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First of all, hello to Everyone out there.

We know it all: We only have 3 maps to play and it get's a bit boring and waiting for new maps
doesn't make it better. The game developers are busy with patching stuff, so why don't we create
our own maps with rating system? Building our own custom maps, just like the map editor in GTA V
or in Far Cry 3 for example. I want to show you my idea, and maybe you will like it and the Game Developers will see it!

Certain Symbol explanation:
⚑ Map Name: Shows the name of the map
© Creator: Shows who made the map
? Playtime: Shows how often the map got played
? Like: Shows how many players liked the map
? Dislike: Shows how many players disliked the map

? Coloured Like/Dislike: Shows that you already liked or disliked the map
✔ Verified: Shows that the map got verified by the Game Developers
♛ Crown: Shows that the Creator of the map got many upvotes for plenty created maps
# Hashtag: Shows what kind of map it is (atleast 3-4 words) and you can use the hashtags for searching maps
... Watch my picture file for more detail ...

How everything should display:
[small thumbnail of the actual map] ✔
⚑ Crystal Lake (snow edition)
#snow #newCrystalLake #winter #frozen
?2.5k    ?65  ? 4k
© SuckTillDeath♛
... Watch my picture file for more detail ...

I hope I interested you guys, you add some replies and other interesting stuff under my threat. And sorry for my
english. It's my second language. If something isn't clearly just tell me.
Greetings from Germany, SuckTillDeath :)

How everything should display.png

Certain symbol explanation.png

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Honestly, I think the developers should really consider this idea. It would take a while to implement a "Customizable Map Maker." But, it could bring alot of variety to the table.

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In theory this is fine however you have to consider that a map maker would need to be created from the ground up and then you would need to allocate space on the server to hold maps as well as create an system to locate and play user uploaded maps in order to allow them to be accessed. Create a map can be very expensive to host. Even Nintendo removes levels from Super Mario Maker if they are not played enough. It's a big data and bandwidth sink. A lot of cool things could be added but it all comes down to cost as most things do.

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