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Help explain banning to players in game

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As Gun Media has laid out the new rules for banning players I'm still shocked at how many people are still completely ignorant of what is and what isn't a 'bannable' offense, especially the young kids.  I'm all for banning and yet at the same time I've tried recently to help explain to some what they are doing in the game can get them banned, and the truth is I don't want people to get banned.  Less players makes for a smaller player pool, which isn't an issue today obviously but could be down the road.  So I'd encourage you guys to try to explain to some who just seem ignorant of what isn't allowed in game rather than just turn them in to get banned. 

I'm linking a video where I played yesterday, knowing nobody in the game, and after killing one kid he came back as Tommy and was attacked by another counselor.  He said he was attacked and having no stomach for Team Killers I went straight after her, knowing I'd kill Tommy quickly after.  As I went after the girl the kid said, "We should team up", and that's when I explained never to say that or do it.  I even left Tommy alone a second time to stop a car from escaping but then killed him afterwards.  I think it's fine to leave a counselor alone for a minute or two to go after a Team Killer, after all a Team Killer is taking away your kills and XP!  There's a huge difference though in choosing the best target and "teaming up" with counselors. 

Anyone else have thoughts on how to help others in game?


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