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  2. No, there's no argument to be had. Indiscriminately running people over on purpose and without provocation is absolutely ruining that player's experience. Your comparisons aren't good ones, since everything else you listed are legitimate game tactics, and if somebody outplaying you is 'ruining' your game experience then you need to find another game. There's nothing legitimate or strategic about hording car keys until somebody else fixes the car for you, hijacking it, and then trying to run over everybody in the lobby you can. I've run into plenty of players, usually 150 Chads, who play just to do this and not much more, and there's nothing more pointless and dickish than that. Now personally speaking, I don't mind trolling because I can handle myself. Troll me at your own risk, I don't mind the challenge. Cars aren't that difficult to avoid either if you know what you're doing. I'm not completely innocent, I've made it no secret that I enjoy trolling the trolls. If you cheat, team, or in general just act like an obnoxious asshole, I'm going to fuck with you and try to piss you off as much as possible. I don't even care if it gets me killed or I miss out on a couple of kills just as long as I hand out my receipt. I've rarely messed with anyone who didn't deserve it though...Not excessively anyhow. When I am in the mood for some lite trolling I almost exclusively use LaChappa.
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  4. I first will say that I never ran over ANYONE that was not my friend and that was not in a private lobby. That being said, I don't see any problem with trolling. Everyone here in the forums is prob familiar of how I dislike cheats and exploits, so I do not enjoy trolling with cheats. I'm talking about cheats that everyone can do without abusing bugs and glitches. Like running people over with the car. What would be suggestable to fix that? Makes counselors unkillable when the car runs over? To be fair, they made counselors immortal against meele, but if they made it to the car, it would be possible to troll by blocking the road, which would be even worse. I don't know every time I see some goffy guy trying to run people over with the car I find it funny, and it is not something easier to avoid. This also applies to people closing doors or windows so you get grabbed by Jason. In F13 the game movies there are always a asshole that just cares about himself and f#cks people, and we already had a normal human that became psycopath and started killing people (Roy). It can be argued that "You are ruining gameplay experiece." Some people argue that slashing ruins gameplay, calling the cops ruins gameplay, even focousing a counselor can ruin gameplay for some people. How far should we seriously consider these affirmations? Probably everything I wrote is stupid, but running over people with the car is stupid by itself and I like it. Trolling without cheats is cool and I don't see anything wrong with it. Yes, it is a dick move, but I find it funny, especially when I'm not the victim; and also a little bit when I am. As long as they are not breaking the game, people can play by any rule they want.
  5. I'm looking forward to the salty messages and rage-quits I'm going to get when I figure out how to counter this and stick my machete up their assess.
  6. That he's either going to rage-quit the second he gets the chance, or try to run everybody over with the car. Seriously, these guys are pretty hardcore about playing this guy in character.
  7. Things seem better but I haven’t played enough matches to tell. Have finished matches though, so here’s hoping it is.
  8. speedo chad looks like he is wearing a rubber skin suit & is about 1 second away from yanking the cord out the wall.
  9. Speedo Chads usually (read: 99.99999%) drop the minute they get grabbed without a PK.
  10. can we please have al the clothes for the consulers including all the bikinis and skirts an lingerey and the nude tiffany an aj for the ps5 only ? i rember that there was an ultimate edition i think i saw it at walmart that had alot more clothing items then what i got from the playstation store download
  11. I was playing offline bots the other day and Tommy killed a counselor with a shotgun for no apparent reason and it reminded me of the not-so-good ole days days when friendly fire was active in QP. Made me laugh that even Bot-Tommy has become a troll.
