggested that he takes less damage, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Suggestions are always great. Any other thoughts? After I beat Jason around for a while with extreme ease, I felt like it was kind of sad. Jason is a king of horror, yet some Chad with a wrench is making him look like a bitch? That doesn't sound right to me.
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    Sure! This sounds great. Let's find another way to nerf Jason, and screw up the immersion even more. /sarcasm. If this is ever done, I also propose that if Jason does the mini-game successfully, the car can't be started again. When the big guy breaks something, it stays broken!
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    There's probably several topics on this already, but I didn't search, so I'm sure the white knights will correct me, but here's the thing: If you have the capabilities to complete the match, then just do it. Get the game over with, let everyone collect their XP and game progress, and play again. I sit and watch about one out of every three or four matches where there will either be the last counselor or a group of them, at the exit (if it's the police for instance), and just standing around waiting on Jason to show up so they can pop off all of their shotguns, pocket knives, flares, etc. before exiting to safety. Frankly, it's a douche move to everyone else in the game...Jason and the spectators and just unnecessarily drags the game out. It's honestly no wonder Jason players quit out as much as they do. If you don't want Jason to quit out and potentially keep you from your XP/progress, then just be cool and exit when you can, and don't troll. Pretty simple.
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    I'm thinking about 3 weeks before a patch is due to be pushed say "hey folks these are the X things we want to address and here is what we think may solve the issue....blah..blah..blah. Do you think this will help? How? If not why?" Don't wait until the patch pushes to find out how the community feels it will alter the game. Leave enough time to do minor changes from feedback and pull ideas that get the stank-eye from the community. Deliver what is wanted. Polish, refine, change, or scrap ideas that are disliked. Their NDAs may seriously be shooting them all in the foot.
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    Sorry, this doesn't exactly fit, but "Vroom vroom bitch." made me think if this pic!
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    Chad and Chad is best combination
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    pretty much my opinion J3o1e1 you did the right thing
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    I was hoping to be able to skip saying this word, but I don't think I'll be able to. We'll talk about what we'll be changing soon.
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    Hey @ShiftySamurai and @[IllFonic]Courier do you have any thoughts on this topic? EDIT: I see you lurkin' on the Home user list.
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    Here is the most recent response to being asked about dedicated servers, paranoia mode, the next patch, single player challenges etc...
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    They got plans. Plans I tell ya. This is the first time I have ever been in a lobby with really great Jason players and have heard them flat out say they do not want to be Jason anymore. Most have switched their preference to counselor simply to avoid the frustration as playing as Jason. This is beyond absurd, but it isn't shocking. I've been saying this is the case with pocket knives and sprays since before this recent patch, but was called a liar because I didn't have screenshots. Guess I wasn't wrong, huh?
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    The "core" or "substantial" audience cried. Things changed.
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    Well according to Randy Jason is fine, counselors just got better and i guess the counselors that got better needed an increase to their item spawns. What's next they get 2 more item slots so they can hold even more in their inventory
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    I think it's also important to note that the photos don't include: Pamela's Sweater Bear Traps The wide assortment of weapons that can stun/damage
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    "Jason in shock" Goddamn. I don't even know what to say, this is beyond ridiculous. I'm really interested to read what the devs have to say about it.
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    As for the door, unfortunately that's how the doors are programmed. They allow counselors to clip through. The doors need to be programmed like how cabin walls are so that the clipping issue is fixed. I have never seen the "med spray teleport" glitch before. This is why I hardly play this game anymore. It is a breeding ground for trolling and cheating. The endless consecutive stuns on Jason is another issue that needs fixed. There needs to be a cumulative, progressive stun resistance that builds up the more Jason is stunned in the match. I used to think it should be temporary but now I'm thinking Jason should just get permanently more resistant to stuns the more it's done to him. Not just making the stuns shorter, but also lowering the chance to be stunned in the first place. They said stun resistance is simply stun duration, well they need to tie in stun chance as well because this consecutive chain stunning is ridiculous.
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    Dude.. WTF are you talking about? ..lol More environmental kills does not mean Jason is buffed.. Hes just got more kills. He still has to GRAB people.. Which brings us to reality.. And that Jason's grab range was nerfed making it harder to grab counselors. And counselors now have more items that spawn in game like pocket knives and guns. You're the only person on this forum that thinks Jason got buffed and counselors need an edge.
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    I think that if the Jason balance is fixed, some of these new people might really be a force to be reckoned with. Much the way some of the more experienced counselor players are now. There is a lot to be said for learning skills the hard way. On the flipside, if the scale is tipped back into Jason's favor, I'm afraid that there will be many more rage quitting counselors. I will admit that it is a tricky thing to balance. My thoughts exactly. I find being a counselor now to be way too easy, but that is because I had my ass handed to me many times during the Beta, and the first few months after launch. I had to get better, or spend a lot of time spectating. I am really hoping the devs figure out how to make this game more enjoyable for all of us. Much like I miss the thrill of being scared of horror flicks as a kid, I miss the stress of a Raging Jason focusing on me in the early days of release of this game.
