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  2. The only way I would consider “stn” toxic is if, cops are on the scene very early in the round and the only person planning on “stn” is just intending to hold the lobby hostage by trolling Jason. If it’s still more than 10 minutes in the match and the cops are there, make it to the cops and start a new round. This applies to low level Jason’s of course.
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  4. i understand that vanessa has a lot of stamina so they tend to run around furniture like retards. however, they still have a finite amount of stamina, you dont. just tire them and then slash away, then bathe in their tears. no retard has ever successfuly survived the night by running around when im jason.
  5. This vanessa with Savini said she was going to crash the game and she did it with a countdown. 😠 I also recorded it where she uses new emotes and uses the game console with 2 of her friends. (Another video that I will download for jkb).
  6. Game is officially unplayable. I got 3 blue screens in a row. Can’t even start a game.
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  8. I turned around and msg'ed that little fuckboi the address of the video just to piss him off because fuck him, that's for being a teaming piece of shit. Then he proceeds to have a category 5 bitch fit because we're "disrespecting him and his friends", which we definitely are but again, that's what happens when you're a teaming piece of shit.
  9. I'm surprised the forum is still going. Glad there's still life here yet.
  10. We are investigating issues on PlayStation platforms where players experience crashes. We will update here as we have more information.
  11. Same thing happening to me. Game is blue screening every time I go to load into a lobby. I'm on PS4.
  12. Other than to say that we're on it and investigating, I do not have any news just yet. I'll post as soon as we have news.
  13. When the day comes, I’m going to miss playing against that thorn in my side and arch nemesis SteveChristy.....an old friend of The Christy’s!!! 😂👍The dude knows how to game.
  14. Still is a great game, if you find the right group of hardcore F13 fans and level 150 vets. Never a dull moment, play from beginning to end, no team ups or rage quitters, just pure unadulterated mayhem and chaos for hours on end.....and a few good laughs along the way!!! One of the best games I’ve played in 40 years, with some of the finest gamers (who are now good friends despite living thousands of miles apart?). Always accepting newbies too, while giving some a break to learn the mechanics and teamwork concept. Helping low level councillors is sometimes just as enjoyable as killing Jason or escaping? Thanks GM and everyone involved in keeping this community alive......much like Jason, despite this never ending legal battle! God knows we need the little things in life (like this 4 year old game), which brings people together, more than ever!
  15. Speaking of toxic little fuckwads... (NOTE: I'm not posting this to shame anyone, I'm doing it for educational purposes only as it relates to the topic at hand) This team-killing asshole lets his teamer buddies ride around and run everyone over, then quits the lobby, comes back a few minutes later, gets picked as Jason, and gets the living shit beat out of him by the same people he let his buddy run over in the previous round. When we tried to kill him (as kill-squads tend to do... obviously) he sends his buddy to try and run us over again. When that fails, he gets out of the car and follows us around so he can sabotage the kill once the sweater is used. While he's following us around like a puppy, one of ours steals his car and runs him over with it (how's that for irony?). Jason, knowing his buddy is dead and can't save him, proceeds to rage-quit like a bitch.
  16. What the fuck? I tried playing a little Off Bots earlier and got six blue-screen errors in a row (all of them CE-34878-0), each one came less than one minute into the game. Is anyone else getting this? EDIT: After a little testing, I discovered I'm still getting blue-screened even if I leave the game on the main menu without even selecting a game mode. EDIT: Yes, I restarted the game and system several times, made sure I had the latest version of all the game and PS4 updates, and even deleted some video files just to free up a little more HD space.
  17. Finally got my Collector's Edition in, and I've been playing the hell out of it. NO SPOILERS PLEASE, but what do you all think?
  18. The box art, it's so beautiful. 🤩 Now 8ve just gotta decide how I want to display him... With the mask on, or with the split mask showing his face? Lots of weapon possibilities too!
  19. Last week
  20. Wonder if there are multiple ways to do that glitch? Because I haven't seen the bed glitch in a long time. I had figured it was fixed.
  21. Depends on the player, you get some silly players who deliberately walk into a bear trap once you knock the door down. Just makes them look a bit salty really. If you're trying to survive and escape but get to the point where you are just hobbling around then I'd say no. It's just a way to deny Jason killing you.
  22. Depends on the player, Vanessa players when you're out of knives, traps and just running around furniture trying to show off, then yes a little. If you have no other options to realistically escape and are just trying to survive as long as you can then that's not toxic and surving the night is a win for the counselor.
  23. My worst experience was with salty streamers who encouraged their kid followers to send hatemail cuz I was "totally cheating".
  24. One was a host and 4 other of his friends i am jason they threatened to close the lobby if i killed either the host or his friends and i had one job to do kill the one of these little shits i didn't bother grabbing them i slashed him of course the host closed the lobby and i got messages saying im a "slashing piece of shit" oh well shouldn't have threatened to close down the lobby
  25. I tried. I was able to get the prompt to appear but when I pressed to do the kill it seemed Jason gets body-blocked because the counselor is in the way. They weren't in the bed, they were standing left next to it facing the wall. But they used the bed glitch to get there so of course the game registers them as still under the bed.
  26. Recently I started writing horror stories. It all started with the fact that I spent the night at home myself for a whole week.
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