  12. Pun intended or no? Btw, they aren't Speedo's. They are Pam's panties.
  13. The uploader of this vid actually claimed to have stumbled across it when trying to spray cancel. But unfortunately there are people who play to win by any means necessary, even if it means throwing all sense of fair play out the window. They will find any excuse to justify their actions. E.g. "Jason came after me instead of the other guy" or "Jason tried to slashed me and that's a cheap move." Both bullsh*t excuses but totally feasible to the exploiter. If Jason was teaming or using exploits of his own, then it might be a bit more justified because they're giving him a taste of his own medicine. But it becomes more concerning when players take the approach of, "I do it because the game allows for it" or "Someone done it to me so now I do it too." And this is exactly how the roof glitch, car knifing, weapon sliding, spray cancelling and the "infinite" pocket knife glitch all gained traction within the game. At this stage of the game I highly expected as much. I suppose I was just putting it out there for what it's worth. Nevertheless, I will say that it is not as situational as it seems. All a player needs to do is start with the Hypo and Medic perks (the meta), jump through a window and they are good to go right off the bat. Experienced players know where the med spray spawns are on most maps and will stack them accordingly. They may not get the luxury of freely conserving stamina when navigating the map from this glitch, but as long as they can evade Jason's Shift they'll be content. And throwing knives are rendered useless as the damage they receive plays right into the hands of the exploit. Also, I do have video footage from Jason's perspective that can be provided if required. The teleportation is EXACTLY the same as when done with a weapon. The thing is, there are guys in this forum who can vouch for this being a problem, as they claim to know every glitch and exploit in this game but let many of them fly under the radar just because they are not plaguing the game at present. But by the time these type of glitches flood the game it'll be too little too late; especially now that support has virtually ended. And IMO this one will become more frequent amongst the player base due to how OP it is and as a direct replacement for weapon sliding. A simple remapping of the PlayStation controller buttons (not sure about Xbox functions) and square or R3 can be moved so that the glitch can be done relatively easily. But yeah, however you guys wish to proceed, or not, is understandable. It must really suck to feel like fighting a constant battle with this game.
  14. We'll have to keep an eye on it. I cannot make any promises at this point, though. The team is currently looking at Switch voice and matchmaking issues, and still looking at the hacked lobbies situation on PC. Not only are those higher priority, but we are past active development. If I'm being brutally honest here, I don't think something this situational will see a fix at this stage in the game. EDIT: I also have to note that I wouldn't be able to confirm this without seeing the encounter from the Jason players viewpoint.
  15. Has there been any further news about this project? I haven't found anything recent on the internet.
  16. tell me how to write a good script? without a script school.
  17. In a way, it did seem like Jason could sense counselors. I never got the "tired lunatic" vibe from the movies. It felt more like a "homicidal maniac" vibe.
  18. It has been said that any future announcements will be made on their social media accounts. Follow them on social media, and you'll get the announcement when they are ready to share. The Beyond streams may or may not come back. If they don't, there are those who will miss them. I doubt any "big" announcement will be made once the forum is archived.
  19. That looks infuriating to have to deal with. I'm honestly impressed with the amount of assholes on this game that go out of their way to find new ways to exploit and cheat.
  20. Dear God. Is it really that hard to just play the f*cking game without glitching/cheating? People have nothing better to do?
  21. Apparently SPRAY SLIDING is now the (not so) new weapon sliding!!! 😩 Did hope that by patching spray cancelling it would have removed this as well, but I guess not. I don't doubt it'll be long before it starts to catch on and become more rife in a similar fashion to how weapon sliding did. Only saving grace being that the counselor must be injured to use a spray and they will inevitably have a limited number of med sprays - up to 6 max with Medic... Until they find more spray cans, that is. Here is a clip of spray sliding from the counselors perspective. From Jason's perspective the counselor is spraying up as normal, but then teleports from their spraying spot to wherever they have actually ran to by the end of the healing animation, hence the whiffed grab and slash by the Jason player. @mattshotcha do you think you guys will be able to nip this in the bud before it becomes more widespread? Granted it is not an unlimited resource, but it definitely can be a game changer if damage is purposely controlled and sprays are managed properly.
  22. Maybe we will see a HUUUGE Announcement when The Friday the 13th forums close. Do you think a strange HUGE Announcement and Beyond The Stream could return. Maybe we will hear mor from Wes Keltner on Beyond The Stream. Maybe a New Forum will be Announced.
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  24. By this logic we should also remove the minimap, cuz counselors are just normal people and can't sense where Jason is.
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