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Virtual Victim Shrine?

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This isn't gamebreaking, but wouldn't it be neat to have a sort of virtual "shrine" of all of Jason's past victims that you could walk through as Jason? In Freddy vs Jason there is a dream version of this, sort of a physical representation of the bloodshed through the years where all his kills lay floating in various rooms inside of a run down cabin. 

My version would be similar to his shack from part 2/in game with mother's head and Alice's body but there would be a room for each movie in the series as well, filled with each victim wearing their specific wounds from their death and a little bio of the character that pops up if you choose to interact and of course there would be a section for those that survived or even "killed" Jason.

As I type this out, this sounds very dark and creepy to me, but its interesting in that it makes Jason's past more disturbing to view and walk through, thus making Jason scarier, at least in theory, to newer Jason fans. Plus it would double as a sort of "Practice mode" as I would have Jason have access to all of his powers while moving through his kill shrine and be able to break down doors and interact with stuff.

Outside of this shrine would be a heavy rain storm, something constant in many of the films with lightning and thunder and tons of Manfredini music. This may seem very Fatal Frame, but I would even include random ghostly voices and screams from victims past. Just a real creep show. Imagine hearing Tommy's voice echoing "Die! Die! Die!" as Jason sees the machete that ended him in 4.

And of course tons of easter eggs, like the axe Chris uses to finish Jason in 3, or the rock and chains that Tommy uses to pull Jason down and drown him in 6. Even that Freddy glove that pulled his mask away in JGTH. 

Honestly its tons of work to put together and is more for nostalgia purposes and creep effect and does nothing for gameplay... but it just seems so interesting to think of. I liked typing it all out. 

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