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    Unfortunately, I gotta get to bed, but clearly the point was missed by a few of you. I'll respond appropriately tomorrow.:)
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    I like to mix it up too. Sometimes while playing I drink bourbon, sometimes beer. Usually well after hours though. ? ? ?
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    There is a chance to put the original "Friday the 13th" NES game as a DLC as a new game mode, with trophies or achievements?
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    Happens to us all, like the other day I opened every empty draw whilst every other player had fireworks, pocket knives, shotguns etc. Then next day I found an elusive tape fixed and used the phone with conveniently placed fuse and managed to fix boat and escape with no sweat.
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    My first question is are you guys starting private match lobbies and inviting each other before joining via the "party" system? Second, how far apart are you guys? I have a few friends out of the States that we have issues with sometimes. If he is in the same town though, that sounds more like NAT issues. Is NAT open for both members?
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    Yeah dont sweat it man.. i play once a month now just because i miss it. Then that shit happens to me (5 stuns in a row, finally a grab but oh pk, slash slash spray spray, 4 stuns) lol makes me laugh right now but in the moment you want to punch the tv.
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    A Chad, a Bugzy, and a Vanessa to actively hunt/distract Jason; two Debs working stealth repairs and PK trap disarms, helped by a Tiffany searching for parts and ferrying them to the objectives; a solo Vanessa gearing up to be sweater girl. Ideally both Debs escape by car once Jarvis and the cops are called, and one respawns as Tommy.
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    But wait. How would you know if someone was a try hard if they wouldn't have told you? I play as what you call a try hard and what i call normal. Basically your saying that running around a map juking the shit out of jason, fixing the car as TIFFANY, and escaping is not style? Your playing the wrong game if you think everyone does what you do...All I am saying is not everyone wants to play like you! Case closed, i need no more of what you have to say.
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    Any chance at confirmation that there will be a patch this month and not an announcement at the end of the month saying we aren't gonna see one? Also just want to say Thank you @ShiftySamurai for being a presence here on the forums.
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    This is good! I enjoyed it
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    Randy already said it in the same past stream in which he also claimed Jason hasn't been nerfed.
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    Yea, i subscribed to get e-mails for when events are taking place. Hopefully it works out!
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    Ooooh, i still remember on summer, when i got screenshots of people on rocks and on roofs of houses, those times the devs at least tried to say something. I remember one time when i got evidence of someone off borders and i got screenshots cuz i died and i could see them, i sent them to their twitter and after that to the email....they told there wasn't enough evidence and that they couldn't do shit.... I was so mad at that just because i can't record anything (don't have any way to do so) and they just ignored clear evidence. Look, i don't want to be dramatic (i am very dramatic) but at this point i don't have faith in this anymore nor in the future of the game. I'm not abandoning the forums cuz there's super interesting threads, people and that kind of things but Jason X is going to get the same beating and treatment from cheater and normal players so....fuck it. (I sound like those members of the forums that kept saying that they will abandon the game as if they were important XD).
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    I agree. There have been times where I’ve waited at the police exit for Jason to show up so I could attempt some extra points. But then I(hopefully)exit, not stick around. Nothing more annoying having to watch someone run around taunting Jason when the cops are in plain sight. Makes no sense.
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    I can't see how it can be anything but good for the game. We were all new players at one point. Of course, new players means new trolls, but trolls have been part of this game since the beta. I say bring on all of the new players we can get. The more people spend money on the game means more resources for the developers to fix problems. I actually spend a lot of my public lobby time trying to coach and help out new players. It really is fun, at least for me.
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    I don't see the big deal in all this. It can't be policed and will keep happening. If Jason sucks and lets them get to the exit it is his/her fault. At the end of they day they have escaped him and I can understand people thinking its more fun to grind a bit of xp out at the exit than go into spectating mode for another 10 minutes as you still have to wait for that final person to survive or die. Don't get me wrong I am against prolonging a game if all the remaining survivers are waiting at the exit, but you could be forgiven if you reach the exit early whilst everyone else is still running round the map.
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    Savini-Jason is amazing in look and style and I really wish I had gotten him. F13 the game totally flew by me until roughly April 2017. I was never a backer, so in my mind, I don't get him and that's the way it is. I would never trust people enough to "borrow" or "buy" their Savinis. I also would not ever feel like I deserve to have him. It's for those who helped making this game possible, as sad as it is for me personally. This is why I'm always hoping for Savini-players in QP. ?
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    I get what you are saying. You are trying to tell the public that complain about the host quitting, yet they hit him and teabag him, essentially antagonizing him until he gets frustrated and leaves. We complain about hosts leaving, yet we also cause them to leave. Also, don't tell st him and tell him how horrible of player he is.
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    I would like it to be first person for counselor and 3rd for Jason. It would NEVER fly though. And I agree. The first person in Virtual Cabin is pretty immersive. You notice it right away. Optional would be best for both worlds.
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