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  3. The main reason why I start a smurf account is because it forces me to use Perks I don't normally use and in turn make the game a bit more challenging. Pub lobbies don't present much of a challenge so its fun to start over and use perks that you normally don't bother with.
  4. Block reduces damage, but won't negate it entirely. I know from personal experience that even if you block 100% of counselor's attacks, you will still eventually lose your mask. If they're smart, they'll quit hitting you when they see you're blocking and use flareguns and shotguns. On the other hand, if they happen to have numerous machetes/axes close by, wailing away on a blocking Jason is a viable strategy. You WILL lose your mask at some point, but by that time Rage should be active and if they've already used the shotguns, its not going to end well for them if you can manage to get in a few slashes on Tommy or SG. On the OTHER other hand, a long while back I was in a random lobby and had a situation in which a demasked Jason was blocking the door to the shack and trying to quick-throw knives at Tommy and SG. Suddenly, Tommy quits trying to dodge and just stands there letting Jason hit him. He gets crippled and starts limping away from the shack. Jason sees this and takes off after Tommy. As soon as he's out of the doorway, he gets shot, Tommy heals up, and the Tiffany who shot him runs in and grabs the sweater. Jason then rage quit before he even got back up.
  5. If we are talking about solo QP, then I agree. Personally, information about what is going on, relocation of Jason immediately after he exits shift or morph (can be difficult sometimes since your dealing with max fear), and other quality of life issues remedied by keeping the mini map are more powerful the other perks. So long is the information is being used to keep yourself out of bad scenarios, I believe that. Team play, that's a bit different. If you want to play "optimally", in the case that you're in a league match for example, then the only 3 perks that matter are TS, Medic, Hypo. Regardless of spawn location and looting, there is always going to be a counselor able to instantly disarm double traps. Ive seen league play where Jason used ALL TRAP just for phone speaks volume on how disruptive and OP that setup is, lol.
  6. Meh, TS is obviously important with a league caliber Jason, not so much with a pub Jason. I guess maybe if you feel like pestering him for the whole 20 mins, but I really don't think there is much to worry about so long as the HP is capped out. Took me about 3 months to get an useful TS, but maybe a week on an smurf account that I used to anonymity crash into lobbies with players I know . It helps now with Fixed CP boost, but still it was frustrating to finally get my first one and I hate being in 'Perk'atory. Still never bothered to replacing my epics with legendarys.
  7. cant wait. i dont watch trailers for horror movies becausr they always ALWAYS put the best scares on them. so no thanks.
  8. Thick, medic, nerves, and hypo. In that order. All other perks are situational or useless.
  9. I won't play a Smurf account unless it has medic and thick skin. They're not that hard to get. Play challenges, roll some perks, and you're usually good to go. If not, dump the account and start over.
  10. Because block damage is minimal, but not zero. You can still demask in block. There's 2 shotguns on every map. Tommy will spawn in with one. 3 close range shots and a wake up hit or two from Tommy is all it takes. There's also flare guns and firecrackers. Any stun will allow for a well timed wake up hit to cause mask damage on even the best quick block Jason's. That's why they don't just stand there in block...
  11. If block really reduces damage by 100%, and Jason can hold it infinitly, how to kill a Jason that is aware of this? I was never killed as Jason knowing this, and neither could kill a Jason that was aware of this. Like, he can just hold block and deny being demasked, feed revenge and break the weapons. And it is not hard to quick block. It is just boring. Trying to swing and grab is much more interesting, and that is why most Jasons die. But when a Jason just holds block and only attacks when he's mostly safe, what could counselors do?
  12. Exactly. When you are in close quarters with Jason (whether he is chasing you or you are trying to sneak around him) the mini-map gives you a big advantage. If he is close by it isn't hard to get your eyes on him so he glows red on the mini-map. Then you can see where he is looking, where he is heading to and most importantly be able to see him while he is shifting, even if its only to see what direction he started shifting. This is especially helpful while driving the car and when Jason is chasing you around a large cabin. If I was going to rank the Meta perks I would probably put NoS (along with Medic) as 2nd best only to Thick Skinned.
  13. At least you didn't end up like this poor bastard: This guy was picked as Jason three consecutive games in a row, and died in all three of them. It's awe-inspiring that he didn't hide in the lake or rage-quit out of sheer frustration.
  14. Its entirely due to instant feedback of Jason's positioning. Really helpful since you can see Jason's Shift trajectory since you're not going to pull up the big map while Jason's in mid-shift. Being able to know where other counselors is also convenient and being able to react instantly rather than taking a brief moment to check could matter with split moment decisions.
  15. I always just quick check the big map from a safe distance and with that I never had many problems with minimap lost. Why is this perk so valued?
  16. Agreed but for two of the Meta Perks, NoS and Medic, it doesn't really matter what level of perk they are. The main thing is you don't lose mini map and you get an extra health spray which you get with even a "poor" perk level. The extra healing and fear resistance are nice to have but aren't required for the perk to be Meta. Like a lot of other people, I don't usually bother looking at people's level. I'll know soon enough if they are any good.
  17. Yep. Movement and spacing separates players, so if a player has a good sense of it, I'm going to be aware of it regardless of Level. Of course if he uses, "Advanced Tech" , then that's an instant tell. If there is one thing that might matter, lower the level means less likely to have Meta Perks, so no Medic and Especially NO THICKSKINNED! Easier to plan around 2 hit cripple than 3, more opportunities to get him quicker.
  18. Weird programming quirk or a glitch, but yeah it happens. I see it happen all the time... Unless I'm the one who joins in the lobby last of course because the game hates me.
  19. I've noticed that when joining a quick-play lobby at the last moment, you will most likely get selected as Jason. Why is that?
  20. This is the exact reason why if I'm Jason twice in a row, everyone gets to escape the second round. Some people wait hours to be Jason, but the guy who just joined (me) not only gets to be Jason first, he gets to be him TWICE. I know that's not my fault or problem, but I do it anyway (I still kill you if you enter the shack though).
  21. Just remembered something. There was a lvl 1 in the lobby that insisted it was his first match blablabla. I was picked as Jason. I put the trap on the phone, when I was from a far distance grabbing a knife the guy went straigth into the trap and disamerd it. I thought like "maybe he's just confused cuz he's a beginner" and morphed away. The MF called the police. He disarmed a trap right under my nose with a PK and fixed the yellow car. I was about to kill the last counselor aside form him when I heard the engine of the car. He bamboozled me with the car for the remaining 5 min, with no intentions of getting out. Then he quitted the lobby. Odd experience, happened to me just this once.
  22. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Hockey Mask Sells For Over $200,000 At Auction! Its extremely in our case as F13/Horror fans that this made it so high for any auction!
  23. I am hoping on all of existence its released August!!! like come on!!!
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