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  3. Offline saves like this will not be a thing unless we turn off the database servers, which as we've said prior, is not likely any time soon.
  4. If anyone is wanting to have their stories posted on a platform that gets a pretty decent amount of views, feel free to hmu. Always looking for extra content and provide exposure for writers.
  5. I pre-ordered TWO of them! So YEEAAH! One is gonna be opened and the other signed by Kane himself! and yeah I forgot to mention they changed the date! https://www.friday-the-13th.net/p1038537-ultimate-part-7-jason-voorhees-neca-figure-delayed-yet-again ^ I was busy asf 😭
  6. im on ps5 an lastnight be4 i went to bed i got in a match but it crashed so i tried again an i was able to play 3 matches then i went to bed
  7. The ability to slash /Break windows without prompt...... I miss this so much...... it just felt more fluid.... for Jason gameplay. parts not showing up on the map when picked up.....I still feel this was better as it created a more “is there a part in this cabin feel to the game..” damn Trolls for taking away our nice things.... and for this that changed for the better... Part 7’s original strengths and weaknesses...... they sucked glad they changed them. trap stacking gone....
  8. 1)Combat stance tanking crazy shit like traps or firecrackers 2)Super fast grab that could be used during combat (with considerabçe speed while grabbing and meat shield) 3)Boat was somewhat useful cuz it didn't make sound when started 4)OP thick skinned 5)Small-eye Tiffany 6) 20 minutes to find a lobby to end up crashing 7)Fininding 7 friends to play with you in a private match in less than 5 min (that is what I miss the most ;_
  9. I’m having this issue too. Game crashes after loading into a match or just sitting in the menu.
  10. Well it's kind of hard NOT to see a big red and white tower with a red light on it and it shows you in a lot of the intro videos to certain maps if you know where to look in the video.There are only 2 maps that don't show it in any intro videos and that is Pack small and Jarvis. You play enough hours and you can guess it about 50% and someone took the time to research the % chance on all the configurations where it possibly could be and issued a guide. You can't stop that. I suggest you re watch Part 8 if you think he has no abilities.
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  12. i liked gathering them all up & slashing them to death all at once LOL
  13. this should never happen jason should never know where or when tommy is located also he should not be able to sense players thats not even somethin he has in the movie in the movie he is just a tired old lunatic that kills ppl not a mind reader
  14. hi i just wanna say the game kept crashing yestrday when trying to get into a lobby sometimes id get a messge saying cant host a publoc session without a something today all morning id get in a match then it would crash or just trho me back to the main menu im on ps5 btw
  15. I have deleted data, reinstalled the game 3 days ago to solve it and I did not get it, there are many of us complaining about the error
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